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Feb 26, 2018 20 tweets 5 min read
Watching this @jeremycorbyn Brexit speech live ( - all hot air. "Put people's living standards first" is impossible if Labour continues to back Brexit first. It will hammer the economy in every conceivable sense. Commitment to supporting the Irish border/FTA - impossible without remaining in Single Market and Customs Union.
Feb 18, 2018 20 tweets 6 min read
OK, we need to talk about why this is nonsense, and why it matters - and it's far more important than 'nerds being wrong on the internet':

#BlackPanther #Comics #ComicsHistory #FakeNews That image is a tweet that went viral last week, spurred by the movie's success. I first saw it posted by @ fatherdog, but I don't know if that's where it originated and it's since been deleted. However, the issue is that it racked up over 4000 retweets - and is completely false.