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It’s time, stringlovers 😎 #inktober #creeptober
Oh yeah I should probably mention I’ll be working on a horror comic this inktober / creeptober based on the prompt “string”. So let’s call this 1/31?
String (a horror story)
2/31 #creeptober #inktober #comics #horror
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Yesterday I discovered that I was getting more copies of Iceman than I ordered. I posted a short thread which led to a lot of good conversation. But I wanted to take a moment to really explain "overships" and how they work. Being smarter about the business helps everyone! /1
First, what are overships? Simply put, it's when you (as a retailer) order 5 copies of a title and the publisher sends you additional copies beyond what you order. The retailer DOES NOT pay for these other than the shipping cost. Usually the shipping costs are insignificant. /2
One exception to this is when (Marvel specifically) decides to overship 10%-15% of their line. Now you're talking about hundreds of dollars of additional shipping costs. But this hasn't happened in over a year, and knock on wood won't happen again as people revolted. /3
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RIP to an incredible artist and trailblazer, "Mirthful" Marie Severin. Artist and Colorist of EC Comics, HULK, Daredevil, Conan, Sub Mariner, Dr. Strange. Co-Creator of Spider-Woman and countless more. #comics #marieseverin
Marie Severin’s hand rendered color guides were NUTS.
How to be a comic artist by Marie Severin from Not Branch Echh from the late 60's.
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And for my #visuallyimpaired folks, I will #type out the #text of that #image, down here. Cuz the data is #important. (one of these days I'll get all my comics done with text properly on the site)

Starts here: Hello, It's Trish Malone, creator of #NKVSSP and slightly hurty -
- artist monkey.
And it's just struck me now, so bear with me.
My forearm, right at the elbow, is needles and fire. It happens. And Overuse is the #1 suspect. Turns out today though, overuse is actually #2.

As a patient with #EhlersDanlosSyndrome, I have to be on top of, -
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After rummaging through a closet that I swear employs TARDIS technology, I found the @TerryMooreArt books I was looking for, + a few I had plumb forgot about. I'll spread these pics out over several days.
While the cover art may be familiar, these aren't actually SiP comic books.
I'll post another pic later this evening. (FYI: I'm in CA.) Years ago, Maida Carpio Scott (RIP) posted a then comprehensive @TerryMooreArt checklist online. Alas, that site appears to be defunct. Many of the publications I'll be spotlighting were on that list, but a few were not.
Not the pic I planned on sharing tonight, but fate intervened. It was announced today that @realbdw will be reprising his Lando role in SW IX. Issue 5 of @DarkHorseComics 1999 @StarWars Tales features Lando covers (photo cover shown) and the @TerryMooreArt story A Summer's Dream.
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OK, we need to talk about why this is nonsense, and why it matters - and it's far more important than 'nerds being wrong on the internet':

#BlackPanther #Comics #ComicsHistory #FakeNews
That image is a tweet that went viral last week, spurred by the movie's success. I first saw it posted by @ fatherdog, but I don't know if that's where it originated and it's since been deleted. However, the issue is that it racked up over 4000 retweets - and is completely false.
Here are the facts:
-Yes, Jack Kirby created Black Panther, in the pages of Fantastic Four#52-54 in 1966
-But. Black Panther's first solo stories were published in Jungle Action, from 1973
-That series was written by Don McGregor, with art by Rich Bucklin & Billy Graham
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This weekend was the premiere of the first issue of slice-of-life story "Well, This Is It" at #NYCC2017. I'm the editor! (thread)
So there's one unique thing about the cover you might not think about. @jojabarker did all the writing AND drawing on this. He's become...
...what Barker calls a one-stop-shop & I like to call a comicsmith & the art film people call an auteur. He could have taken all the credit.
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The city of DOMINION, created in ink & cardboard by the Canadian cartoonist Seth. More here:… #comics #architecture
The burgeoning cyberpunk megalopolis of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in THE SURFACE by @aleskot and @LangdonFoss. #comics #architecture
Retro futurism, German expressionism, and art deco noir: the metropolis of Radiant City in Dean Motter's MISTER X. #comics #architecture
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