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Jul 7, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
Almost 20 years ago, it was reported Trudeau touched a woman inappropriately. He apologized.

The same story was unearthed again last week, but without her consent.

She says the touch was inappropriate. Trudeau believes it wasn't, but accepts her experience.

So.... 1. No cover-up. The story has been public on the record for anyone to find for 18 years.

2. There are no other public allegations about Trudeau's personal conduct with women.

3. We can deduce it was not a serious violent assault.
Jun 9, 2018 12 tweets 4 min read
On the weekend-after repeating "Sixty percent didn't want this."

But why did it happen, beyond FPTP?

OLP decided its existence was more important than countless vulnerable people who are now in peril, a major paper colluded w/ PCs, a duped MSM, and a tactical NDP error
#onpoli The NDP was attacked from 3 sides: OLP, PCs and a media running bogus stories about candidates.

Carefully timed by the PCs *colluding* with TorSun:
a new story each day to dominate the agenda. Didn't matter if the story was true/relevant. *Dump it bc MSM will run it anyway.*