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Pre-order my book, The Kingdom of Children, coming Nov. 2023: https://t.co/HZZlq1Q7cM! MHS, Child Protection. MA, Eastern Classics. Run @Childliberation. He/him.
Jun 4, 2018 23 tweets 12 min read
"The Battle for Truth" appears to be the winner! Haven't read this book in forever so this will be fun. Alright, everyone, buckle up. We're gonna take a look at David Noebel's classic on worldview studies, "The Battle for Truth: Defending the Christian Worldview in the Marketplace of Ideas." Noebel directed Summit Ministries, which taught apologetics to children. #ChristianAltFacts
Jun 3, 2018 16 tweets 8 min read
Inspired by #ChristianAltFacts, I decided to pull out this old Abeka World History book. If you're interested in knowing what Christian homeschools and private schools are teaching children, follow along. Here's what Abeka teaches Christian students about colonialism: that it "benefited" Africans and Asians. That's it. No mention of slavery or genocide. #ChristianAltFacts