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1. If you’ve just followed me or hit upon this thread about evangelicals’ appropriation of anti-Nazi rhetoric around abortion for their Christofascist politics, you’ll find plenty on my blog, #NotYourMissionField, if you want to dive deeper into evangelical ideology.
2. On the subject of how evangelicals think about abortion and how that relates to their generally dark view of human nature, you might find this piece interesting:…
Here’s more specifically on Eric Metaxas and his weird use of Bonhoeffer for his rabid anti-choice, pro-Trump crusade:…
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1. Ever heard evangelicals call evolution "philosophy" or a "worldview"? Denounce environmentalism as a "religion"? Decry the nefarious "religion of secular humanism" supposedly thrust on kids in public school? What you're observing is "presuppositionalism." #ChristianAltFacts
2. Presuppositionalism is a key tenet of Christian Reconstructionism, but it has become pervasive in the essentially dominionist ideology of conservative/white evangelicalism, even among those who don't use the term and who aren't thoroughgoing Christian Reconstructionists.
3. What is presuppositionalism? It's sort of postmodernism run amok, in defense of fundamentalist Christianity. You'll find it defined briefly in this analysis of the authoritarian "Biblical worldview" illustrated with the rhetoric of Franklin Graham:…
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Curious about the invocation of Providence in Pruitt’s resignation letter? This thread may help you grasp the politics of Providentialism that conservative Christian ideology entails.

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #ScottPruitt #ThursdayThoughts #Resist
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1/ Reading Diamond’s _Spiritual Warfare. The Politics of the Christian Right_ brings back memories of my Pentecostal days. We were strongly incited to engage in “Speaking in tongues”. It was the social practice that made us feel like part of the group.

2/ As Diamond points out, “Speaking in tongues” (glossolalia) is clearly a learned behavior. At the time, I believed in the idea that the outward sign of being “baptized in the Holy Spirit” was the ability of “Speaking in tongues”; so everyone wanted “the fullness of the Spirit”.
3/ The idea that one needed to be “baptized in the Holy Spirit” evidenced by “Speaking in tongues” was based on a peculiar reading of Acts 2:1-12. Note that the disciples are speaking in KNOWN LANGUAGES according to the ability given by the Spirit (see 2:5-11).
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@neeratanden Neera please look at the attached graphic. None of this happening is a coincidence. Trump was part of a long-term plan of the GOP to seize power. People like me have been trying to get anyone to listen to us. People don't understand the dangers we truly face. 1/
@neeratanden This is the group behind this coup. Almost everyone in this regime is a member. Their goal is christofascist theocracy by 2020. Why do you think there's been a push to rewrite the Constitution? 2/
@neeratanden Please look at these documents from #CNP for Betsy DeVos for the department of education. They are Dominionists not Christians. There's a huge difference. 3/
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1/ Then it's best for this kind of preaching to die. Which Bible is the "inspired, inerrant word of God"? The Bible as we know it today was collated from thousands of manuscripts (mss). Just for the New Testament, there are 25,000+ mss in various languages.
2/ There are 8,000+ Greek mss of parts of the N.T. alone, and literally thousands of variants (differences) between all the N.T. mss that we've found; the estimate is that there are more variants between the mss of the N.T. than there are words in the N.T.
3/ Evangelicals quote 2 Tim. 3:16 as proof-text: "All Scripture (is) inspired by God and useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness". The writer is NOT referring to the N.T.; there is no New Testament at that time.
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"The Battle for Truth" appears to be the winner! Haven't read this book in forever so this will be fun.
Alright, everyone, buckle up. We're gonna take a look at David Noebel's classic on worldview studies, "The Battle for Truth: Defending the Christian Worldview in the Marketplace of Ideas." Noebel directed Summit Ministries, which taught apologetics to children. #ChristianAltFacts
Noebel begins the book with an ominous declaration: that there is a great Civil War raging in the U.S. today. A war between the forces of light (the Christian worldview) and the forces of darkness (the Humanist worldview). The Humanist worldview has 3 branches. #ChristianAltFacts
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Inspired by #ChristianAltFacts, I decided to pull out this old Abeka World History book. If you're interested in knowing what Christian homeschools and private schools are teaching children, follow along.
Here's what Abeka teaches Christian students about colonialism: that it "benefited" Africans and Asians. That's it. No mention of slavery or genocide. #ChristianAltFacts
This is a classic teaching of Christian homeschools and private schools: that the Holocaust is "Evolution's legacy." #ChristianAltFacts
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I'm gonna do a quick thread here about #Exvangelical and #ChristianAltFacts when it comes to male sexuality. Some folks assume that the fundamentalist patriarchy was all fun and games for people with male bodies. This is not the case. Buckle up, kids.
1.) We were constantly pounded (ha!) with the idea that lust is "every man's battle". It is a battle that is almost impossible to win ("If you have unrestricted internet, you're guaranteed to look at porn!"), but if you loved Jesus you would try anyways.
2.) Here's the catch: All sexual desire was labeled as lust. You think a girl is cute? Lust. Intrigued by the pictures on magazine covers? Lust. You imagine having sex with a hypothetical future wife? Lust. God forbid you touch your own penis! Lust, lust, dirty sinful lust!
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1. Gather round, people of Twitter! It's time for How the #MartyredMajority Lives!

Returning to the last episode's theme of #WhiteChristiansBeingPersecuted, today's episode takes us to Hillsdale, Michigan.

(Credit to @NutMeg897 for the amazing hashtag #MartyredMajority!)
2. Now Hillsdale is home to a hardline conservative Christian "liberal arts" school called Hillsdale College. Incidentally, one of my high school friends from youth group went there. And guess who was invited to give this year's commencement address? Why, none other than @VP.
3. You can see Mike Pence's own thread relating his speech here:

In what follows, I am going to analyze (okay, mock) it blow-by-blow using screenshots. But first, a bit about Hillsdale College, where being persecuted is definitely #HowToEvangelical.
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1. FOX "News" is playing at white Christian persecution complex, so let's give #GoodChristian™ Douglas MacKinnon a little of the "persecution" he so craves. Because, believe me, calling out someone's #ChristianAltFacts is obvs equivalent to them being murdered for their faith.
2. Guess what? Your friend is either delusional, stupid, or dishonest. Unless you made up said "friend" like many of the "facts" in this article. Hey, I'm just asking questions. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#EmptyThePews #Exvangelical #HowToEvangelical #HowToCatholic #SaturdayMorning
3. Granted, Christians are persecuted in some parts of the wold, although your adjectives are not exactly quantifiable. But more to the point, you know where that's definitely not happening? In America. Hard to believe, I know.
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1. Despite the "science" of the "pro-life" movement being, well, not, I found opposition to abortion to be one of the hardest aspects of my Christian Right upbringing and indoctrination to shake. My experience in the #Exvangelical community suggests I'm far from alone in this.
2. And since having an exchange with @summerbrennan yesterday about the possible efficacy (or not) of efforts to educate anti-abortion voters on the actual facts, I've been wondering why opposition to abortion is so hard to shake even when you abandon Evangelical politics.
3. Assuming that it is a general pattern, as my anecdotal experience strongly suggests. A lot of former Evangelicals turned progressive Christians, including prominent voices like @rachelheldevans, remain "pro-life," but refuse a narrow definition and reject single issue voting.
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1. @splinter_news and @sarahposner get it. To understand and combat Christian Right Trump support, talk to us ex-Evangelicals. #EmptyThePews
2. I'm going to be blunt here. Americans don't need 573 think pieces in the vein of "Hypocritical Evangelicals, y u vote Trump?"
3. What we need is to allow the ex-Evangelical community and movement to have the kind of visibility and voice that shapes the public sphere
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