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THREAD I suppose I need to state my belief on this for the record because it will save me time. Folks, I want to believe Kavanaugh wont be confirmed because even if you dont #BelieveHer, the man is not fit for the bench. #sorrynotsorry (Evidenced by his own behavior yesterday)
But I have zero trust that the people in Congress who need to do the right thing, will.
I often see people shocked! at the injustice of it all. For me, I am just totally too close to the situation to be shocked. About any of it.
I operate from doubt most of the time tho I am...
optimistic. Because I believe in the power of good people and progress. But I also have a good idea of how power works & I have watched congresspeople throw away their own voters interests time and time and time again. It isnt specific to one party, either.
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.@CNNnews18 has counted tubelights and fans in Vijay Mallya's designated jail cell. Apparently they're looping "the video that will bring Mallya back"

One panelist keeps calling Mallya a Congress baby.

*slow clap*
While Rahul Shivshankar asks why UPA did meherbani on Mallya, Shehzad Poonawala on @TimesNow made an epic observation:

This @aajtak really has some next level promos.

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I’m feeling weirdly hurt by the viral tweet mocking geoscientists for licking rocks.

I get that we’re a bit weird even for scientists and get a bit more blunt with our toolset, but licking rocks is a real strategy. Taste & texture are diagnostic.
Evaporites are soft (scratch with your fingernail), but the easiest way to ID between halite vs sylvite is salty vs sour.

IDing sand vs clay is the cutoff between gritty or not.

Fossils stick to your tongue.

You don’t NEED to lick rocks; it’s just faster & easier.
I don’t lick every wild rock I meet, and licking lab samples is just gross.

But if you’re out doing field rock ID, you already know enough to keep your tongue away from arsenopyrite & don’t waste your time nibbling granite.
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Sejak sharing bahwa nikahan gue kemarin 'cuma' menghabiskan 60jt termasuk honeymoon; tiba2 jd banyak yg chat. Curhat ttg rencana nikahnya.

I'm happy to help, anw. Krn gue jg bukan penganut menghamburkan uang 'hanya' utk acara sehari.
But, what people actually dont know, it's the real struggle on preparing the d-day.

Iyasih, semua jg ada ujiannya saat menyiapkan pernikahan.
Gue sih alhamdulillah engga ada ujian perihal teknis yg berarti.

Tapi justru di batinnya ituloh...
Buat yg gatau, gue nyiapin nikahan cuma sebulan sih. Gila emang.
Tiap hari kita berdua nyari dan ngontak vendor. Malam bahas review vendor bareng via telp.
Weekend pagi sampe sore cari baju atau test food.
Belom lagi hampir tiap malem gue nangis krn banyaknya mslh internal.
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1. Gather round, people of Twitter! It's time for How the #MartyredMajority Lives!

Returning to the last episode's theme of #WhiteChristiansBeingPersecuted, today's episode takes us to Hillsdale, Michigan.

(Credit to @NutMeg897 for the amazing hashtag #MartyredMajority!)
2. Now Hillsdale is home to a hardline conservative Christian "liberal arts" school called Hillsdale College. Incidentally, one of my high school friends from youth group went there. And guess who was invited to give this year's commencement address? Why, none other than @VP.
3. You can see Mike Pence's own thread relating his speech here:

In what follows, I am going to analyze (okay, mock) it blow-by-blow using screenshots. But first, a bit about Hillsdale College, where being persecuted is definitely #HowToEvangelical.
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Dear people: stop using allergies as an argument against service animals. This is nothing more than a way to keep disabled folks out of public and out of site. Let me explain why.

#serviceanimals #ada #DisabilityRights #allergies
Allergies are real and a problem for many people. Animal allergies can make you miserable. For most people, dog/horse allergies mean a runny nose, itchy eyes, puffy face, and sometimes hives. All of these things are uncomfortable and inconvenient, not life threatening.
To put it bluntly, though, your temporary discomfort does not trump a disabled person’s right to be able to go out in public with their medical equipment (aka service animal) and be semi independent and functional. #sorrynotsorry.
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Personal rage thread on #Monitoring vs. #Observability. Courtesy of this delineastion: "Monitoring is telling you your systems are broken, Observability is being able to ask why?"
Telling me a system is broken is *worthless* if I can't ask it why it's broken.
"Yo, your shit's broken" has ALWAYS been BAD monitoring.
At times, it may be the only monitoring we have, but it's not the end goal.
Every time I see #Monitoring vs #Observability I wonder if they knew sysadmins could program before #DevOps became a thing. I've been a sysadmin for almost 20 yrs. On day 1, I thought "running the same commands over and over again is dumb, here's some #Perl."
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Ok, here goes.

For every one 'like' this tweet gets I'll write one tweet celebrating men - I think we read enough nonsense that cuts them down.

Now, if you crazy people go over 100 it'll take time ... but let's see what we can do FOR MEN. :)

You bastards.

1. Men are natural protectors and defenders.
2. Men are fathers, and without fathers, our families aren't quite ever whole.
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1. FOX "News" is playing at white Christian persecution complex, so let's give #GoodChristian™ Douglas MacKinnon a little of the "persecution" he so craves. Because, believe me, calling out someone's #ChristianAltFacts is obvs equivalent to them being murdered for their faith.
2. Guess what? Your friend is either delusional, stupid, or dishonest. Unless you made up said "friend" like many of the "facts" in this article. Hey, I'm just asking questions. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#EmptyThePews #Exvangelical #HowToEvangelical #HowToCatholic #SaturdayMorning
3. Granted, Christians are persecuted in some parts of the wold, although your adjectives are not exactly quantifiable. But more to the point, you know where that's definitely not happening? In America. Hard to believe, I know.
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We're a bit late to this #AprilTTRPGMaker thing, but we do want to participate, so let's catch up!

1. Who are you?
The primary user of this account is Ross Leiser, the Founder and Director here at Outlandish Adventure Productions, but there's more! (cont.
1. (cont.)
We also have an awesome graphic designer: @freeners, as well as a good friend of mine named Ted Bowman, who doesn't have a Twitter for me to link, but just joined the OAP design team.

We're just a group of nerds with weird senses of humor and a love of odd mechanics.
2. Where ya at?
When OAP was founded, we were located in Wilmington, Delaware, US. But, as of January, we've moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
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Benefits of having three kids #1:
Absolutely noone (family & others) gives unprompted parenting advice anymore (probably because they gave up).
Benefits of having three kids #2:
Being able to say (in theory) things like: “well, *some* of my kids play Golf”
Benefits of having three kids #3:
Being able to switch from man to zone defense at home.
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ok so quick question: how many of you on here are old enough to have actually *dialed* a phone in your lifetime? (and not as a novelty in some sort of hipstery hotel or something)
Fave for old enough, RT for too young I guess.
From the reactions to this tweet I've determined that everyone I talk to on here is between the age of 40 and 100ish. Greetings, fellow olds.
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1/ In defense of pop culture in intellectual pursuits
2/ I presented this paper by @msalganik, @peterdodds, @duncanjwatts (2006) in a doctoral-level methods course on network analysis at UCLA. Authors are highly respected, paper has over a thousand citations:
3/ It would’ve been a disservice to Salganik et al (2006) if slide titles weren’t used for punny references to pop song titles or the music biz:
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