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Network: law, regulation, and time. Run by Emily Grabham (Uni of Kent) and Sian Beynon-Jones (Uni of York). #ucu tweets by Emily only (she, they, time lord)
Mar 23, 2018 7 tweets 3 min read
Just wondering why @UniversitiesUK & #uss can’t just back down now on DC? Why is a new panel & more delay & stress for all of us a victory? Are we really getting excited that they have said the panel would recognise our concerns re DB? #nocapitulation #UCUStrike #ussstrike 2/ is this what we’re losing 14 days pay over? Another panel & no guarantees? After we basically showed up the problems w de-risking, huge potential equalities issues (which they can’t realistically address before 2019 bc they appear to be starting from zero on that score ...