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asst prof. writing & thinking Black Studies north of the 49th. currently writing: Black Grammars: On Difference and Belonging. something worthwhile happens here
Aug 3, 2018 6 tweets 5 min read
Another beautiful by-product of @JFAAP amazing event was that I got to meet D!ONNE/@OnElectionDay in person. Let me tell y'all I've been a BIG fan. How big? I saw a video recap of a Mayoral debate in Jane and Finch in 2014, where no Black candidates were invited to speak. #topoli Well let me tell y'all, D!ONNE/@OnElectionDay wasn't having any of it. She was a Black Mayoral candidate, and the debate was in a Black and racialized community, she said, NAH. D!ONNE/@OnElectionDay crashed and interrupted that debate. I watched that video, over and over. #topoli