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Husband, dad, @SkyNews US Correspondent. Previously based in London, Beijing, Brussels, Jerusalem. Instagram for 📸 & 📹 of my travels: @Stone_SkyNews
Sep 12, 2018 5 tweets 2 min read
Juncker switches to English to talk about #Brexit in his State of the Union speech #SOTEU - says again how much he regrets the departure of the British. (Remember: As chief exec of the EU club, he lost a key member on his watch) ‘It is #brexit which is making the border more visible in Northern Ireland, not the EU’ says Juncker
Jul 17, 2018 23 tweets 13 min read
As #Brexit talks go on & become ever more bitter, I’ve been listening to concerns of Brits living in continental EU. Don’t dismiss them & assume they’re happy, retired on the 🏖. Listen to them in this @SkyNews THREAD. Many different worries but all in limbo, stressed, forgotten Samuel is 31. He lives in France and he’s a medicinal chemist.
“Will my right to work here continue to be valid?”
Mar 14, 2018 5 tweets 4 min read
In relation to #SalisburyChemicalAttack this is interesting. Senior Russian official says #Novichok isn’t subject to Chemical Weapons Convention, when asked if stockpiles had been destroyed. With this statement he confirms what Russia hasn’t done hitherto - #Novichok exists Incidentally, I am told that #Novichok DOES fall under the Chemical Weapons Convention despite Russian claims to the contrary. Awaiting something official from @OPCW though.