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The next #EUelections2019 will take place in May.
We propose new rules to ensure that they are organised in a free and fair manner, and to better protect them from manipulation by third countries or private interests.!fx67KH #SOTEU #EUprotects
To ensure that Europeans are able to make their political choices next May in fair and secure elections, our new set of measures focus on:
🛡️Data protection
⚖️Appropriate sanctions
#SOTEU #EUelections2019
More in our factsheet ↓
Recent revelations have shown risks for citizens to have their data misused and be targeted by mass online disinformation campaigns.
We propose sanctions for the illegal use of personal data to deliberately influence elections.!fx67KH #SOTEU #EUelections2019
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“We cannot continue to squabble to find ad-hoc solutions each time a new ship arrives.”
During #SOTEU, President @JunckerEU proposed:
• A reinforced European Union Agency for Asylum
• A fully equipped #EUBorderGuard
• Stronger EU rules on return
• Legal migration
We are proposing to equip the #EUBorderGuard with the operational capacity and powers needed to effectively support Member States on the ground.
The new standing corps of 10,000 operational staff will ensure that the EU has the necessary capabilities in place.
#SOTEU #MigrationEU
We are proposing to reinforce the European Union Agency for Asylum to help Member States to process asylum applications swiftly, including through the deployment of migration management support teams. #MigrationEU
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“The geopolitical situation makes this Europe’s hour: the time for European sovereignty has come.”
This year’s State of the Union Address revolved around the theme of ‘Sovereignty’.
Learn more →!rf83Qj #SOTEU #EUintheWorld
European sovereignty means developing Europe’s ‘Weltpolitikfähigkeit’ → the capacity to play a role, as a Union, in shaping global affairs.
President @JunckerEU’s vision is detailed in our factsheet ↓
“Together, as a Union, we can plant the seeds of a more sovereign Europe. European sovereignty enables all of us to better protect, defend and empower our citizens”,
said President @JunckerEU on #SOTEU.
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“We are proposing a new Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs between Europe and Africa. It would help create up to 10 million jobs in the next 5 years alone”, said President @JunckerEU during #SOTEU.

More info on our proposal →!XV87vV #EUAfrica #SOTEU
We propose to develop the numerous European-African trade agreements into a continent-to-continent free trade agreement, as an economic partnership between equals. #investGlobal #EUAfrica #SOTEU
The goal of the new 'Africa-Europe Alliance' is to:
- Boost investment in Africa
- Strengthen trade
- Create jobs
- Invest in education and skills
- Enhance peace and security
More info on expected results →!XV87vV
#EUAfrica #SOTEU
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We want to stop clock-changing. Member States should themselves decide whether their citizens live in summer or winter time. 🕒
President @JunckerEU State of the Union #SOTEU #EfficientEU #ClockChange
We are proposing to end seasonal #clockchange in Europe in 2019, giving Member States the freedom to decide once and for all whether they want to permanently apply summer or winter time.
#SOTEU #EfficientEU
We held a public consultation, building on the @Europarl_EN request and as part of our assessment.
84% of 4.6 million respondents were in favour of ending seasonal #clockchange, the most responses ever received.
Final results →!jy43KH #SOTEU #EUHaveYourSay
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OK, now I stop the jokes and get serious on #SOTEU and #JHA (opens thread). @JunckerEU: "We are proposing to extend the tasks of the newly established European Public Prosecutor’s Office to include the fight against #terrorist offences."
I'm still sceptic about the original role of the #EPPO (financial offences to #EU money) and how that is going to pan out in the future (more on this soon, part of the @CER_EU's upcoming work on #JHA). I'm even more sceptic about proposals to use it for #AML. But terrorism?
This has been an old aspiration of federalists and others: some sort of a central EU criminal prosecutor (and criminal code, for what matters) to deal with cross-border crime. But that is absolutely unfeasible right now. See the latest difficulties in judicial co-operation.
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Basically, EU's position remains unchanged: sad at decision, respectful of it, but limits to what accommodations will be made

Useful to keep this in mind when the next breathless reporting of Barnier's words appears

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Juncker switches to English to talk about #Brexit in his State of the Union speech #SOTEU - says again how much he regrets the departure of the British. (Remember: As chief exec of the EU club, he lost a key member on his watch)
‘It is #brexit which is making the border more visible in Northern Ireland, not the EU’ says Juncker
Juncker: “The UK will never be an ordinary third country for us. The UK will always be a very close neighbour in political, economic and security terms. In the past months when we needed unity, Britain was at our side.”
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1/? Here we go then, Jean-Claude Juncker's (probably) last ever State of the Union speech. Last year's caused quite a stir. Will J-C look to go out with a bang? Expecting big forays on migration, Rule of Law, foreign & defence policy, & probably a small mention of Brexit. #SOTEU
Juncker unsurprisingly starts out by talking up the current strengths of the EU economy. He points out there are a record 239 million people in work across Europe and youth unemployment stands at 14.8%. Adds: 'That figure is still too high but it's the lowest figure since 2000.'
Juncker says he's proud to have helped Greece stay in the eurozone despite the 'painful years' that caused, and adds: 'I pay homage to the Herculean efforts of the Greek people, an effort that others in Europe still haven't acknowledged sufficiently.'
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1/ Some background on Juncker's #SOTEU speech - focussing on the immigration law aspects

Here's the list of proposals, etc due to be made in the speech
2/ There's a plan for soft law on legal migration and migration relations with Africa, but the binding legislation to be proposed concerns the EU asylum agency, the border control agency Frontex, and the law on control of irregular migrants (the Return Directive).
3/ Lazy hot take alert: please don't buy into (or write!) that "this is when the EU finally listened to populist objections to migration". There have been a string of EU measures agreed or proposed since autumn 2015 on migration control, esp asylum, Frontex, and use of databases.
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It's the final stretch before #SOTEU!
We caught @ClaraMartinezAl in the midst of preparation – straight after her briefing with colleagues based all over Europe.
Behind-the-scenes questions and answers with the Head of cabinet of President @JunckerEU
Is the #SOTEU speech ready now?
Why do you need support from our representations in EU countries?
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