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Jul 6, 2018 25 tweets 16 min read
#BREAKING: Federal prosecutors just filed notice that they are dismissing charges against 38 Trump inauguration protest defendants who had been facing decades in prison after being mass-arrested at #J20 protests. Report coming soon. Our new report breaks down today's #J20 legal news, which likely represents a decisive end to the troubled case in which federal prosecutors had been fighting tooth & nail to convict anti-Trump protesters based on a wide-reaching conspiracy theory unicornriot.ninja/2018/us-attorn…
Jun 28, 2018 17 tweets 15 min read
#BREAKING: We've obtained & published a month of Facebook Messenger chat logs from a private group created by Jason Kessler to plan 'Unite The Right 2' in #Charlottesville & DC unicornriot.ninja/2018/leaked-vi… To view the "#UniteTheRight 2" planning chat on Facebook, look at the bottom of our new article for the embed. Leaked Messenger logs show chats between May 13 and June 14 of this year unicornriot.ninja/2018/leaked-vi…
Jun 22, 2018 26 tweets 23 min read
The ICE manual for undercover agents describes how agents & informants are allowed to break the law & can use "proceeds" from illegal businesses to fund their own operations in the field. Profits can also be paid to other agencies and foreign governments unicornriot.ninja/2018/icebreake… ICE can also use profits from illegal business activity by undercover agents and/or informants to buy evidence, to pay themselves overtime, and pay for travel expenses unicornriot.ninja/2018/icebreake…
May 31, 2018 67 tweets 35 min read
DC Superior Court is resuming session for the day shortly. On the 3rd floor around 9:30 AM, Chief Judge Robert Morin will be ruling on pre-trial matters for two upcoming Trump inauguration protest trial groups.

#J20 #J20trials Last week, Chief Judge Morin ruled that prosecutors @USAO_DC violated the ‘Brady Rule’ by withholding evidence helpful to the defense. Today he will decide how to ‘sanction’ the prosecution. unicornriot.ninja/2018/prosecuto… #J20 #J20trials
May 30, 2018 29 tweets 14 min read
Court has resumed in the second #J20 Trump inauguration protest trial being overseen by Judge Kimberley Knowles. So far, jurors haven’t come into the courtroom yet, as Knowles has heard arguments over defense requests for a mistrial and motions for judgement of acquittal The defense early this morning renewed their request for a mistrial. Counsel stated they had received partial information in response to their subpoena to ‘Matt’ from Project Veritas but they don’t have time to properly research this information to inform their arguments at trial
May 22, 2018 28 tweets 11 min read
The second trial stemming from the mass-arrest during protests against Trump’s inauguration is continuing this week in DC Superior Court. So far today, two prosecution witnesses have testified.

#J20trials The first witness to testify today was Laurel Hassberger, a forensic technician who recovered several objects from the scene of the mass arrest at 12th & L on #J20. Assistant US Attorney Qureshi did a “show and tell” type presentation of several recovered objects to the jury.
May 17, 2018 48 tweets 14 min read
Police witnesses expected to continue testifying today in the 2nd Trump inauguration protest mass arrest trial. Our latest report brings you up to date on the trial, which began this week:


#J20 #J20trials Jurors in the 2nd #J20 trial just finished hearing from Officer Ashley Anderson, who was working in a DC Police “civil disturbance” mountain bike unit during Trump inauguration protests. The defense finished their cross-examination which began yesterday afternoon. #J20Trials
May 1, 2018 5 tweets 5 min read
Emails we obtained via records request show how #Newnan, GA law enforcement planned for the National Socialist Movement rally based on false info in a FB post spread by the Three Percenter militia, who provided armed security for nazis in #Charlottesville unicornriot.ninja/2018/georgia-p… The post, originally by #Newnan resident & self-described "anti-antifa" Clay Perry, seems to have been taken at face value by cops. Perry's claims included inflated numbers of up to 12,000 ppl & false reports of hidden weapons caches throughout the city.

Jan 24, 2018 16 tweets 16 min read
NEW: Last week, a class action lawsuit was filed against @DCPoliceDept and @ChiefNewsham over the politically targeted mass arrest of the anti-fascist anti-capitalist march during Trump's inauguration on January 20, 2017 unicornriot.ninja/2018/dc-police… #J20 A similar lawsuit was filed by the same attorney, Jeffrey Light, on January 20th immediately after the mass arrest, but was later withdrawn on procedural grounds. unicornriot.ninja/2018/dc-police… Now, many #J20 defendants with their charges dismissed could potentially join on to the suit
Dec 5, 2017 9 tweets 2 min read
Court in first of #J20trials now on short break. Prosecution continues to call witnesses today, all cops so far. Jury has now heard from arresting officers for each defendant. No arresting officers' testimony appeared to include particularized probable cause for those arrested. Testimony of each arresting officer basically went "I was told to show up and arrested them, i showed up and arrested them. Yes these items shown by prosecutor are their property." (Very loose paraphrasing here)