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Inspired by #knowyourrepealers 💪 #repealthe8th 🇮🇪 #together4yes Week 32: Annie @together4yes Canvassing Coordinator, feminist, vegetarian, usually @hoeyannie
Apr 15, 2018 44 tweets 12 min read
Morning all. I’m Siobhán Donohue @SiobhanDonohue and I’m doing the final leg for @TFMRIRE today. I’m 46, married to Joe and we have 3 kids, Ciaran (10) Aoife (8) & Cillian (4) as well as the baby we lost to FFA. I’m a GP by profession but on a break since Cillian was born I grow up in Dun Laoghaire, studied medicine in Trinity and worked as a junior doctor in various hospitals around the country including Limerick, Portlaoise and Dublin before completing my GP training in Edinburgh.
Apr 14, 2018 81 tweets 32 min read
Good morning. I'm Claire Cullen-Delsol @DelsolClaire I'm 33, married to Wayne and have two kids, Carla 10 & Nathan 4. I'm a member of @TFMRIRE and have campaigned for #repealthe8th since 2015. Here's me on the right. A bit of background on me, I was born in Dublin, raised in Carrick on Suir, moved to Cork for College, met Wayne, had Carla, moved to Waterford, got degree, got married, had Nathan. I work full-time for a not-for-profit, and my hobbies include food & jigsaw puzzles.
Oct 23, 2017 16 tweets 3 min read
I'd like to talk a bit about @Lawyers4Choice, who many people probably know from our #8Committee marathon livetweets. We're a group of lawyers, both academics and practitioners, mostly Irish by background and based in Ireland and the UK.