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Founder; Fausiat Bakare Balogun Passing health, social and developmental information. #ONEChampion #MyFamilyPlanningStory healthcommunicatorsng@gmail.com
Sep 7, 2018 14 tweets 18 min read
We are now live with @Ronikpe @Devcoms who answered our questions on the topic "Linkage between family Planning and women's health" You want to know why to space birth and not rush the process because you want to be young and fine again. #ISSathread #FPfriday @ronikpe @Devcoms Dr Ronald Ikpe (medical). runs MRI Medic Consulting limited, a one-stop health Consulting outfit (mrimedicconsulting.com ) with a special interest in general wellness #FPFriday @devcoms @getittogether
Aug 17, 2018 11 tweets 6 min read
•Its #FPfriday and we will be talking about “Practical ways to introducing #adolescents and #youths to #sexuality and reproductive health info by Wemimo Adebiyi #Safespaces4youth #FPFriday #LifePlanningGIT .@Devcoms .@GetittogetherNG .@Healthcommng .@Notagaincampaig It’s best to start talking with #children about sexuality early. You may ask, “How early?” For young children, you can start by teaching them the names of their body parts or asking if they know why girls and boys look different #FPFriday
Aug 12, 2018 11 tweets 6 min read
I was a protected child, came from a family of 7. (5 girls and 2 boys). Let me share a little story with y'all to commemorate #InternationalYouthDay #Issathread #LifePlanningGIT #SafeSpaces4Youth I had this playgroup that consist children my age but an older boy of about 15 among us that was always calling me ''my wife" lol Little did I know he meant it literally #LifeplanningGIT
Jun 27, 2018 8 tweets 2 min read
It started with the weeds then the pills and acid, making cocktails of all sort of drugs and overdosing to make them last longer I ended up homeless and on the streets living in a box, out of school and begging for alms, my name is BEN, learn from Ben #NoExcuse4Drugabuse
Jun 26, 2018 5 tweets 2 min read
#LISTENFIRST this is what dealers will tell you!!! #NoExcuse4DrugAbuse #InternationalDayAgainstDrugAbuse #WorlDrugDay They will approach you a friend and tell you they like to lift you up and make you cool, help you fit in #NoExcuse4DrugAbuse