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I study multi-organismal interactions: intracellular, organismal, and population levels. Mostly on #ticks, #vectors, #bacteria, but dabbling in other systems.
Apr 21, 2018 12 tweets 7 min read
Just had a great #STEM /#STEAM event @ FTE CEEL! Thanks for having us and thanks to an awesome prep crew and outreach team! @pakdamie, @EntomosOswin,@TheOleBlue and Brandon G helped me make the materials just in time! coordinated student effort, got the booklets to print correctly, and also kept me from losing it!(and apparently successfully avoided my camera)
Dec 1, 2017 4 tweets 2 min read
Well-illustrated, high-detail, labeled image/diagrams of tick internal anatomy are few and far between. I know the good ones, but still can't figure out some parts and I stare at ticks a lot. We need better/updated #sciart #tickanatomy images. For instance, while this image of the Gene's organ (from Biology of Ticks) is great once you know what to look for, the first time you see it, it's way more dramatic. Fastforward video to follow.