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“Falling in love is partial love, an artifact. --he said.-- What I feel is an infatuation with a penetrating desire to possess.” Las Trinas Cuadras
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Uppsala, Peru, Malaria, and Gin & Tonic

Once upon a time, a man had the position of professor of medicine at a prestigious university. But he wasn’t happy and swapped his professorship and became the head of the university's botanical garden. That happened in the 18th century. The university was in Uppsala, Sweden. The man’s name was Carl.
He was not any Carl. He was one of the most renowned scientists in history. He led the way to create the modern-day biological nomenclature for classifying organisms.
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Centuries ago, like now, there were hostels, posadas or taverns where food was served in exchange for money, as in a thermopolium in Rome (snack-bar) where we, readers of @LRB @TwitterBooks @nytimes @NewYorker @washingtonpost, would often go After the #fall of the #Roman #Empire in these businesses food was served in shared tables and consisted of a fixed menu, according to what was already prepared. Even the nobility, like celebrities today, would frequent when traveling.