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atty w/ @ndsharlem - former bail payer w/ @bkbailfund - catholic worker - fisherman - father - contractor - once in awhile, you get shown the light.....
Jan 26, 2018 21 tweets 15 min read
1/21 Follow this thread for a glimpse, in 21 tweets, of what it’s like to pay bond for someone in ICE detention. #iceout #immigrationdetention #ImmigrationReform 2/21 Arrive at Federal Bldg at 7:30am. Short line w/ terrified looking family in front. Kid has Spider-Man doll with him. Security officer makes ‘joke’ that toys not allowed. ‘Didn’t you hear about bomb that was hidden in a doll?’ #iceout #immigrationdetention #ImmigrationReform