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Working Class Left-baffling small-c conservative. We WON, it's #Brexit! We're not Brazil, we're Norn Iron.
Sep 11, 2018 10 tweets 3 min read
👇 We need to Remain in the EU because:
1) The establishment want us to & they always look after the little guy.
2) JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs say it is a good idea.
3) George Soros has tossed £800k into overturning our Referendum, so we must have got it wrong. 4) Richard Branson wants us to & we need to forgive his VAT Fraud, tax avoidance & tax haven lifestyle.
5) We will run out of sandwiches without the EU.
6) We'll have no medicine & planes will fall from the sky, should we leave the trading bloc.
Sep 10, 2018 21 tweets 5 min read
#WorldSuicidePreventionDay thread. 👇
1) Lost 7 male pals over 10 yrs to #Suicide & the devastation does not ease.
I don't do 'feels', but perhaps you'll gleam something useful from my rambling account of what it leaves behind.
I'm not subtle, for that I cannot apologise. 2) Long term friendships disappear, as you begin to find remaining pals are nothing but a reminder.
When all your socialising & reminiscing is related to the dead, it becomes less inviting.
When the things you have in common are death-related, your relationship changes.
Sep 3, 2018 19 tweets 11 min read
Thread: "#Brexit & #Chequers, the sellout. Dump it, let's move on".
I keep hearing "Where is the plan?" and a load of misinformation on #Brexit, pushed on UK media by irrelevant & biased commentators, elevated simply because they are avid Remoaners.
They aim to distract.
1/19 We already knew from those tasked with the negotiations, there had been a definite direction of travel & #Brexit plans were well advanced, prior to #Chequers.

May 31, 2018 17 tweets 4 min read
Subject? HATE.
I apologise for nothing. Life was what it was.
1) When a pup in NI, I was quite partial to practising my kissing skills, finding motivation like nothing else before.
Unfortunately, I'd not be one to let 'religion' be a barrier, in my pursuit of glory. 2) This was a problem, back in the dark days.
When you came from an 'estate', known for being a 'stronghold' of one 'side' or other, it was frowned upon & tended to lead to violence of some sort.
God was irrelevant.
May 27, 2018 29 tweets 6 min read
1) I'm concerned about 'violence', and potential 'street' violence/unrest, if this Tommy Robinson thing gets twisted any further.
This is long, but bear with me.
Particularly if you are likely to attend any demos soon.... 2) When large numbers of people take to the streets, often with many harbouring selective facts, things get muddled.
When a large number of those people are what one could describe as 'handy', they can cause chaos if they turn bad.
I am assuming most there are not 'bad' people.