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Finsbury - Managing Director. Ex-Ketchum VP and before that 15 years as a correspondent at Reuters & Bloomberg in Washington, DC. KC native. RT for fun.
Sep 24, 2018 9 tweets 3 min read
It's not even 11a on Monday. This week is going to be bleeping bonkers. NBC's Pete Williams, gold standard in #DOJ reporting, says #Rosenstein en route to White House, won't resign and will force them to fire him. As I am told, Vacancies Act only kicks in if he resigns.
Sep 20, 2018 4 tweets 2 min read
For those who any doubt about the mission of Senate republicans and #scotus, it’s to push thru #kavanaugh regardless of what Dr. Ford says to them - in public or private. Exhibit A: now deleted tweets from @ChuckGrassley chief nominations counsel. 1/ Exhibit B: his explanation for deleting tweets makes partisan attacks and doesn’t make sense trying to describe his reasons for first tweets. He made it clear they plan to confirm #Kavanaugh period. End of debate let alone “investigation.” But let’s for a moment explore 2/