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Türk ve Müslüman. Contributing writer @ITCTofficial Observing Global Terror and Civil Wars in MENA Zone and whole World
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Jul 26, 2018 22 tweets 15 min read
In 2015 after fall of #Palmyra #ISIS quickly came through gates of #Damascus and #Suwayda but they focused on #Qalamoun. After 2016, #FSA near Jordanian border started to attack to ISIS and gained ground through early 2017. When #SAA was planning massive offensive to capture whole #ISIS areas in the center and east of country. #FSA in #Qalamun and near Jordanian border attacks to ISIS and try to open supply line for the besieged Qalamun pocket.
Jun 1, 2018 4 tweets 3 min read
Syrian Government giving Syrian citizenship to 2 million non-Syrian people.
Its including Iranian soldiers, Hezbollah militants and all other pro #Iran militia group members and their families from #Afganistan #Iraq #Iran #Pakistan It will increase tensions between secular Arabs and religious shia people. If you remember in last 3 year, some clashes happened between Syrian security forces and shia militas.
And government banned shia and sunni religious rituals in open areas.

#Syria #Iran