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1/ George Soros: a #qanon read.
2/ @realDonaldTrump has given us a huge heads up with this tweet. He has never mentioned Soros by name in his Twitter feed before.

@realDonaldTrump 3/ That tells me there isn't much time left.

What happens if Soros funded operations get violent and engage in domestic terrorism?

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1/ The Federal Reserve - a #qanon read.
2/ The Federal Reserve of the United States of America is not Federal, not a reserve and is not in the United States.

It's a private bank, it keeps no reserves and it sits on a patch of land that isn't subject to US law or jurisdiction.

3/ How it was founded despite staunch opposition is a sordid tale that #qanon unfolded for us.
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1/ 9/11: a #qanon read.
2/ #qanon told us quite a bit about the rationale behind 9/11 and the major players.

What family history goes back pre_WW1/2?
Why is this relevant?
Why did the Bush family recently break silence and attack POTUS?
Coincidence pre SA arrests?

Who financed 9-11?
Who was Bin Laden's handler?
Why was the Clowns In America tasked to hunt/kill/capture UBL?
Why not MI?
If we found UBL, eliminated his security, why would we immediately kill him and not take him alive?

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1/ The Fake News and me: a #qanon decode.
2/ By now you've probably seen this story on NBC:…

by @BrandyZadrozny. I won't have the time or the screen space to correct everything in it but here's a rebuttal of some of the more stunning errors.

3/ Subhead: "Pushing the theory on to bigger platforms proved to be the key to Qanon’s spread — and the originators’ financial gain."

Wrong. I have not made a cent from #qanon.
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1/ What's going on with @JulianAssange?
@JulianAssange 2/ Rewind to early 2016. #sethrich leaks a bunch of sensitive emails to @wikileaks via @KimDotcom, who remember, is on the record as saying Seth Rich was the leaker. Wikileaks would have a material impact on the 2016 election campaign.
3/ Just before the DNC Convention, @wikileaks released emails from seven key DNC staff members that suggested the party worked to sabotage the BS campaign. DWS resigned on the eve of the event as a result.
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1/ #qanon post 438 - a decode.
2/ This is the 40000ft view of the elites' final plan for the world: from their own private country of NK, and with the help of the Korean People's Army, they would have nuked most of the world either via miniaturized ones in suitcases or via missile.

3/ Both the nuclear and the missile technology is stolen from the US and given to North Korea. The Shuttle program is shut down and the NASA tech given to SpaceX which passes it on to NK. Thanks @elonmusk!

Your execution needs to be a space flight without a suit. On TV.

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1/ The disgusting delights of the elites: a #qanon read.
2/ Why would a billionaire who has it all run for President? #qanon told us:

- because he could not stomach the thought of children being kidnapped, drugged and raped while leaders/law enforcement turned a blind eye.
- because he could not stomach the idea of mass murders occuring to satisfy Moloch.
- perhaps he was tired of races/countries being constantly abused/kept in need/poor and suffering all for a specific purpose.

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1/ Let me disagree with Rex here: HRC losing was the biggest relief of Putin's career. No wonder he called up @realDonaldTrump to congratulate him almost immediately.
@realDonaldTrump 2/ HRC would have destroyed the planet in two ways, both of them nuclear:

- she would have completed the mission to get NK's nuke delivery operational, both via suitcase and ICBM
- war with Russia
3/ #FBIAnon told us back in 2016 that Russia had its hands on some of the material on HRC's server. When asked why Putin hadn't leaked it yet he replied that he was waiting.

"I think if HRC gets elected and tries to start shit, he will use it as a deterrent against war."
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1/ Uranium One - a #qanon read.

Strap in.
2/ I had all my notes in front of me but as usual @CityPowerJhb turn off my suburb Lombardy East when they need a bit more juice for everyone else. Thanks guys - you suck.

So this is from memory on a laptop.

3/ In 2005-2006, WJC helped a small company break through to the big time in Uranium. The company was UrAsia Energy Ltd and the owner was Frank Giustra. Thanks to Bill's influence, UrAsia won a lucrative deal in Khazakstan.

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#Qanon #Jul2
Re_ read drops re: Five Eyes / FVEY.
Will be extremely important going forward.
[UK] - primary
Turn taken.
FBI/DOJ to State / Hussein WH (inc C_A / other appointment Start) to Foreign Bad Actors.
[RR] deadline?
We have the server.
Wow! Lots of new info in this article about the Trump/Russia Witch Hunt! The Mueller investigation was a targeted coup (insurance policy) from day 1 with no basis in fact!

As #FBIanon previously reported, Russia has dirt on HRC!!!
Will they release some at the upcoming summit?
[RR] Rod Rosenstein’s deadline to release documents to Congress is coming up quick (7/6/18)! Tick Tock!

RR’s letter to Congress was a stall tactic and they aren’t buying the BS he is selling!…
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1/ This explains something I've been wondering about ever since the very first #FBIAnon drop on 4chan.
2/ Friday July 2, 2016: an anonymous insider claims on 4chan that he is 'intimately familiar' with the details of the Clinton case. Of course the anons cry LARP, but not for very long.
3/ #FBIAnon says the FBI was under intense pressure not to indict HRC and that he and all his colleagues had been given gag orders.

"There is enough for her and the entire government to be brought down."
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1/ The fate of Europe - a #qanon, #FBIanon and #Anonymous5 read.
2/ Europe's refugee crisis has been carefully orchestrated:
- to provide serfs who will work cheaply and breed out whites
- to infect the white population of Europe with HIV
- to turn Europe and the UK into an Islamic Caliphate

#qanon #FBIAnon
3/ The overriding principle is, as always with the Luciferian elites, ab chao ordo - out of chaos, order. They intend for there to be some fortress areas in Europe which will be defended by the EU army and some which will be left to the migrant army.

#qanon #fbianon
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1/ #qanon spoke a lot about the elites and many in the US govt. worshipping Satan.
2/ Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the destruction of the Mt. Carmel compound at #Waco, Texas.

To truly understand what happened that day, I believe you need to follow what #qanon told us to its logical conclusion.
3/ #qanon's constant and shocking accusations that the elites are almost all Luciferians is no surprise to some, least of all to survivors of ritual abuse.

Luciferians have their own calendar with important dates and ceremonies marked throughout the year.

Let's take a look.
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New #Qanon #Mar5

Welcome to China.
Border crossing 13.
Spartans in Darkness.

#TheStorm #MAGA
Why is this event BIG?
What does it signify?
Why is NK out of the news?
As The World Turns.
This picture is a large contrast to Q's former NK picture with stormy seas and what looked like a tsunami in NYC on the top right before. Clinton, Podesta, etc. are obviously absent as well.
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The following is a thread concerning @HillaryClinton and the @ClintonFdn posted by #FBIAnon prior to the 2016 Presidental election, won by @realDonaldTrump, revealing some of the Intel that the #FBI already had. #QAnon

1.) "Many politicians trade girls like cattle."
2.) "They get paid in children as well as money."

#QAnon #FBIAnon @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump @ClintonFdn
3.) "She intends to do what the Clintons have always done - sell out weapons, favors, intelligence, and people to anyone willing to pay."

#QAnon #FBIAnon @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump @BillClinton @ClintonFdn
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