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I was on a panel this weekend that continues to low-key upset me. First, another panellist described as “collaboration” a comics project where an artist was just given a bunch of prose short stories and expected to get on with it. (1/2)
Then the (male) artist said the hardest part of the book for him was drawing different sorts of women* because “IN COMICS WE ONLY HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO DRAW TWO WOMEN, MARY JANE AND AUNT MAY”

*by women he meant white women bc his book was 100% #FFFFFF

these were Big Important Literary / Cartooning People

I am

so tired
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.@GraceRandolph bitch it’s a dog...
Like how the fuck do you racebend a dog bitch what 😂
Like are we saying dogs are White because...I object lmao
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So when The Oscars gonna bite MTV’s shit and add ‘Best Kiss’ LOL?
I mean if The Oscars are gonna jump the shark and start giving out a consolation prize that is the equivalent of that wack ass “Urban Pop” category from The Grammys, y’all might as well go all in 🤷🏾‍♀️
Personally this was one of my faves 😂
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Can Tamera just...not





Tamera: My husband is Whi--

"Racial junk"

Girl please admire your man's racist #FFFFFF peen in silence por favor 💀
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Good morning to everyone except #FFFFFF folx who are *compulsively lying* about the election of the Orange Nincompoop being a "team effort".
White folx suddenly have a very inclusive vocabulary whenever it's time to take an L. When it's time to take accountability. Or lay blame.

Never me. My White ass. Or I. Or my aunt Susan. Or Uncle Chet.

Always "we".
Y'all are the bum centipede leg in the group project. You drag the project down and you're nowhere to be found when the real work needs to be done, but you will damn take all the credit if the rest group somehow manages to pull an A out of their asses.
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I do this because they hate-quote-tweet right wing douches too much and aggressively, like it's singlehandedly gonna impeach Tr*mp and it's annoying and performative and I have no time.
Blocked someone already over this post. Who else wants to step up lmfao 😂
Also for the ignorant and the painfully #FFFFFF, and people with 2.5 followers including their mum, most of us with bigger followings leave out letters in the Orange's name to curb the harassment of people who follow us.
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That picture of Zac Efron with dog poo dreads is sending me LOL! But it also reminds me of a very cringe™ era in my life when I flocked to White boys like him based on, you guessed it, preference!
My babes @queersocialism and @_hoemo joke about it all the time, but that era really did teach me to triple-check why I find somebody attractive. Do I think they're "fine" because they're actually fine? Or is it because they're White (or White-Adjacent)? 🤔
I think we underestimate how much we're programmed to find #FFFFFF folx (or anyone adjacent) attractive even when they look like toes lmfao. It's part of why I take media criticism very seriously.
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I have seen companies firsthand fight TOOTH AND NAIL to prevent their *primarily* millenial work force from clocking in that magic number of 32+ hours in order to deny them benefits.
Knew a company who would only let folx work up until 31.5 hours and not a minute over.

Like...imagine being that petty and immoral.
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White people only wanna talk about "mental health issues" when a member of the #FFFFFF club has shot another place up or is virulently and obviously being racist & bigoted.

The broad is racist. Point blank period. "Mental illness" ain't do that and neither did some damn Ambien.
But keep talking that good good, @jimmykimmel like a good White Liberal.

Like you don't have unsavories in your own closet.

Keep it up lol
White Liberals like Kimmel are only talking about compassion right now because it's getting hot in here and they imagine that they might catch that heat next for doing and saying similarly racist and taboo things.
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What's with the slander and unfair comparisons between Ragnarok and Black Panther? Both of these movies are MILES AHEAD of the rest of the MCU and are in, imo, Top 3 status along with Winter Soldier.

Why does one have to be "better" than the other???
Like I am completely deadass. If you lemme keep Winter Soldier, Ragnarok, Homecoming, and Black Panther (and Iron Man and The Avengers for obvious reasons) and delete the rest of the MCU, I'd be gucci lmao
You: "Ragnarok was too funny. I don't think it made any serious points like Black Panther did."

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