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Comparing #HolocaustMemorialDay this year and last is an excellent illustration of what's changed in the past year. I've never seen so much anti-Semitism voiced by people with major public platforms this openly before.
We have some things on the extremes, like Poland's lower house of parliament passing a bill criminalizing discussing Polish involvement in the Holocaust, or Julian Assange explaining how it was really about Slavs, not Jews.
Or Ken Livingstone going on Iranian state TV to discuss whether the Holocaust is being exploited to oppress others.
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I grew up in a New York City apartment in a neighborhood filled with old first-generation immigrants from Western Europe.

There was a storage room in the basement the super would occasionally let us into.

It was just filled with old steamer trunks.

Most had been abandoned by tenants who had long since left or died.

They were beautiful inside. They were designed to be stood up on their end. Many were velvet-lined with drawers on one side and room to hang clothes on the other.

The super gave my mother two of them. She still has them.

It wasn’t until years later that I realized those trunks were the only luggage of European Jews fleeing the Holocaust.

At one time, those trunks held the only possessions they escaped with.

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HELP me, my Jewish (or ex-Christian-Dominionist?) followers:

WTF is Pence talking about here?
“....Jewish martyrs of the Holocaust who 3 years after walking beneath the shadow of death, rose up from the ashes to resurrect themselves to reclaim a Jewish future.”

What is this language?

Zionist? Christian Dominionist? Other?

So this is some kind of hybrid Zionist-Dominionist myth-making conflating the Christian story of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead after three days with the establishment of the nation of Israel from the deaths of the Holocaust three years following the end of WWII?
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“The BBC was hesitant to broadcast Richard Dimbleby's report as it contained such strong imagery and needed to be corroborated.

The war correspondent threatened to ‘never broadcast again’ if the report was not played.”

On May 4, 1945 a unit from the 66th infantry, 71st Division came upon a POW camp. “The British prisoners told the liberating soldiers that they’d heard rumors of a different kind of camp, a concentration camp for Jews, just a few kilometers away.”…
“I remember my buddies and I looked at each other. We knew Hitler wasn’t fond of Jews, but we hadn’t heard anything about any concentration camps.”

Alan Moskin marched through a forest looking for the rumored camp. “The first clue that the rumors were true was the smell.”
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It doesn't take much to precipitate atrocity. It just takes enough people buying into a message of hate.

Convince them the other guy wants what they have. Make them believe the other guy ain't quite human.

It's easy. They'll do the rest.

Come up with stories that sound vaguely plausible, that cast the other guy as the villain.

Describe them in ways that make them sound especially alien & parasitic.

Tell those stories again and again. They'll start to spread by themselves.
Recruit a few sorts who like the sound of their own voice. Feed them the stories. They won't check.

Bonus points, though, if they affect a faux-'balanced' approach.
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The Holocaust didn't start with concentration camps and gas chambers.

It started with "us vs. them" demagogic rhetoric from national leaders, "legal" harassment by authorities, and the stripping of rights and privileges based on ethnicity/race. #HolocaustMemorialDay
—Trump regularly demagogues against immigrants, Muslims and minorities
—ICE & Border Patrol tear apart families and harass people based on ethnic background
—his Justice Department argues whole classes of people don't have constitutional rights

Yes, it's happening here.
The only question is: which side are you on?

If you're silent, guess what... YOU'RE ON THE WRONG SIDE!

Another Holocaust can and will happen when the majority don't give a damn that it can happen.
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On #HolocaustMemorialDay remember the 11 million people killed by the Nazis in camps due to hatred and bigotry. 6 million Jews were murdered as well as 5 million disabled people, political dissidents, and LGBT people. Let's also remember how this bigotry started & the US role /1
The US ignored many warning signs of anti-Semitism and Fascism in Germany and refused help to Jewish refugees. Many in the US, Europe, and even Germany justified Hitler's rise w/ economic worries and ignored the anti-Semitism and fascism #HolocaustMemorialDay /2
Hitler and the Nazi party capitalized on anti-Semitism as a scapegoat for the interwar economic depression. Their answer was extreme nationalism and bigotry, and fascism #HolocaustMemorialDay /3
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This is a thread for those of you who say coders and developers should take no role in politics. Those of you who watched my #WCLDN talk last year already heard this story. You can hear it again.

This was Rene Carmille, and that is a punch card. Image of Rene Carmille
Rene Carmille was the comptroller general of the French army. He eventually headed up the French census. Census data - innocuous, straightforward facts about people - was tabulated on IBM punch cards. Then the Nazis came.
Rene Carmille had all the data about all the people. He saw what the Nazis wanted to do with that data. So he made a decision about what to do with it. He did his job, externally, for the Nazis, of course.
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When @RosariaTaddeo and I co-teach cybersecurity ethics and policy, we sometimes reference where US techs pledged to act ethically on personal data collection and misuse by the state. The weird thing is ... 1/
Many people think ethical action in tech work is either 0 or 100. If something questionable is going on re. cyber-security and ethics, there are just two options: You're either a whistle-blowing, unemployable super-hero, or you do and say absolutely nothing. 2/
But the clue is in "something questionable". When you smell something a bit off, data-wise, you don't have to immediately quit your job and call the Guardian. You start with just asking questions. "Oh, can you explain more about that?" "Why are we doing this?" 3/
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Hitler didn't start by killing and gassing people.
He started by criminalizing them, blaming society's problems on their existence, and declaring them "illegal." Then deporting them became normalized. Are parallels starting to dawn on you yet?

She sees it. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
In the 30s and 40s Hitler's propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels developed videos to portray the Jews as inferior and evil people - as part of his plan to later on justify their extermination (the Holocaust). 🔥

This is the most recent Trump ad:
If you think this is acceptable because they're all just "illegals" then you have another "think" coming.

NOW the Dept of Justice is "De-naturalizing" legally-naturalized citizens and DECLARING them illegal so they can deport them. 🚨…
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