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Rod Rosenstein is behind the Omarosa tapes!!??

In that case... two large popcorns please.🍿 🍿

#Qanon #Omarosa #RodRosenstein #TheGreatAwakening
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At bookstore to get the latest in my favorite series and guess what I impulse-bought? I'll share excerpts when I get home and pour a glass of wine.
By the way it was 40% off already 😂
P. 220-Trump calls Jeff Sessions "Benjamin Buttons" behind his back. 🤣
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Totally agree with @lauferlaw. The consequential news today is #Manafort, yet the networks prefer a play by play of #Omarosa and @realDonaldTrump’s distraction game. @cnn and @msnbc answer to the god of ratings. If they spent more time on journalism, we would be further ahead.
Omarosa is neither a victim, nor a whistle-blower. To suggest her self-centred narrative is comparable to a systematic and sustained attack on the US by a hostile foreign nation is like believing the plot of a pot-boiler you’re reading on a plane about to crash into the ground.
It’s also suspect her revelations are not material to Trump and Russia. It’s almost like she’s been produced by @MarkBurnettTV in an attempt to divert attention from far more consequential events.
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Let's talk about #Omarosa for a second time...
Cut the dumb broad narrative out. It's misogynistic b.s.
If you truly understood code switching you'd get the underlying game she's working
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A company created 6 weeks before the inauguration by Melania's BFF Stephanie Winston Wolkoff received $26 million from the inaugural committee.

Wolkoff's firm also paid the team used by @MarkBurnettTV, whose involvement was requested by Trump.

Hush money…
Not quite the golden showers tape, but close.
"That dog": (the totally not racist or misogynistic) Trump slams Omarosa as she claims he used the N-word…
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Lawrence: "Forgive me if I mispronounce her name, but I've never had any reason to say it publicly or privately."

I guess we are supposed to all high five this line, right?

It's nice that white liberal America has a black woman they can comfortably disparage.

Hard pass.
My thread on Omarosa was succinct. I am no supporter. But let's not forget that Sean Spicer got a job at HARVARD when he left the White House.

We can't dismiss the facts of @OMAROSA's race & gender from the tone with which white pundits are discussing her. (I emphasize white.)
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I usually let Autist work there magic but every now and then I will chime in.
-23 min apart.
Great Tweets BTW. @realDonaldTrump

“Now Comes The Pain -23”


#WWG1WGA #Qanon
Grammar intended
There = #8chan
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!!NEW Q!! 1:17 Q posts an Anon link to the ‘temple’ looking building on Epstein’s island and asks if this is normal!! #ThesePeopleAreEvil #DarkToLight #GreatAwakening #GodWins @realDonaldTrump
Haiti digs, Dr. Kathryn Adams, educator and trauma therapist!! From the board!! #ThesePeopleAreEvil #QAnon #DarkToLight #GreatAwakening #GodWins @realDonaldTrump
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The @OMAROSA story today has several important facets, none of them risible.

This is a woman who was in Trump's inner circle and who had his ear.

Prior to him calling her a "low life" on Saturday, Trump lauded her and her work in various tweets and interview comments.
Trump wants you to believe #Omarosa is a liar, but then there is the tape she played on @MeetThePress.

Which is evidentiary.

The #GOP and #RNC are concerned---they started an #OmarosaUnhinged hashtag and are busy tweeting about her, as are Trump's surrogates.

#Omarosa isn't "unhinged." She's vengeful. Is she a liar? About some things, verifiably. About others, verifiably truthful.

That she was able to go all over Trump's White House recording people is a cause for grave concern.

It speaks to Trump's incompetence as a leader.
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I know a lot of folks discussing the rules for the situation room. But it is clear across the board that there is no security culture at the WH. It begins with Trump's phone. That Omarosa did this is really not surprising. Security only as strong as leadership enforces.
And for those who haven't been following along, I've never been a part of the John Kelly pity party. He's not a hostage. He's not a martyr.
"A strong security culture is both a mindset & mode of operation. One that’s integrated into day-to-day thinking can make for a near-impenetrable operation. Conversely, a security culture that’s absent will facilitate . . . security incidents."… #Omarosa
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Know this any liberal or Democrat and MSM saying President Trump hasn't created opportunities for black/brown people are lying. It is there attempt to silence the truth and keep blacks on the plantation. Reminiscent of when the slaves were freed & Dems lied and said they weren't.
The liberal MSM and Democrats are doing all they can to keep blacks from waking up and seeing the truth. They did the same with Muslims and Jews. They claimed Trump hated the two groups. @WalkAway Black and Brown people. Free yourself.
Heck, look at the opportunity President Trump gave #Omarosa the snake.
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A Twitter False Positive for Dodgy Activity Deep Sixed My Account in the Wee Hours last night. This broke the @paper_li automatic tweet Announcing The #AltGov Daily, The #Indivisible Times, the White House Press Daily, and my other Papers. Apologies for the Inconvenience.
2330hrs EST December 21 2017 Now Regenerating the White House Press Daily for Edits/Updates/Additions
2330hrs EST December 21 2017 Now Regenerating the #AltGov Daily for Edits/Updates/Additions
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