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I want to put in perspective the positive press the network who picks up #Timeless would get -- 2x USA Today Save the Show Winner, 100% Rotten Tomatoes, Fan Favorite, Winner of E Online Couple Lyatt, Social media trending show w/a billion reach since April #savetimeless
#Timeless positive press cont.---Deleted Scenes hitting over 15k in 54 mins, top 10 shows to binge this summer by e online, trending one Tumblr, Listed 48 on top 100 Best Scifi Shows of all time. #savetimeless
#timeless pos press cont. Saddest death winner E Online Poll for Rufus, 2nd in Drama and best cast on social media on Eonline poll, critically acclaimed, featured in historical smithsonian magazine, listed as best show on NBC network by Business Insider #savetimeless
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13 Reasons Why
you should #savetimeless, @netflix.

1. I used to hate history, but now I actively research the topics and people discussed in #timeless
2. The cast is incredibly diverse with LGBTQ representation, and POC
3. I've watched every episode 5+ times, and they...

13 Reasons Why
You should #savetimeless, @netflix (cont)

...never get boring.
4. We're a committed, brilliant, dedicated group of fans who already saved #timeless once. We've been at this for 6.5 weeks and we definitely won't give up anytime soon.
5. Cast & crew = AMAZING

13 Reasons Why
You should #savetimeless, @netflix (cont)

6. It attracts people of all ages, backgrounds, life experiences AND the entire family can enjoy it
7. #timeless doesn't whitewash history-they show the good, the bad, & the ugly.
8. We've learned about the...

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(1/13) For all fans of #SaveTimeless, #SaveShadowhunters and other communities! We wrote up a list of ideas you guys can try to help with your efforts. Keep in mind these are by no means foolproof methods, just some suggestions that worked for us and could hopefully help you too!
(2/13) Organize into a dedicated group of volunteers who can help coordinate your community's voice and pool your resources together! This will help present your fanbase as a united front, and give interested parties a clear point of contact to collaborate with.
(3/13) Setup "official" social media accounts for everyone to follow and organize your campaign from. Every fanbase is decentralized by nature, but at a crucial time like this, having a "base of operations" can go a long way!
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So, last night's viewing ended up starting A Big Conversation between me, Mom, and Kiddo (Josh) that proved why the story #Timeless tells is so critical in 2018. Bear w me for a brief thread? @sony @AmazonStudios #SaveTimeless 1/
@Sony @AmazonStudios Both Mom & Josh were *rapt* during @malcolmbarrett 's kickass 'Michael' takedown of the racist 1930s cop. Josh (he's 11), picked up on the smug way the cop reacted, that there was no question he could and would put Rufus 'in his place' #SaveTimeless 2/
@Sony @AmazonStudios @malcolmbarrett Obviously he thought this was awful, and asked why. My mother gave him an interesting response - that at the time, there was a 'proper social order' and people like that saw themselves as protecting it. And they feared what happened if they failed. #SaveTimeless 3/
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CLOCKBLOCKERS!! Can I throw something out there? A day ago, Netflixlifee on their own accord tweeted a message asking if Netflix should #savetimeless. Yes, we're targeting Amazon today, but we would be INSANE not to jump on this/ignore it b/c it's the "wrong" day #timeless @Sony
Also, please try not to comment on these tweets/threads saying we're supposed to be tweeting x today. Netflix/Netflixlifee can read that and it makes it look like we don't care about netflix, and we'd prefer x to #savetimeless. #timeless @Sony
Also, who we target on what day is a strong suggestion, it's not mandatory, so if someone is tweeting a different company, it's not the end of the world!

Love you all! Keep kicking ass and saving the world!! 😍😘

#timeless @Sony #savetimeless
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