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#ReportFromTheRed: Strzok

Things have been hectic lately. But this hearing was too big to go without a comment or two from the right.

#Strzok should be indicted.”

“He was asked where he got the dossier, and he got it from that [Asain man’s] wife that was on the committee with Hillary. I’m telling you man, that dossier is fake.”
“They indicted 12 Russians today. But they’ve tried that already, and not one of them were charged. I bet you none of these will be charged either.”
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Thank you @RepRaskin for reminding us that except for Jeff Sessions, virtually every Republican regularly & routinely expressed negative opinions about Trump that were similar to the views of Peter Strzok as expressed in private texts.

Listen & imagine what the GOP said in texts
Let's subpoena the text messages of Republicans #StrzokHearing

"Trump is a pathological liar"

Let's subpoena the text messages of Republicans #StrzokHearing

Trump: a phony & a fraud. "His word is as worthless as a degree from Trump University."

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ABD giderek Türkleşiyor. "Derin Devlet" nedir bilinmezdi, şimdi maşallah herkesin dilinde.

Video: Ta 2016'da Rus-Trump ilişkilerini araştıran bir FBI ajanının, Trump karşıtı smsleri ortaya çıktı. Sağcılar şimdi ajanı sorgularken, "astınız zehirlediniz yedirmeyiz"e bağlayınca+
...Demokrat vekil söz alıyor ve muhafazakarların Trump'a ettiği hakaretleri teker teker sıralayıp, "bu da mı derin devlet?" diye dalgasını geçiyor.

Bir sağcı vekilse "ben dişçiyim, yani beden dili okumasını çok iyi bilirim, sizinki sıkıntılı" dedi. #StrzokHearing tam bir sirk.+
Bu sirkin nedeni şu: Ajanın o 2016 soruşturması bahane, asıl mesele, seçimlerden sonra başlayan ve halen devam eden Mueller soruşturmasını karalamak. O yüzden Cumhuriyetçi Parti bu sorguyu halka açık bir şov olarak planladı ama bence ellerinde patladı. Çünkü genel görünüm şu:
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Wow... These hearings are a clinic in semantics and opportunities to grandstand... AKA waste of time. Just day time drama for the punditry to yammer about.

To here #Strzok go on and say was is obviously so, isn't so... I have no use for this. #justSaying
If you believe there was no bias at play in their little "secret society" I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale... Cheap! 👇 #Strzok #StrzokTestimony
No crimes could be found in the Hillary investigation.... Um, with publicly known information and Comey's own exoneration. #StrzokHearing
As detailed below.
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FARCE 101: Trump's captured House GOP are pretending they're having an oversight hearing when in fact they brought FBI agent Peter Strzok to badger & hold him in contempt. @RepGoodlatte just had a fit, made up rules, yelled at Dems, told Strzok he couldn't talk w his lawyer.
"At no time did my personal beliefs enter the realm of my work"—FBI #Strzok defends his negative texts about Trump. He said he wrote them late at night after he heard Trump's attacks on a Gold Star family and he was "disgusted" that someone running for president would do that.
Behold an incompetent witch hunt: Benghazi bulldog Gowdy’s mic drop really belongs to Strzok. In recounting his disgust at Trump insulting a GoldStar family, Strzok exposed just how morally bankrupt these disgraceful corrupt lapdog Republicans have become🎤
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!!New Q!! 06/27/18 00:05 Q says there is chatter about trains and buses and to be vigilant!! #Q #QAlerts #QAnon @FalseFlags #BeVigilant @realDonaldTrump
Anon Comments/Research/Theories/Memes/News!! From the board!! #Q #QAlert #WalkAway #AllForALarp #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump
Anon Comments/Research/Theories/Memes/News!! From the board!! #Q #QAlert #WalkAway #AllForALarp #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump
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