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#ThisDayinHistory #SwamiVivekananda
11th September 1893 Parliament of World’s Religions at Chicago. A young monk from a far away country rose to deliver a soul stirring speech drew the entire world's attention to our Nation's rich history & strong cultural roots.
“Sisters and Brothers of America. [At this moment came the three minute standing ovation from the audience of 7,000] It fills my heart with joy unspeakable to rise in response to the warm and cordial welcome which you have given us. I thank you in name of the most ancient order
of monks in the world; I thank you in the name of the mother of religions; and I thank you in the name of millions and millions of Hindu people of all classes and sects.
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40 years ago, on 8/26/1978 Albino Luciano was elected as Pope John Paul I. He died 33 days later...…
There are many “Conspiracy Theories” about his strange death...…
Godfather III.

Do you believe in coincidences? How many until it becomes mathematically impossible?

#Qanon #TheGreatAwakening #Q
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This landmark 40-minute Iran nuclear revelation of Natanz & Arak sites by @NCRIUS on #ThisDayInHistory Aug 14, 2002 is well remembered by the Ayatollahs for preventing them from getting the Bomb, which they needed as guarantee for their survival.…
The #IAEA immediately asked to inspect the sites, Tehran dragged till October, then delayed again & finally IAEA was scheduled to visit Natanz on 21 February 2003; #MEK network in Iran found out that Iran intends to show all Natanz but not bldg where centrifuges were installed.
On 20 Feb 2003, Ms. Soona Samsami and I, in a press conference, called Tehran's trick, showed the building location of the centrifuges, urged inspections of entire Natanz. IAEA inspected the pilot centrifuge facility in Natanz; the trouble started for Iran's repressive rulers.
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#ThisDayInHistory #BengaluruSerialBlast2008
2008 was a year of turbulence. There were bomb blasts all over the country. The terrorists involved in these cases were affiliated to SIMI, LeT, IM, HuJI etc with links to Pakistan & Bangladesh. Bengaluru was attacked today in 2008.
7 Bombs 7 places.
1st blast: 1.20 pm, Madiwala bus depot
2nd blast: 1.25 pm, Mysore road
3rd blast: 1.40 pm, Adugodi
4th blast: 2.10 pm, Koramangala
5th blast: 2.25 pm, Vittal Mallya road
6th blast: 2.35 pm, Langford Town
7th blast: Richmond Town
1 woman died, 20 others injured.
My Blog post on Bengaluru Serial Bomb Blasts 2008. Please take a look.
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#UttamKumar #ThisDayInHistory
Uttam Kumar was a Phenomenon. He was the ruler of the hearts of millions of Bengalis. This iconic actor mesmerised us for decades. Today in 1980, he breathed his last. Till today his popularity and his charisma wins hands down.
Once labelled as a Flop Master after series of films that were cropper starting from Mayador in 1947, till the Basu Paribar hit the theatres. Story changed radically. Shaare Chuattor & Agniporikha gave his career a stellar push. He became an Idol.
Uttam Kumar was preceded by stallwarts like Pramathesh Barua, Chhabi Biswas, Kamal Mitra etc. Instead of being daunted by them, Uttam Kumar used his gentle ordinariness to change the high theatrical showbiz into a natural effortless performance. it became his signature
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#ThisDayInHistory #JatinDas
Jatindranath Das, a freedom fighter who along with Bhagat Singh & other revolutionaries sat on a indefinite hunger strike today in 1929 demanding jail reforms & rights of prisoners & undertrials.
Born in 1904, Calcutta, Jatin Das was a born activist. He had links with Anushilan Samity, he participated in the Non co-operation movement at the age of 16. He was arrested twice during the movement. He became a full fledged freedom fighter since then
When he came in contact with Bhagat Singh, they immediately struck a chord. it was then when Singh convinced him to prepare bombs to be used in the Central Legislative Assembly in Delhi. Jatin Das was proficient in the craft of bomb making.
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#ThisDayInHistory #MumbaiTrainBlast2006
6:24pm-6:35pm series of ‘pressure cooker’ bomb blasts rocked the financial capital of India. 7 stations- Mahim, Matunga, Khar, Bandra, Jogeshwari, Mira Rd & Borivali & 7 1st class compartments of western suburban rail network's local trains
2 bombs exploded in Mahim & Bandra, then at Virar bound local, in the next 5 minutes in 4 more local trains at Matunga, Khar, Jogeshwari & Borivali leaving 200+ ppl dead & 700+ injured. In Borivali 1 bomb was defused while the other exploded earlier.
20kg RDX & 4 kg Ammonium Nitrate was used to prepare d bombs, then packed inside pressure cookers. they wrapped the cookers in newspapers & carried them in black plastic bags, then took eight different trains from Churchgate station & left them on the trains
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#ThisDayInHistory #SwamiVivekananda #Mahasamadhi
Today is Swami Vivekananda’s Punya Tithi. in 1902 he obtained Mahasamadhi at 9:10pm at the age of 39 years and 5 months. he fulfilled his own prophecy “I shall not live to be 40 years old” +
#SwamiVivekananda #Mahasamadhi
just 3 days before his Mahasamadhi Swami pointed out to Swami Premananda a particular spot on Belur Math grounds where he wished his body to be cremated. he said "A great tapasya and meditation has come upon me, and I am making ready for death."
#SwamiVivekananda #Mahasamadhi
on Wednesday, he observed Ekadashi, after fasting he poured water over hands & dried them with a towel. when his disciples protested he said ‘Jesus washed the feet of his disciples’, someone checked the answer & muttered ‘But that was the last time’
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#RishiBankimChandra #ThisDayInHistory #VandeMataram
Today is the Jayanti of the man who coined the words Vande Mataram. these 2 words acted as a wavemaker in our Struggle for Independence. Many young ppl came under the spell of Vande Mataram, the sacred mantra of patriotism.
He wrote d lyrics of Vande Mataram (VM) in 1875 much before he wrote d novel AnandaMath while traveling in a train, d scenic landscape, beautiful lakes & nature in its splendour inspired him into penning down lyrics 4 the soul stirring poem.
VM had a huge impact on people after Rishi Aurobindo translated it into English. A procession of patriots was canned at Calcutta due to recitation of VM on April 14, 1906. Rishi Aurobindo, who was also in the procession, was also injured.
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The Famous #DakshineshwarMandir which houses Maa Bhabatarini was founded by #RaniRashmoni. It is said that when she was about to start for a pilgrimage to Benaras, the divine #MaaKali intervened & asked her to build a Mandir on the banks of #Ganga. +
#RaniRashmoni bought 58 bigha of land in 1847. 8 yrs later on 1855 the Mandir was completed. the land resembled a hump of a tortoise, 1 part belonged to a European & the other part was Muslim kabaristan, perfect place for Tantra Sadhana.
#RaniRashmoni built a Navaratna mandir, 12 Shiv Mandirs with JyotirLingams, a Vishnu Mandir and a Nattmandir on the land. a LakshmiNarayan Shila was placed in the Navaratna Mandir as per her late husband’s (Babu Raj Chandra Das) wish.
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#ThisDayInHistory #JaipurBlast #IndianMujahideen
2008, a cycle leaning on the boundary wall of Hanuman Mandir lay unattended for several hours while people were busy flocking to the Mandir for Aarti. None took notice, it was such a common sight. similar unattended cycles were
seen near Chudi walon ka Khanda, Manak Chauk PS in Badi Chaupar, National Handlooms in Johari Bazaar, Tripolia Bazar, Kotwali PS, Phool walon ka Khandan in Choti Chaupar n Johari Bazar. all within a diameter of 500 meters. in total 7/8 cycles.
at around 7:30pm the whole place started to tremble with series of blasts. within 12 minutes the entire area was rocked with synchronised explosions.
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#ThisDayInHistory Jahangir arrested his own son Khusrao Mirza, by defeating him in Bhairowal, 1606. why? Akbar was shocked when Jahangir killed wazir Abul Fazl n willed Khusrao to be his successor. Jahangir had to forcefully battle his way to the coveted throne after Akbar's +
death by fighting between his other brothers. but Khusrao rebelled against Jahangir & after a fierce battle, Khusrao was caught along with his companions alongside the River Chenab n confined to the fort of Agra. his companions met a gruelling death n Khusrao was chained & +
he was forced to ride an elephant along CHANDNI CHOWK lined with spikes on which his companions had been impaled alive. Khusrao was kept in prison for several years. later again when he rebelled against his father, Jahangir ordered his other son Khurram (our favourite casanova +
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#ThisDayInHistory #ParliamentAttack
2001, 13th December 5 terrorists infiltrated the Indian Parliament House in a Home Ministry car with Parliament labels. more than 100 major politicians were on the spot when the attack took place.
The terrorists carried AK47 rifles, grenade launchers, pistols and grenades. Delhi Police officials claimed that gunmen received instructions and the operation was carried out under the guidance of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency.
#ThisDayInHistory #ParliamentAttack
The gunmen drove their vehicle into the car of the Indian VP Krishan Kant (who was in the building at the time), got out, and began shooting. The VP's guards and security personnel shot back at the terrorists
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#ThisDayInHistory #DhulagarhRiots #AppeasementByMamata
How many of us heard about Dhulagarh before December 2016? Even many Bengalis outside Howrah District may not have heard about this place before. I didn’t. Its a small industrial & business hub in Howrah.
#ThisDayInHistory #DhulagarhRiots #AppeasementByMamata
Before the infamous riot it was mostly a quiet place where both Hindus & Muslims lived side by side, some stray incidents of communal clashes did happen in past which quickly subdued.
#ThisDayInHistory #DhulagarhRiots However in December 2016 things went from bad to worst! Things went out of control. In oct’2016 during Muharram a riot was seen in Naihati. Just a few months before this another such rampage was witnessed in Kaliachak, Malda, WB.
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#RamMandir #RamJanmabhoomi #ThisDayInHistory #BabriMasjid

how many of us know the History of Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya? most of us know the history that Babur destroyed Ram Mandir in 1528 & thereafter the incidents from 1855. lets look back beyond 1528.
In 1030 AD historian Alberuni, who accompanied Mohd of Gazani, mentions about Sri Rama in his book Kitab-Ul-Hind
#RamMandir #RamJanmabhoomi #ThisDayInHistory #BabriMasjid
#RamMandir #RamJanmabhoomi #ThisDayInHistory #BabriMasjid
In 1093, King of Gahadavala, king Chandradeva visited Ayodhya on occassion of a solar eclipse & bathed on Sarayu River to perform certain rituals.
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