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In awe of @USSbriefs colleagues & those #ucu2018 delegates who joined us over the weekend to get on the record 'What happened?' & 'What happens next?' after the extraordinary events at #UCU congress 1/
#UCU Congress was unceremoniously closed c. 1.30 last Friday. Later that afternoon @OurUCU was born. Shortly after that @USSbriefs started – from afar – gathering key eye witnesses & actors (#Motion10 #Motion11) asking if they would be happy to get something on record #ucu2018 2/
Delegates from @ExeterUCU & @KCL_UCU in particular (#Motion10 #Motion11) had gone through an amazingly tough & difficult 3 days (see:… &…). What an incredible job they all did 3/
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For anyone confused about how #ourUCU came out of #UCU2018, some quick background information: Two motions (10 & 11, below), which were critical of the General Secretary's part in the #USSstrike, were passed by branches. They were submitted to Congress & ruled onto the agenda. 1/
At #UCU2018 delegates from the two branches @KCL_UCU & @ExeterUCU were pressured to withdraw these motions. See their accounts here:… and… 2/
This was due to pressure from the local @unitetheunion branch, which represents @UCU staff, including Sally Hunt. The General Secretary is the most senior elected representative in UCU, but they argued that because she is an employee, #UCU2018 could not discuss motions 10 & 11 /3
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1. Members of UCU Unite branch did not 'withdraw' their cooperation. They walked out, turned off the mics and imposed a lockdown of Congress.
2. Congress is the supreme policy making body of the Union (rule 16.1). As such it is the chief interpreter of these policies.
3. On three separate occasions, Congress decided that the proposed motions were not inconsistent with Union policies and should be heard. These are binding votes and UCU Unite branch members have no authority to override them.
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30 min suspension of #UCU18 is up. National Head of Democratic Services (staff member) has come back (not elected President) to tell us staff not willing to come back in yet: we've been told Congress cannot continue. Bedlam now as ppl work out if absent chair can be challenged >>
Being argued rules allow for #UCU2018 Congress2continue in these circs but mics are off. Impossible to hear properly. Also being proposed can't have proper Congress now, so could have a discussion about what's going on instead. Counterargument "Go Congress or go home" 🤦🏻‍♀️
Staff working at venue have confirmed mics can't be turned on as Unite walkout means the ppl they've been working with aren't wiling to return. Delegates attempting human mic. Discussing continuing #UCU2018 Congress vs discussion way fwd noting democratic issue + quorum (150)
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So ... if anyone not in Manchester needs an update on what on earth is happening at #ucu2018 1/
"The leadership’s behaviour ... marks the sharpest break yet between the energy & determination of the 1000s of new members ... & the conservatism of a leadership that refuses basic demands for transparency & accountability", by @lazebnic… #ucu2018 2/
And read the wonderful powerful statement by @KCL_UCU delegates Stan Papoulias, @janekat_ @juss_professor about their experience re Motion 11 (2nd page attached; read the whole statement here:…) 3/ #ucu2018 2nd page of statement linked to in tweet
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Disco nice now fretting about #ucu2018 tmw. Anticipate we'll kick off with trade dispute issue. If we "can't" debate motions ruled onto agenda by CBC that Congress decided already it wants to debate b/c walkout, that's bad. If can't get through countless other motions also bad.>>
>>Also bad: being in trade dispute at all, esp as TU. There *MUST* be a way through that doesn't necessitate even more polarisation + even more (frequently wrong) insinuations about this or that grouping/faction/party that or this person/motion might be linked to+what might mean
NEC didn't have consensus today+while factional lines traceable, does *not* fully account4this. I'm in neither + voted against it, tho unhappy. Discussion too rushed/non-nuanced. Didn't get to speak at NEC, v frustrating. Worry about effect of tiredness fraying tempers tmw too:-/
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Here is pic of UCU/Unite JNC (Joint Negotiating Committee) statement that's been given out to #ucu2018 delegates to look at before tmw. NEC majority voted for it. I didn't. I'm not in a faction. I recognise Unite's concerns about due process but also NEC duty to uphold democracy>
See also this chunk of thread for other thoughts I have about the mess we are in at #UCU2018:
See also this attempt I made at thinking through likely happenings tomorrow at #UCU2018:
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If anyone is seeking the UCU rules to pore over - they're here: (NB regions and branches also have rules agreed locally based on model rules agreed at previous congresses) #UCU2018
(To pre-empt confusion re bits on student members: if you = student working in UCU-able work (eg teaching) you qualify for free full membership under PG membership offer. If a student not working in UCU bargaining remit = 'student member' (also free but not full voting member.)
Want to read Standing Orders for the conduct of Congress and Sector Conferences? They're here:… #UCU2018
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Ok, here's are some updates on #UCU2018 and the debate over Motions 10 and 11 (respectively, no confidence in and censure of General Secretary Sally Hunt: see…)
Before we get to those motions, a note that the amended version of B19, calling for a democracy review, was passed by overwhelming majority.
Now to Motions 10 and 11: one speaker argued that the motions involved taking action against another union and therefore were inappropriate.
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Am at #ucu2018 which is suspended as staff have walked out - my u/s of this is that it relates to concerns over motion B19 being ruled back onto agenda (which calls for a democracy review). Offer was made to remove part of the motion which is believed to be the contentious bit >>
>> But I'm not sure if this offer was made after staff walked out. Assuming emergency talks are occurring between national officers and representatives of Unite in another room. Genuinely don't think B19 intended to have the effect of threatening staff T+Cs so hoping removal>>
>> would allay fears. We think Congress can only suspend for 30 mins so hoping to find out soon if this is the case. Hearing suggestion from impromptu (non-mic'd) congress floor that we all find a way to hear from Unite directly. Very difficult to hear much properly without mics!
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