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I think we should call it the Alt-Lite Public Relations Disinformation Industrial Complex.
ALPRDIC, pronounced "Alpra Dick."
@TundraEatsYou @LincolnsBible @ericgarland @WarfareNavel @JamesFourM @Grzabjj @ArleBear @Green_Footballs @KlasfeldReports @lukeobrien do y'all approve?
Charter Members of ALPRDIC =
CRC Public Relations
Cambridge Analytica
Campaign Solutions
Anything Paul Manafort ever touched
All Philip Anschutz anything (Particularly Examiner brands & Clarity brands)
Federalist Society
Jim Watkins
Chuck Johnson
Project Veritas (aka Project Provokatsiya)
National Review
iHeartRadio fka ClearChannel
Salem Media
Faux Newz
Bravo TV
Everyone with a #TooLateFARA
New York Times-you'll need receipts for that last one, so here you go:…
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Oh @NBC, you mean the network that fluffed bankrupt Donald Trump as a pretend billionaire on the TeeVee? The network that trust washed traitor mob money launderer Trump as a "Successful Businessman?"
NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt Suddenly Steps Down…
The network whose channel @MSNBC is full of fake opposition horseshoe shitbags? (NOT @MADDOW, MADDOW IS GOOD)
"hack" LOL…
"hack," indeed. cc: Jonathon Nichols. Who is friends with weev. Very trust. Much professional.…
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The dark web of Leonard Leo, Kavanaugh & GOP legal cesspool. Been working w/@JamesFourM on all things LL. This wk brings new context, exposing GOP conspiracy behind this SCOTUS nom

I'll lay out domestic front & soon Jay's gonna drop the international heat 🔥🔥🔥

July 9, 2018: Trump Announces Brett Kavanaugh as SCOTUS Nominee

Trump began his speech noting key attendees in the East Room that evening, including Scalia's widow, Maureen. A similar intro to the one he gave during the Gorsuch announcement in 2017.
At the beginning of Trump's speech there was a 2nd shoutout that got little to no attention…
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Ok, friends. First things first: READ @WarfareNavel THE BEST TROLL SLAYER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER's thread on CRC Public Relations "professionals" provokunting on Twitter.
Then, join me for a quick tour of CRC's MOB AF client list.
Let's go! We start from the end because I'm feeling ornery.
"Walden Media"
Uh Oh. That's Philip Anschutz. As in, patron of Neil Gorsuch. As in, guy who profits off Coachella (STOP GIVING HIM YOUR MONEY, MILLENIALS)
He's a funder of provokuntsiya.…
Next on our MOB AF clients from CRC's client list:
Victory Film Group.
Oh. That's Steve Bannon.
Fuck you you syphilitic "I'm a Leninist" hovel-dwelling mole rat.…
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This weekend, LOT of people who did not register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act are gonna be preparing their "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The FARA" excuses to bring to DoJ.
Shall we poke some of them with unicorn horns?
People who filed lobbying disclosures for SBERBANK but did not file FARA. SBERBANK is 1/2 owned by the RUSSIAN MAFIA STATE.
Enjoy your weekends,
Madison Group, @PodestaGroup, @VenableLLP, & S.G.R. LLC.
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HEADS UP: Robert Driscoll is the Washington lawyer representing Maria Butina. And check out his Professional Affiliations:
***Federalist Society***

@LouiseMensch @JamesFourM @CheriJacobus @20committee @counterchekist @traciemac_Bmore…
And look who else he's rep'd:
"the sheriff's Washington-D.C. lawyer, Robert Driscoll, who's representing Arpaio in the DOJ's investigation into allegations that deputies have committed racial profiling, also spoke at the news conference"

cc @ericgarland…
there were questions as to if/how much he was being paid:

"interesting question raised was how much Driscoll was being paid. He refused to answer a reporter & told him "there are ways you can find that out." But New Times has already tried repeatedly to find out & been stymied"
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Trump is hell bent on destabilizing & extorting the EU via tariffs, etc. 😱Putin 🤗

The WH’s quiet deal to open a SCOTUS seat:
Pay off: The WH nom’d Kennedy’s peeps to vip jud’l posts & Kush, DonJr & Eric put the squeeze on Justin & Gregory re RE & financial deals?

Marketing firm Exactis leaked personal info database with 350 million records.

Legally compelled Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted Outlook messages & Skype enabled Prism collection of video calls.?

GOP & Trump’s FBI spy theory is completely insane

CA passes a digital privacy bill which requires COs like Google, FSB & Amazon to tell users what & who they share data with.

How the ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ (Farage, Banks & Wigmore) forged ties with RU & the Trump campaign — and came under investigators’ scrutiny
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Hey Folk’s,

Breathe & hold your heads high.

There are chess pieces moving about & everything is not as it seems. 🤗

H/T @ericgarland, @xtrixcyclex & @SpicyFiles did a little digging; highlights below as well as threads & articles attached. #TeamPatriot

Hmmm..Justice Kennedy ‘retires’ or ?🤔

K->Back channel to Trump via son JustinK>DonJr & Thiel via son GregoryK’s Thiel ->Federalist Society?

K’s Financing via Thiel’s DTA?

RE financing via JustineK’s LNR & Kush’s 666 5th?

JustinK ->DuetcheBank, GoldmanSachs

$1 million mystery gift to inauguration traced to Leonard Leo, EVP Federalist Society, promoter of Trump’s mission, and appt’d Don McGahn.

Who is Leonard Leo, EVP of the Federalist Society? He has hand picked 1/3 of our seated SCOTUS😱

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@SenShelby @SenJohnKennedy @SenJohnHoeven
Hello Senators
Thank u for your continued service to 🇷🇺
Care to explain WHY u guys are heading out to Russia?
Is there some 💰 laundering conference that u need to attend?
Have they paid for your trip, contributing to your campaign?
2) Do folks in your home state and town know WHY you are heading out there given so many priorities here at HOME?
Do the local news stations know you are heading out to this mission critical trip?
Are you planning on announcing the trip agenda before you head out?
3) Do any of you have relatives in Russia?
Were u planning on communicating trip objectives & what u hope to accomplish?
How long are u on vacation?
Are u using public funds for your trip or the 💰 laundering Russians paid 4 it?
Are your 🇺🇸 taxpayers funding this trip?
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Right wing media outlets have been colluding for years #DarkJournalism

When your funding is coming from the same people, why not align your talking points as well.

Get familiar with project Groundswell.…
According to incredible reporting in Mother Jones, the group started out meeting in the offices of Judicial Watch in early 2013. It was led by Ginni Thomas (wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas) and JOHN BOLTON. Yup.
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Why oh why would Leonard Leo, who runs the Federalist Society, want to hide a million dollar donation to Trump's inauguration?

Probably because the #CNP was still pretending they weren't all in on a coup back then. Oops.
Donors Capital Fund, DonorsTrust get money from the Koch Brothers and the DeVos (Prince) family. Money moves from there to the Federalist Society.

Koch Brothers (separately) and the Sarah Scaife Foundation are also big donors to the Federalist Society.…
Right-wing media has gone full Trump because they know Robert Mueller's investigation is FOLLOWING THEIR MONEY TOO.

There is no difference between the Trump line & the RW media line because the big players, the Koch Brothers included, have been in on this coup FROM. THE. START.
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1/ Rebekah Mercer is on the board of The Heritage Foundation. Top donors:

Sarah Scaife Foundation/Allegheny Foundation (same family)

Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation / DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative (so, Erik Prince)

Howard Charitable Foundation…
2/ Howard Charitable Foundation is run by Alan Howard, who also heads Brevan Howard Asset Management.

Brevan Howard has performed poorly lately. Maybe some friends in China can help them out? Erik Prince's company is owned by the Chinese gov't after all.…
3/ January 2015:

Alan Howard spent $33 million on a penthouse at Trump International Hotel & Tower on Central Park West.

He paid nearly $12 million more than the pad's former owners forked out at the height of the real estate bubble in 2007.

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Tom Fitton is the President of Judicial Watch.

Like the Claremont Institute, the top funder to Judicial Watch is one of the Scaife Family Foundations.

Do these attacks on @Comey & @FBI sound familiar? They should.

cc @CheriJacobus @xtrixcyclex @MsMariaT @LouiseBagshawe
"Comey orchestrated these leaks to the media in order to launch an aggressive special counsel to avenge his firing by Trump in May 2017. The memos given to Congress on Thursday were quickly leaked to the media."

#WhoFundsTheFederalist again?…
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Ben Domenech took $36k to write PR for the Malaysian government and call it journalism. Same Malaysian PM caught up in the 1mdb scandal recently. No cause for concern here?

↕️↕️🚩🚩 Because this certainly looks concerning to me.

Elliott Broidy👆👆

Elliott Broidy ⬇️⬇️

"Donald Trump’s personal lawyer arranged for a $1.6m payment to a Playboy playmate in 2017 to keep secret her sexual relationship with a top Republican fundraiser and ally of Trump."

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Hey, @CheriJacobus did you and @WendySiegelman just find out that @michaelcohen212’s GOP Russian money-laundering partner is #WhoFundsTheFederalist? Anything to say @bdomenech @MeghanMcCain? Does Elliot Broidy of Russian collusion fame fund @FDRLST?

PS: #ComeyDay
PPS: it’s been #ComeyDay every day since June 9th, 2017. And it will remain @Comey day until we declare checkmate.

Come for the Bishop, best not miss…
Because I have some sourcing that @bdomenech links to that Malaysian fund are pretty key, @CheriJacobus @WendySiegelman. And from the panic at #WhoFundsTheFederalist I’m thinking Broidy. Which means Russia, folks, and in a “non-FARA registration = FBI investigation” way, Domenech
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