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This admin isn’t just closing the door to immigrant families&asylum seekers on our border—they’re rejecting refugees from around the world, telling survivors of global conflicts who've overcome great obstacles there's no safe place for them here. That is wrong—we must do better.
Today, I spoke on the Senate floor to commemorate #WorldRefugeeDay. Refugees who have made America their home are resilient survivors who embrace their new lives and contribute to their communities, even after harrowing journeys to the United States.
I'm so proud that since 2005 CT has resettled almost 7K refugees—our small state has welcomed people from around the world w/the help of orgs like @IRISCT & @CIRICT. Today I shared stories of refugees who've made CT home&highlighted the work my constituents do to support them.
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Hi, this is @Kimahli Powell. I’m the executive director of @RainbowRailroad, a Canadian-based international organization that helps #LGBTQ individuals facing persecution escape to safety. I’m doing an #HRCTwitterTakeover today to mark #WorldRefugeeDay. Kimahli Powell, Executive Director of Rainbow Railroad
In the spirit of and with homage to the Underground Railroad, the mission of the @RainbowRailroad is to help #LGBTQ people as they seek safe haven from violence, murder or persecution. — @Kimahli #HRCTwitterTakeover Rainbow Railroad
Let’s start with 3 terms:
⚫Migrant: Anyone who chooses to leave their country of origin;
⚫Asylum seeker: Anyone seeking international protection;
⚫Refugee: An official designation for individuals forced to flee their country of origin.
@Kimahli #HRCTwitterTakeover
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On #WorldRefugeeDay, I am reminded of the refugees I have met after being resettled in New Jersey. They all sought a better, safer life for their families.
While their stories are uplifting, nearly 70m people are displaced from their homes because of war, violence, & persecution. The global response has been mixed, but some nations and NGOs, like @theIRC, have stepped up to support the neediest among us #WorldRefugeeDay
But thanks to Trump, the US has slashed our refugee acceptance rate in half to only 45,000. Credible estimates suggest we will not even meet that goal. That is why I led 126 of my colleagues to demand answers on refugee resettlement.…
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The Trump administration claims refugees pose unacceptable risk. They don’t understand America’s history—or our present.

But America's communities are leading and showing the way. #WorldRefugeeDay…
When Trump announced his Muslim ban, @FriendsORefugees saw a 400% increase in the number of volunteer applications to help refugees resettle in America. #WorldRefugeeDay…
"Last year, the federal government, working with the IRC resettled 213 refugees in Tallahassee. The vast majority — 168 — came from the Congo. Another 35 came from Syria, with the rest hailing from Somalia, Afghanistan and Eritrea.” #WorldRefugeeDay…
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This #WorldRefugeeDay we're grappling with the news that 68.5 million people worldwide were displaced in 2017 – 25.4 million of them refugees who left their home country, fleeing violence or persecution.

We are not powerless to help them. We can, and must, be their voice.
Half the world's 25.4 million refugees are children. Devastating, particularly as the world bears witness to asylum-seeking parents and children being ripped apart at our border. @POTUS could end this today. And he could lift his refugee resettlement cap today. #WorldRefugeeDay
We are the United States of America. We must be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Today we must all rise to say that we are great enough, and strong enough, to not have to choose between our values and our security – we can and should have both. #WorldRefugeeDay
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#BREAKING Trump gives in, drafts Executive Order to temporarily stop separating families at the border, per @MSNBC. So no more children as political hostages. But they’ll continue treating refugees as a whole as criminals? #CollectivePunishment #WorldRefugeeDay #Immigration
Trump: We have to be tough. Otherwise we’ll be overrun with people & crime.

So open cruelty may end but apparently “zero tolerance” won’t. 2500 children have already been separated from families. Crisis & incompetence remains as long as US criminalizes refugees. #WorldRefugeeDay
“I do thank you for your leadership”—DHS @SecNielsen begins AND ends her photo-op speech w/ Trump ostensibly ending family separation policy, eating her “there is no policy” words with an icky sycophant sandwich. (“Sycophant Sandwich” also a good caption for photo…because Pence)
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The #babyjails are bad. It's really bad. We know how overwhelming this all is, watching what Trump and the Republicans are doing to purposely hurt these children, our country - the world. But we can't give up. We have to continue to #resist.…
If you can do nothing else, then just get the word out. Peer pressure and public outcry WORK.

So, every horrible thing they do or say, call them out.

Every protest or vigil in response, retweet it and share it widely.…
The next easiest thing to do is call congress. Daily.

(202) 224-3121

Tell Senators to support bill s.3036 the #KeepFamiliesTogetherAct

Tell House Reps to support H.R.6135

If they support these already or not. CALL.…
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On #WorldRefugeeDay I'd like to remember and thank every displaced man, woman and child I've interviewed. They did not owe me their stories, but gave them freely. I will never stop being grateful for and honored by their trust in me. I only wish I had more to give in return.
The best I could do for these people was try my hardest to share their stories with the world and I will continue to do so. In that spirit, here's a collection of my refugee pieces from over the years:
This is my @villagevoice piece from last year on asylum seekers in NYC. One gay man from Burkina Faso was beaten almost to death in his country. When I met him, he was living in terror of being deported under the Trump administration.…
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FoxNews propagandist Laura Ingraham calls detention facilities with kennel-like cages holding 2000 children—including infants and toddlers—who were forcibly separated from their refugee parents "essentially summer camps," “boarding school.” via @JuddLegum
'It reminded me of going into an animal shelter.” Stunned reporter describes warehouse where Border Patrol detained hundreds of refugee children in chain-link cages. Doctors call it child abuse. FoxNews’ Laura Ingraham calls it “summer camp.” @nowthisnews
ICYMI THREAD: FoxNews' Laura Ingraham's Racist Propaganda SShow
–detention=summer camp
–separation protects kids
–refugees=bad parents
–caging kids prevents gangs
–border INVASION
–real victim=taxpayer
–Sessions: not Nazi-like; Nazis kept Jews from leaving
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As a fmr immigration attorney let me be unambiguously clear. Crossing a boarder to claim asylum is *not* a crime; no under US or international law. Any child separated from a parent under that pretext is done so in direct contravention to the laws of the USA. ⚖ THREAD Pls RT.
If you came to the US without permission to apply for asylum, youmetjod of entry, whether legal or illegal *should* in no way effect your application process. Illegal entry is not a ground of inadmissibility for asylum applicants.
Unlike many other categories of applicants for immigration benefits, ppl seeking asylum in the US are not barred by having made an illegal entry; for example, sneaked across the U.S. border or overstaying a valid visa (one of the top ways people are in the country illegall).
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