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Always talk with teachers about third party presenters. Your child deserves medically ethical, accurate, LGBT inclusive comprehensive health education.

Organizations listed below cannot provide it because they are agenda based.
#edchat #ata #abed
New national guidelines for sexual health education are coming.

Anti-choice organizations cannot meet this criteria.…
Most antichoice presentations are provided by pregnancy care centres that are affiliated with the Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS) & must sign Core Documents including the following:

(Note: these groups define most contraception as abortifacient )
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Since a copy of the DRAFT curriculum outline has been posted on Scribd, we can now compare it with @DavidStaplesYEG' column yesterday.……
Right off the top, we find this little gem from Mr. Staples:
Which, Mr. Staples has clearly taken out of context by ignoring that it is part of a principle about understanding others through their stories:
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So @DavidStaplesYEG, the @EdmontonJournal columnist with an uncanny ability to deliver the very hottest of not-even-wrong takes, offers a column on the new K-4 Social Studies curriculum that is astonishing in the multitudinous ways it manages to bungle the details. #abed #ableg
So let's start from the top. Staples alleged that the draft K-4 curriculum was being kept under wraps in order to something-something-NDP-bad, & not (say) b/c it's a prelim draft & this is just an early phase of the feedback & review process. #abed #ableg
It's a very early draft. It's expected to have rough edges, and that's why they're gathering initial feedback from the people that signed-up to participate in this preliminary review process. This stuff is completely routine, even mundane. #abed #ableg
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I am not a lawyer, but I'll try to break this down. As the QB twitter notes, this is not a final ruling on constitutionality, but a decision on an application for injunctive relief (a pause on enforcement) on GSA reqs in the School Act. #abed #abpoli
Hon. Justice Kubik applies a standard 3 part test for injunctive relief: 1) serious constitutional issue to be tried, 2) compliance w/provisions would result in irreparable harm, 3) if the injunction is granted, does the benefit to the applicant outweigh the potential harm? Screenshot of test for injunctive relief from the decision PDF.
For part 1 on section 16.1 of the School Act, Kubik finds that there is a serious constitutional issue. Again this isn't a decision on that issue, just a confirmation that the conflict between parents' and childrens' Charter rights is important enough to consider in court. Screenshot of the decision - Kubik is
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Reading the decision of Court of Queen's Bench Justice JC Kubik which dismisses an application from @ParentChoiceAB, @JCCFCanada and a number of private schools for an injunction against #Bill24. #abed
Read it here:…
"GSAs are voluntary student organizations. Children are not required to participate in them. The Act in no way restricts the right of parents or schools to continue to impart their religious and moral values to their children" #abed #Bill24 2/x
A quote from the SCC, contained in Kubik's decision: "When children encounter people with value different from their own, this does not violate freedom of religion as they are not being asked to abandon their own convictions" #abed #Bill24 3/x
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Ok, one more tweet thread on #ucpagm then I gotta be done for the night.

I’m including Kikki and Dr Jay, why? Because we see eye to eye, agree on most shit, I like them, and unashamedly, I hope the message gets lifted.

This thread is about kids

My kids
Your kids
Albertans kids

You don’t own your kids.

Yes, the are “yours” but they are not YOURS.

Yes, the creator gave them to you to take care of

No, you do not own them

Our world struggled with the ownership of PEOPLE for years, in some places it still does, but not in a democratic society
So this three is about #abed, #ableg our schools, parenting and the work I have dedicated the last 25 years of my life to.

I have 4 kids

Right there we gotta take a look at the language trick we play on ourselves. I say, I have 4 kids, but that isn’t about ownership.
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In this week’s advertising flyer log was this. So #abed private schools can afford to purchase a multi page advertorial, _AND_ have it distributed by admail as well ... hmmm ...
Personally, I've been a bit on the fence about this whole funding of private schools thing ... in part because I recognize that there are some private schools filling very valuable niches. /1
and then there is this pile of steaming garbage. Not only does this show that private schools collectively have a lot of money, but it makes me wonder just how much taxpayer money ultimately ended up supporting the creation of this clearly expensive flyer. /2
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