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Scientists are once again warning about #climate armageddon. Thousands vetted the best science out there. More extinction, death and disease is in store if we don't act fast.

But I think we should focus on something uncomfortable: for many people, this is meaningless. /1
Let’s be clear: the IPCC report is a tour de force. Over 90 scientists spent years writing it, based on over 6,000 peer reviews. It says the planetary warming ALREADY caused “will persist for centuries to millennia.” It says we’re not acting fast enough to cut pollution. /2
The report adds to the vast global scientific consensus, based on an overwhelming body of evidence, that we’re pushing the planet into DANGEROUS and destructive warming conditions, by burning fossil fuels at industrial scales, and dumping carbon pollution into the air. /3
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How Total is integrating #climate into its strategy?
We are positioned in fast-growing #lowcarbon markets, which means we offer an #energy mix whose carbon intensity is steadily decreasing.
In support of this change, we have created a tool for measuring the #carbon intensity of the #energy products we make available to our customers. That metric indicates the average of our products’ greenhouse gas emissions.
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Just returned from Bangkok, where nations made little progress towards finalising the Paris agreement on climate change that aims to limit global temperature rises over the next 80 years.

It was my first @UN #climate change rodeo and there were a few things I wasn't aware of
Under Paris, countries agreed to a fairly detailed set of promises to keep global temperature rises under 2C by 2100.

It was the first time all nations - both developed and developing economies - signed up to the same set of climate rules. But they weren't binding
Parties gave themselves in effect 3 years to come up with a text agreed by everyone, ratified, and translated into national law on a state-by-state basis. The idea is the accord isn't legally binding, but the rulebook it provides could be on a national level
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The western US has been on fire for weeks, with unbreathable air confining people to their homes and keeping some from getting out on a bike. In other parts of the world it’s straight-up car pollution doing the same. We’re going to CLEAR THE AIR with #bikeschool #bikes4climate.
We’re heading toward Global #ClimateAction Week so you’ll see that hashtag + #bikes4climate tonight along with #bikeschool.
My hot take: Too many discussions under headlines with words like #sustainability or #climate or #green ignore bikes as clean transport.
****Q1: How have forest fires, pollution, other air quality issues affected your bicycling? Fun fact (h/t @andrealearned): Bikes invented as tool due to volcano eruption pollution. See by @lloydalter. #bikeschool #bikes4climate #ClimateAction #bikehistory
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What size of land would be required to supply the aviation industry with the sufficient amount of biojetfuel, should a biofuel revolution take place?

Six times the area of all the fields in the world.
That is, 68 percent of the total land area on Earth.
#climate #aviation
Let me explain why.
Earlier this year, a long-distance flight was performed by Qantas, using 10% biofuel. 150 acres of mustard was required for this flight.
Suppose that we would replace all fossil jetfuel with 100% biojetfuel with the same area requirements as Qantas' flight.
Also, suppose that roughly 1/4 of all flights are long-distance & that short-distance flights require 75% less fuel than long-distance.
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1. Some banks may be re-investing in coal after promising not to do so, as @nytimes reported this week, but that doesn't mean #coal is coming back - not by a long shot. This THREAD explains why:
2. This new @nytimes report by @flitteronfraud shows that some banks are dragging their feet on moving #BeyondCoal even as the industry’s last legs continue to wobble:
3. More than half of the coal plants in America have retired or committed to retire and, despite the Trump administrations ridiculous ploys, utilities are abandoning coal at roughly the same rate under this administration as they were under Obama:…
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1/ I’m in an intensive 50 hour wilderness first aid course this week. When I got to class today and told some of my classmates about the federal government’s purchase of the #KinderMorgan #pipeline, most of them asked “wait, so they bought it so they can block it?”
2/ It seemed intuitive to all of them that given the government knows and promotes the fact that we need to be emitting less pollution, it would be in its interest to buy a project designed to do the opposite, and then cancel it.
When I explained that no, the government has...
3/ ...bought a project deemed too risky and uncertain for #KinderMorgan’s investors in order to guarantee it is forced through against the wishes of Nations that have never given consent and through communities that have not given permission, I could see their faces drop in...
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nuggets of wisdom from @_RajPatel -- on #climate, #capitalism, #colonialism – and if there's a future for the planet, & the seven inexpensive things to help us understand them -- in conversation with the most mellifluous @piercepenniless
lightning & thunder need time,
the light of the stars needs time,
deeds need time, even after they are done,
to be seen & heard.

this deed is as yet further from them than the furthest star, &
yet they have done it!

“the madperson,”
friedrich #nietzsche
how the chickun nugget became the truly potent symbol of our era


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Thread) Well there you go: the Minerals Council of Australia rep #BHP, #RioTinto & #Glencore couldn't resist responding to the Kerry Schott's comments that the push for new #coal plants in Australia doesn't stack up financially #lignite #auspol
2) On an earlier thread I thought the MCA would duck for now & respond in the future - but the #coal lobby in Australia are getting desperate & can see how fast the case for new coal globally is collapsing. Desperate times breed desperate PR #auspol
3) There’s a few things worth noting about their latest media release – the MCA have opted to focus their criticism on Kerry Schott
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Late last night veteran #climate journalist @Revkin asked some sharp questions about @Sierra_Magazine’s “The Case for Climate Reparations,” spurred by an appreciative post from NYC Chief Resilience Officer @dzarrilli. Here’s my response …
My essay is only concerned with climate change-related damages in the US spurred, as I argue, by US actors like the oil majors. I could’ve written about Peruvian villagers suing a German energy giant & melting glaciers in the Andes, but that’s beyond the scope of my article.
So I had to identify extreme weather events in the US. As NOAA has reported, 2017 was the most destructive year on record for “natural” disasters. See this tracker…
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Good questions @RedsforNamesake. If confronting #climate change is your priority, it is imperative to ramp up carbon-free energy asap.

1. NJ will now ramp up renewable energy from 13% in 2017 and 20% by 2020 under old RPS to 35% by 2025 & 50% by 2030. Impressive leadership.
2. To ensure that this new clean energy replaces fossil fuels and contributes to #climate mitigation goals, NJ's new laws also make payments to ensure the continued operation of 3 South Jersey nuclear reactors that currently supply 31% of the state's electricity consumption.
2. Cont.: That measure is essential and ensures that nearly all of the new clean energy growth over the next 12 years builds on top of the fossil-free foundation provided by the state's existing nuclear plants.
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This shit drives me so nuts.

Friends, here is @MassSierraClub...

1. Says "Climate change is an existential threat facing humanity and many other species."…

(It is)
2. Calls for Pilgrim #nuclear plant near Plymouth MA to be "shut immediately" because planned 2019 closures isn't soon enough.…

Would immediately result in loss of 1 of New England's largest sources of CO2-free power & 4.2% of region's annual electricity.
3. Now opposes Northern Pass transmission project & procurement of 9.45 TWh of hydropower from Quebec…

That project would bring in enough hydro to replace all of Pilgrim's lost generation + supply another 3.6% of NE's electricity, helping drive down CO2.
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1/ [thread] #climat #GIEC #IPCC #climate
Ce matin, un pseudo-sceptique (@hugues, pour ne pas le citer) brandissait une liste de 400…
2/ …papiers scientifiques censés démonter le consensus - représenté par le GIEC - que le climat se réchauffe et que les activités humaines…
3/ …en sont la cause. Cette liste était bien sûr censée fournir la preuve que de nombreux scientifiques doutent de la responsabilité…
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Tonight, nearly a dozen Climate #SolutionsCaucus members will speak on the floor of the House about #climatechange. We'll be live tweeting!
Here we go! Members of the Climate #SolutionsCaucus are taking the House floor now. Watch for yourself on @cspan:
Tonight’s first speaker is Climate #SolutionsCaucus member @RepLipinski (D-IL). His office organized tonight’s speeches. #climatechange
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Short thread.
1. I didn't realize how badly Trump has eviscerated access to federal #climate data, so I went and looked at the USGS site.
2. In December, there were 5,932 climate science items linked there (9 were just pictures). Today there are 416 and 292 are just pictures.
3. In December 2016, 320 of those items were links to #climate data. Today, 0 links to data. 5,271 were web links. Now, 0 web links.
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