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President Trump calling out the liberal MSM who don’t want his accomplishments reported. #VoteRed #FakeNewsMedia
Excuse me, don’t do that. It’s rude. Stick with the script! #MAGA
Busted! You never think!
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This is patriotism. Red white and blue. Breaking down the truth and making it plain.
Nothing credible yet the Democrats, their paid for supporters and biased lying media still ran with it to destroy a man’s reputation. Make them pay at the polls by voting them out! #VoteRed
This is why we must #VoteOutDemocrats and #VoteRedToSaveAmerica
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This has to be the funniest story going. LOL!
Creepy Porn lawyer Avenatti surely knows how to pick'em. All of his clients have sticky past.

#VoteRedToSaveAmerica #VoteRedOrAmericaIsDead
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Straight from the mouth of the horse aka #FakeNewsCNN anonymous source #LannyDavis. Do your research!
If you don't know it to be true, don't report on it. If you lie about it and get caught confess and clean it up @CNN @jimsciutto, who happens to have worked in the Obama White House in some capacity and now he is attempting to report the news. LOL!
#FakeNewsCNN (and other liberal media outlets) has a cast of clowns who need to revisit journalism school and a class on ethics.
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#FakeNewsCNN strikes again! They don’t like President Trump, so don’t report on him. But instead they want to get others not to like him. Ps: As if the liked John McCain. Heck, the MSM said he was a racist in 2008. Now he’s a saint. SMH
If the liberal MSM loved McCain so much, why did they kill his presidential election in 2008? Why did they tell blacks to fear him? Why did they attack him when he fought against Obama on health care and then they praised him with he gave it a thumbs down?
No matter what the president says it won't be good enough for the liberal MSM. McCain seemingly did not want the president to take part of his services, why is the liberal MSM attempting to make this about Trump? Just leave it be.
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@ChrisCuomo you still don't get it, do you? You are playing the race card that says hate White People. Cuomo Suggests Trump Supporters Only Care About Mollie Tibbetts Because She's White…
@ChrisCuomo my message to you from Nancy P.
I don't see Chris saying anything about black on black crime in Chicago. The only he and his buffoon pals at #FakeNewsCNN cover the story is when it involves a white cop and a black person.
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Now that #JohnBrennan security clearance has been revoked #FakeNewsCNN is fit to be tied. The president can act as he sees fit under the Constitution, a law they want to change. Susan Rice and James Clapper should lose their clearances as well.
There are other experienced and professional former government servants this Administration can rely on for guidance. This is not an attempt to silence Brennan he will continue to talk and he is still on twitter.
#FakeNewsCNN just committed sedition on live TV. The FCC should investigate @jimsciutto. He literally asked member of Congress what their plans were to stop the president. Where is #JeffSessions
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Hey, boys and girls of the #FakeNewsMedia, mainly #FakeNewsCNN, the firing of #PeterStrzok, who along with his side chick #LisaPage worked to undermine the 2016 election before and after, is breaking news not some firing of a disgruntled employee. #VoteRedToSaveAmerica
He was fired because he was part of the deep state.
A suspension???? The FBI minions wanted a suspension but were overruled by David L. Bowdich, Deputy FBI Director. So the deep state in the FBI is still working against Trump.
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Finally, #PeterStrzok is fired by the FBI over anti-Trump text. What the hell took so long????
Strzok and a lot more should be fired #RodRosentein #JeffSessions #RobertMueller #BruceOhr just to name a few. And others from the Obama Administration should lose their clearance #SusanRice #JohnBrennan #JamesClapper
Strzok should now be charged with obstruction of justice. He is not above the law.
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There was little to no incident in Charlottesville, Va rally today because the police did their jobs unlike a year ago when the Mayor purposefully had law enforcement to stand down; #Charlottesville
The liberal MSM is making Antifa seem as though they are a peaceful law-abiding group. NOPE! They hid behind black scarfs like the Klan hiding behind white sheets. Both are EVIL and hate groups.
#FakeNewsCNN is gleefully reporting that the Antifa outnumbered other groups. And? They were there to create chaos. The left seems to embrace lawlessness.
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Sorry but a win is a win no matter how close. That said, the GOP better get it's act together. Stop the internal bickering it's not an internal pissing contest, but a contest of unity. #VoteRed2018 #MAGA #KAG
Don't give up and see you in November. #VoteRed2018
Who will the Demonuts and #FakeNewsMedia, mainly #FakeNewsCNN, blame for #BaldersonForCongress win? Russia again?
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If #BobMueller ended his witch hunt much of the discord in the country caused by AG Sessions' recusal would somewhat end.
Mueller wants all to think he is for the rule of law when in actuality he is a flawed human being living in the swamp with Rod Rosenstein, James Comey and other Never Trumpers, liberal MSM and the left. Sad. They are allowing Putin to win.
Russian's meddling did not change the election, but the discourse they have caused by managing to enter into the heads of weak liberal Americans and live is uncanny. This is the win Putin wanted and the #FakeNewsMedia knows it but are afraid to admit it to the American people.
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Beyond shocked that #FakeNewsCNN isn't devoting hours and hours of coverage on the missing Iowa student #MollieTibbetts. Afterall, this is their forte. They usually cover stories like this until the person is found. I guess Drama Queen #JimAcosta is sucking up the news cycle.
The #MollieTibbetts story is breaking news, not Jim Acosta crying because Sarah Sanders won't take his question.
Simply unbelievable that #FakeNewsCNN is not covering this story. A white female student missing is definitely something they would want to cover, but they are too busy covering Jim "Crybaby" Acosta.
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Oops... #AlexandriaOcasioCortez didn't make Obama's top Democratic list of candidates he endorses. And not a word from the #FakeNewsMedia, mainly #FakeNewsCNN, as to why.
Hey, guys, this is Breaking News @CNN. Why are you quiet on it?
Not that she would win, but further proof the Democratic party is in shambles. All the more reason Republicans/ Conservatives must #VoteRed.
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The #FakeNewsMedia, especially #FakeNewsCNN, have been reporting according to their sources #JohnKelly would be fired by President Trump more times than we can count only to learn he is staying throughout 2020. Now we see why they are labeled #FakeNews
Everything #FakeNewsCNN reports must be questioned. They don't get their facts straight and when called out will make a tepid correction. They have not reported fair and balanced news in a very long time. #VoteRed2018
Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Jim Acosta, Poppy Harlow, Brooke Baldwin, Erin Burnett all report #FakeNews for their audience to eat up and fill comfortable.
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@CNN and @wolfblitzer Michael Cohen has said on your broadcast that Donald Trump knew nothing of a meeting with his son and Russians. You folks jumped all over Cohen negatively. Now you want to believe Cohen because it fits your narrative.. You are #FakeNewsCNN and confusing.
There is nothing here. Trump is still president. What about reporting real news like the economy, no bombs from NoKo, GDP 4.1% etc. Wake-up!
@CNN @wolfblitzer @AC360 @jimsciutto @ChrisCuomo Furthermore, the Italian prime minister agrees with Trump's position on immigration, NATO, Russian just to name a few. Oh, and NATO paying its fair share can't you report on those facts? #FakeNewsCNN with lower than low ratings.
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Like Obama, the liberal MSM or #FakeNewsMedia will give Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a pass and not vet her. Don't be fooled. She is an empty dress in heels...carbon copy of a person. #AlexandriaOcasioCortez #BarackHusseinObama #WalkAway #Socialist #BernieSanders
The left is all about looks and nothing on substance. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows nothing and will be a nothing burger. She can take her style of politics to Venezuela and rest it there.
Next up for this girl or woman will be a talking head on #FakenewsCNN, #TheView or some other #FakenewsMedia outlet. You don't have to have substance these days. #Socialist
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Don't allow the media to get you lost in the weeds with them. President Trump stood his ground on #Cremea and Putin poked fun of Mueller and initial indictments of Concord Management. #Indicments. #PutinSummit
We all know the twelve Russians indicted by Mueller last week will never see the inside of an American Courtroom. Stop all the alarm factor. #Indictments.
Interesting Putin calls out #GeorgeSoros. The MSM is too obsessed with Putin and how Trump is going to respond instead of looking at long-term goals. “I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics”! The US President Trump.
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Why were these black students refused a ride by @Uber? And why hasn't #FakeNewsCNN or anyone else in the liberal MSM covered this? Where is @AC360 @donlemon @Acosta @maddow @ChrisCuomo or #BLM? Where is the outrage? Clearly, this is and was discrimination. ##WalkAway
I guess this isn't part of the narrative #FakenewsMedia wants to cover. Time for black folks to #WalkAway. Any discrimination on any level is wrong and must be addressed. Don't let this story die. #WalkAway
Liberal MSM is more concerned about illegal aliens being refused services than taxpaying black citizens being denied services. This is horrible. #WalkAway
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Well, there is one story #FakeNewsCNN covered well and didn't miss a beat. It was an easy assignment. Just focus on the balloon. #BabyTrumpBalloon #NATO #LondonProtest #JimAcosta
Radical Muslims have done harm all across the globe yet liberals across the globe sit quietly and don't protest. Aint that about nothing.
Not once have I seen liberals protesting against radical Muslims that have bombed their countries. Europe has been hit more times than not by radicals (London included) and the sit idly by holding their hands. FOOLS!
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When will the #FakeNewsMedia, including #FakeNewsCNN, explain why Germany is giving Russian billions of dollars for oil? Why isn't #AngelaMerkel been called on this by US & foreign press corp? #NordStream2
Why are they so afraid of the truth?
Why are we protecting a country that is colluding with Russia?
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Remember this press conference from back when? Nothing done then and nothing will be done now. This is merely a distraction or collusion by Mueller and Rosenstein ahead of Trump’s meeting with Putin. The real indicts should be #PeterStrzok and #LisaPage.
Tax payer dollars being wasted for political gain against a duly elected president.
I hope the Russians challenge Mueller, as prior Russians have done. I bet Mueller backs down and this story fades away.
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“I don’t give a damn!”Getting to the truth isn’t always pretty or easy, but it’s necessary. #TreyGowdy #PeterStrzok #HouseJudiciaryCommittee
Because we are all humans and have flaws, some more flaws then others, #PeterStrzok is not believable. If he was truthful, he would have answered Trey Gowdy's simple question as to when the Trump investigation started.
Straight talk is tough but good for the soul. President Trump is a straight talker and look where the economy is. Look at our standing in the world with rogue leaders.
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Absolutely true. Germany gets a majority of its oil from Russia yet our liberal #FakeNewsMedia is whining about a fake Russia Collusion story. And we have to protect Germany. #NordStream
Folks, it's time to wake up. NATO has been using the US as a 2 dollar prostitute and daring us to say anything. NO MORE! Merkel needs to put out more money. #NordStream2 #AngelaMerkel
It the US has to police the world with its dollars than the world needs to shut up and do as we say. New sheriff in town folks. #DonaldTrump
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