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🔥ATTENTION 🔥This week, Russian cyber-attacks were OFICIALLY announced by all 5 members of FVEY: US 🇺🇸 UK🇬🇧 New Zealand 🇳🇿 Australia 🇳🇿 Canada 🇨🇦 These countries are parties to the multilateral UKUSA Agreement, a treaty for joint cooperation in SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE 📡
💥📡💥 NATO’s 12 founding countries: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, UK, & US were targeted by RU cyber attacks that could trigger the mutual defense clause⁉️ Are FVEY & NATO preparing to invoke Article 5🤔
Did Trump pledge to Putin during #Helsinki Treason mtg that he would not join NATO in invoking Article 5 for Russia’s cyber hacks against the US & NATO⁉️ Did FVEY pick up details on Putin -Trump secret deal and decide that they would do it without Trump⁉️
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THREAD: @realDonaldTrump now *admits* that Don Jr sought Clinton dirt at his meeting w/the #Russian🇷🇺”lawyer”/spy & a “former” GRU military intel officer.

It’s a CRIME for a campaign to solicit or receive *anything* from a foreign national, let alone #Russian intelligence.🙄1/
We knew last year that Jr, Manafort & Kush met w/a Kremlin-linked “lawyer,” a “former” #Russian🇷🇺spy w/expertise in acquiring hacked emails, and an alleged Russian money launderer👉🏼they discussed #sanctions, Clinton #kompromat, and #RNC donations.🔥2/…
We also knew last year that Team🇷🇺Trump tried *desperately* to cover up the meeting.

Kushner “forgot” (= #felony) to disclose the meeting *3 separate times* on his SF-86, and Jr & his father, Trump, LIED repeatedly about the meeting.🙄 3/…
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<THREAD> Are we heading towards a major Middle East war? Here’s why you should pay attention. Saudi Arabia has suspended oil shipments through the Red Sea after one of its tankers was attacked. 1/5…
As I mentioned in this thread earlier this week, @realDonaldTrump’s Iran tweet was more than bluster. The U.S. could easily be drawn into war, if tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia escalate. 2/5
Netanyahu, Trump and Putin have agreed to secure a zone around the Golan Heights without Hezbollah and Iran but it’s unclear if anyone told Tehran. 3/5
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C'est drôle combien chacun se précipite sur le tweet de menaces sur l'#Iran de #Trump qui en cache 1 autre bien plus important. L'expérience #CoréeduNord de l'an dernier devrait nous rappeler ce que valent ces aboiements d'autant plus vains que l'#Iran elle n'a pas la bombe A...
2) Le tweet précédent de #Trump, auquel ces menaces de mauvais James Bond à la Chuck Norris sur l'#Iran servent de paravent,est bien plus concret. Pour le président US, l'ingérence de la #Russie en 2016 est 1 CANULAR (hoax).#Helsinki n'était pas 1 accident
3) Le président #Trump, à 4 mois des élections de mi-mandat que SON renseignement dit déjà sous attaque de la #Russie, ne croit donc pas du tout à cette ingérence russe, son revirement tactique de la semaine dernière étant sous la contrainte de son staff. Problématique.
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Time to do a synopsis of the #Helsinki summit in Star Wars gifs...

A week before the summit...

the entire intelligence community:
Putin to Trump:
Trump... pretty much always:
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Re: today's events:
In February, Mueller released information clarifying how and why #Putin desperately wanted to stop #HillaryClinton from being elected.

Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Jill Stein were helped by Russian election interference…
In #Helsinki, #Putin stated directly that he worked to elect Trump. His intent was to stop #HillaryClinton. He tried to effectuate that during the primary by targeting Sanders supporters. Putin could not sway non-white voters despite his broad disinformation campaign against HRC.
But even though #Putin was unable to win the primary, he WAS able to plant the seeds of disinformation quite strongly. That included the parroting of #HillaryClinton being "corrupt," which Sanders and Trump had hammered (without evidence) repeatedly. (Details are in the report.)
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#Breaking badaboum...Pourquoi #Trump s'en sortira et les élus républicains n'iront pas au-delà des cris d'orfraie? Réponse dans ce #sondage fiable @CBSNews: 68% des républicains approuvent #Helsinki, 42% ne croient pas à l'ingérence de la #Russie...#CQFD…
2) Avec l'annonce qui vient de tomber où #Trump refuse- après l'avoir considérée- la demande de #Poutine d'interroger des diplomates de #Russie, on peut d'ailleurs considérer la crise post-#Helsinki presque close...
3) Pour la 1ère fois #Trump fut contraint à plusieurs reprises après #Helsinki de se dédire. À cause du désaccord de SES équipes qui ont tracé- pour cette fois- 1 ligne rouge sur #Poutine et la #Russie. Pour les membres de l'administration, l'essentiel est sauf,on peut continuer
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4324: President Trump's Post-Helsinki Damage Control • #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #DonaldTrump #VladimirPutin #Helsinki #HelsinkiSummit #Would #Wouldnt #WouldorWouldnt #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert
1/ Yesterday, in response to his behavior with Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki Summit press conference, President Trump made an attempt to control the damage.
2/ His explanation was based on the premise of misspeaking a single word, "would" - when he had meant to say, "wouldn't". What follows is a partial nonverbal and statement analysis of this exchange.
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From the great @JamesFallows re #HelsinkiSummit
"Those who could do something are the 51 #Republican senators and 236 Republican representatives who have the power to hold hearings, issue subpoenas, pass resolutions of censure, guarantee the integrity..."
[CONT 2]
"...of Robert #MuellerInvestigation , condemn the past #Russian election interference, shore up protections against the next assault, & in general defend their country rather than the damaged & defective man who is now its president.
[CONT 3]
"For 18 mos, membs of this party have averted their eyes frm #Trump rather than disturb the Trump elements amng their constituency or disrupt the party’s agenda on tax cuts & the #SCOTUS . They already bear responsibility for what Trump has done to his office.
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#Montenegro has the same population as Vermont--our 2nd least populous state with a mere 625k people. Montenegro is tiny and poor--median income of $18k.

Trump has no idea what and where it is.
He just knows #Putin told him about it Monday.
A year ago--THIS IS LIKE CLOCKWORK, ISN'T IT?--@SenJohnMcCain wrote and op-ed about...#Montenegro. You will want to read it.

Russia threat is dead serious. Montenegro coup and murder plot proves it
The MSM should be framing the #Montenegro story as the natural off-shoot of Trump's meeting in #Helsinki. Is there anyone on this planet who thinks Trump ever heard of Montenegro before his meeting with Putin? The big concern here is with how easily Trump is manipulated by Putin.
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In September 2016, @KellyannePolls told Trump he couldn't get elected if he kept claiming @POTUS44 was born in Kenya--as he had 67x on Twitter over 6yrs. So Trump gave a press conference saying he believed Obama was born in the US, gave no explanation, took no questions.

Trump has since walked that back.

Remember at the Inaugural luncheon where he paid tribute to @HillaryClinton and all she has done for America and asked those in attendance to applaud her?

Trump soon walked that back as well & has directed his DOJ to investigate her again.
Everyone knows Trump lies, that he has always lied and that he believes his own lies.

Trump lied repeatedly at the #HelsinkiSummit presser. He also told his truth--that Russia didn't attack our 2016 election.There is videotape of the live broadcast which the whole world saw.
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IN ADVANCE of Trump's presser after #Helsinki, remember this indictment that came down from Mueller just last week against 12 MEMBERS OF RUSSIAN MILITARY OFFICIALS:…
Trump calls Helsinki Summit "our most successful visit."

"We've never been in a worse relationship with Russia than we were a few days ago. I think that's going to be better now."

Um, Cold War?
Trump, AGAIN, says nuclear weapons are the reason to be friendly with Russia.

As @sarahkendzior and I have said before, when he talks about nuclear weapons, you should always hear an underlying threat.

He WANTS to use them.
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THE PURPOSE OF TODAY'S MEETING seems to be that USA & RUSSIA are the LEADERS of the WORLD bc of nuclear dominance.

can CLEARLY tell that PUTIN threatening DT w/his "reminders"&outlines HIS DEMANDS


Putin says security - stability...all this SHIT IS HIS OWN DOING


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Following the disastrous NATO summit & @realDonaldTrump labeling our European allies “foes,” he buddies up again to his favorite dictator – Putin. Never before has a sitting President met with his Russian counterpart from such a position of weakness. #TrumpPutin
It’s disgraceful that @POTUS is parroting Russian propaganda in #Helsinki. He repeats Putin’s lies while disregarding the unanimous conclusion from our own Intelligence Community and ignoring DOJ’s indictment of 12 Russian spies who interfered in the election to help him win.
Today was a shameful, dark day in our nation’s history. @POTUS is selling out our country, weakening our democracy, and siding with those who seek to do us harm. Instead of praising Putin, our President should be holding him accountable.
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Don't allow the media to get you lost in the weeds with them. President Trump stood his ground on #Cremea and Putin poked fun of Mueller and initial indictments of Concord Management. #Indicments. #PutinSummit
We all know the twelve Russians indicted by Mueller last week will never see the inside of an American Courtroom. Stop all the alarm factor. #Indictments.
Interesting Putin calls out #GeorgeSoros. The MSM is too obsessed with Putin and how Trump is going to respond instead of looking at long-term goals. “I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics”! The US President Trump.
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Amb. Fred Hof (@FredericHof) says #Trump enters into the #Helsinki summit with #Putin with some real leverage on #Syria -- he can increase the chances of a genuine ceasefire & real peace "only if he realizes…”…
@FredericHof Ahead of the planned #Trump-#Putin summit in #Helsinki, I spoke with @fordrs58 & @j_feierstein about #Syria -- Are we at the end of the conflict?

The latest @MiddleEastInst podcast, here:
@FredericHof @fordrs58 @j_feierstein @MiddleEastInst The #Trump admin is pivoting to an anti-#Iran posture in #Syria, while hoping #Russia has what it takes to secure #Israel’s interests.

But guess what?

#Israel downed a drone last week flying into the #Golan - it wasn’t Iranian; it was Russian… a "Forpost.” (Via @QalaatAlMudiq)
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Newsfeed --- July 16th, 2018 -- Monday

Last year the United States had the largest decline in CO2 emissions *in the entire world* for the 9th time this century.

I wonder why Liberals never talk about
Climate Change or Paris Accords anymore?
Newsfeed --- July 16th, 2018 -- Monday

Last year the United States had the largest decline in CO2 emissions *in the entire world* for the 9th time this century.

I wonder why Liberals never talk about
Climate Change or Paris Accords anymore?
California is the Dream of the America,

People Are Cancelling Conventions to SF

You Literally have Poop Maps for San Francisco.
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This is my THREAD on #HelsinkiSummit where I'll report/analyze all coming & subsequent developements from #Russia's POV:
1. Here's my take on #Putin-#Trump encounter for @ispionline where I argue the summit may have high hopes, but modest expectations…
2. This is what #Putin heads into #HelsinkiSummit with in terms of #Syria, #Iran:
3. #Putin & #Trump will be meet face-to-face around noon (1pm #Moscow time). The leaders have at least 3 hours scheduled for themselves after which they will proceed to another room for working lunch in a broader format with ministers and advisers.
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While we wait for #HELSINKI2018 to finish, here's a couple of remarks inspired by the #TrumpPutin meeting.
1. Finland is not a neutral country. We chose our side when we joined European Union in 1995. Finland chose to be on the side of #humanrights, #democracy, #ruleoflaw and multilateral world order. Finnish foreign policy is based on promoting and defending these values.
2. Women's rights are human rights. We believe the world would be a better place for everyone if #WomensRights and girls' rights would be recognised and respected all around the world.
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Thread: 1) Investigate everything but the real crime.

The DNC denied FBI access to the server they allege was hacked to influence the 2016 election. Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russians for doing just that but still isn't interested in the server. .@SidneyPowell1 @vabelle2010
2) Hillary Clinton's takeover of DNC coffers, allegations of money laundering, & violations of campaign finance laws leave lingering questions.…
3) The Clinton campaign launched an unprecedented big-money fundraising vehicle with state parties vowed “to rebuild our party from the ground up,” proclaiming “when our state parties are strong, we win. That’s what will happen." —Politico .@hfinch61 @rising_serpent @JohnWHuber
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... so according to this ... that's 2 white dudes ... deciding the fate of the rest of us off-white to very dark people?
... it's like colonialism NEVER ended ...🙄... certainly not for Syria & Iran.
... since the "Syria crisis" is IMO 100% USA created ... it would be easy for TRUMP to "solve" it ... just ... GET OUT.
... yes ... to Syria even with bombs.
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NEW on coming #Putin @realDonaldTrump summit: (2nd THREAD)
1. In recent days #Moscow passed a two-page document to #Washington that should serve as a basis/draft for a bilateral communique the two Presidents should present after the #Helsinki talks.
2. According to #Rus sources #US accepted the paper but insisted an issue of "#Russia/n interference into American elections in 2016" is mentioned with due guarantees that this doesn't happen again.
3. Other statements on paper allegedly include themes of"sustaining dialogue b/n #Russia/n, #US officials,diplomats,military&security services" as well as development of economic ties,promotion of people-to-people contacts.Bilateral coop called one of factors for global stability
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#BREAKING: Reports in #Syria indicate #Israel struck the T4 airbase in Homs Province. It is a major logistical hub for #Iran moving men, material, weapons, and more into Syria.
Reports also indicate several air defense missiles were fired in response.
In the days ahead, watch for what weapons system was destroyed and the number of #Iran #IRGC members killed and their portfolios.
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🎥@SenShelby leads all-@GOP delegation to #Russia🇷🇺for #IndepedenceDay.

Shelby: “We think this is a good time to be here...we could have a better relationship btwn the US & Russia b/c we have some common interests...”🤨



Shelby: "We are competitors but don't necessarily need to be adversaries."🤨

Shelby said ZERO about #Russia🇷🇺helping to throw the election to Trump. On the *same day*, Senate Intel released its BIPARTISAN report, led by @SenatorBurr & @MarkWarner👇🏼3/

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