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Okay, I just stuck the House foundation budget bill in my Dropbox here:…

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#FBRC said in-district to 3.75% for regular; 4.75% for voke
House bill says in-district to 4%; 5% for voke

That's your sugar to help the medicine go down, because there is no other good news here.
Health insurance change DOES add retirees and ties to three years of GIC, so...sure.
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Okay, the House is going to take up a "foundation budget reform" bill, we're told.

For what should #MAEdu be watching?
Well, the first thing is, while we may pick it up, so far the House is being pretty careful about references to the Commission (which I'm echoing by not tagging them with #FBRC).
Where's the references to the Commission?
Three years out.
Work of more than a year.
Hours and hours of testimony.
Pages and pages of research.
Hours and hours of discussion.
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Massachusetts, how is it that we're okay with our Secretary of Education thinking we don't have to require the teaching of race relations since the Civil Rights era in U.S. history?
This has been weighing on me since Tuesday.
I think Jack encapsulates it well here:
Video is here:… (33:16 to start)
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Commissioner Jeff Riley now up at #MASBOinstitute2018
"We've had 25 years of so-called 'education reform' and we've seen some good things...but I think people are tired" #MASBOInstitute2018
"We need to get people talking again, so we can figure out what comes next." #MASBOinstitute2018
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Ok, couple of (possibly scattered) thoughts coming out of yesterday’s #MAEdu accountability update:
First: the regs are still open for public comment til Friday; comment on the changes!…
(Seriously, it’s super depressing for the Board to take up something I know lots of people care about and hear “there were only three comments, and two were on punctuation.”)
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Ok, @MA_Senate budget tweeting thread is going to be spotty today, but here's a few things:
$30/pupil minimum increases
$40/decile on the low income rate #MAEdu
There is BOTH a regional district budget review commission AND a local contribution review commission (the Senate is really opening some cans of worms there!)
There is NOT #FBRC language, so it looks as though @MA_Senate is putting all of its eggs in this basket today.

(sorry, getting carried away on the animal metaphors)
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Ok, I'm not convinced I have nailed down the best way of talking about this yet, but I think it's good to get some things out around #MAEdu regional schools transportation, especially as we see the #mabudget debate juggle it.
The principle is Massachusetts has some teeny districts and had more of them. There can be advantages (financial and otherwise) to teeny districts joining up.
That's where a whole bunch of MGL Ch. 71 comes in.
MGL Ch. 71 sec. 16C sets a 1 1/2 mile limit, but then says:
the "district shall be obliged to provide transportation for all school children in grades kindergarten through twelve...
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