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This morning #ICalledMyReps and they wouldn't pick up.

Thom Tillis has several offices in NC.

All of their phones are shut down. There's a "we just help with hurricane Florence stuff! Stay safe!" message & no way to leave a voicemail.
Which is funny, bc they were answering their phones when I called to them last week. They weren't "shut down for a hurricane that ended weeks ago" back then.
This has nothing to do with Florence. This is a communications shutdown because they *don't want to hear from constituents.*
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Partisan gerrymandering returns to SCOTUS today as the North Carolina legislative defendants are due to file their jurisdiction statement asking the Justices to hear the case. We’ll post it here 👇when it is available:… #fairmaps #ncpol 1/
The NC legislative defendants are asking SCOTUS to overturn the ruling of a three-judge panel striking down North Carolina’s congressional map as a partisan gerrymander. That ruling here:… #fairmaps #ncpol 2/
What ordinarily happens next under the Supreme Court rules is that the plaintiffs have 30 days (until Nov 1) file a motion asking SCOTUS to decide the case without oral argument. The plaintiffs could waive the right to file such a motion, but that’s rare. #fairmaps #ncpol 3/
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BREAKING: Federal court rules that plaintiffs in North Carolina partisan gerrymandering case have standing to pursue claims (with one exception) and affirms earlier ruling that congressional map is unconstitutional.… #fairmaps 1/
Decision is 2-1, with Judge Osteen dissenting. Majority opinion runs to 294 pages. #fairmaps 2/
Court says it has not yet decided whether to give the North Carolina legislature the opportunity to attempt to redraw congressional map, but says that if the NC lege wants to redraw map it needs to finish process by 9/17 at 5 p.m. #fairmaps 3/
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So, there’s a 300 page opinion by a 3 judge panel regarding NC’s partisan gerrymandering. Guess I know what I’m doing after dinner tonight. #ncpol #ncga…
OK, so here we go…tweet storm forthcoming regarding the 300+ opinion that still holds NC partisan gerrymandering as illegal, and that this time, the plaintiff’s have met the Gill burden of having standing as being in a district that is in question:
With standing, the issue of the partisan gerrymandering by NC Republicans is in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Article I, the 1st Amendment, and the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment:
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Not sure why this isn’t a bigger story. Cite for me a bigger power grab than passing a constitutional amendment that creates a loophole that allows the majority party to circumvent any governor’s veto at will. #ncpol
This isn’t an ‘absurd legal theory’ - it’s the plain reading of the text *and* the judgment of our independent legislative analysis department.
Folks - I don’t want *my party* to have this power. If we create this weapon, we all know that one day it will be regularly used. We can’t let that happen.
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We interrupt our county-by-county coverage of NC's contending Early Voting plans for a brief explainer regarding why you should care about this arcane inside-baseball topic.

By law, NC's process for planning its Early Voting is a hyper-partisan crazy-quilt....
Each of the state's 100 counties has its own semi-independent County Board of Elections (CBOE), comprising 2 Democratic and 2 Republican political appointees. These boards' single most important responsibility is to plan their counties' early voting for each election.
A co's "Early Voting Plan" specifies: (1) how many voting sites; (2) where they're located; and (3) their open days & hrs. Plenty of oppty here to bake in #VoterSuppression by keeping polls out of disfavored neighborhoods, or closed during convenient voting hrs & days.
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As we prepare to load the 2018 county Early Voting plans' data into our Early Voting Evaluator (, we'll post some quick takes here re: the 15 contested plans to be decided by the State Board of Elections. First up, Durham's competing plans:
Unlike the cash-strapped counties that have to cut their Early Voting sites (see the graph) to pay for @NCGOP legislators' unfunded mandate that increases the cost of operating Early Voting sites, affluent Durham looks set to substantially increase its site numbers.
Durham's majority plan (1 D and 1 R) would bump Early Voting sites from 2014's 4 to 6 this Nov., & the minority plan (by 1 R) would up it even further, to 7 sites. Both include sites at Duke & NCCU (missing in 2014). Both plans offer > 4x the total site-hours of 2014.
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Whoa - heads up:

The surprise session on constitutional amendments *now also includes* a bill to retroactively change election rules in order to help the GOP win a state Supreme Court election. It makes one of two R's run as Unaffiliated.

It's happening right now. #ncpol
Two Republicans and one Democrat are running for the state Supreme Court. This would retroactively change the rules in a way that would result in one of the Republicans (the non-incumbent) being listed as Unaffiliated.
This bill became public within the last 90 minutes and has already passed through committee. I'm now being called to the floor to vote on it. They are going to steamroll this.
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Coming back from the holiday and catching up on the news? Here are some of the biggest stories you may have missed!
Republicans are standing by while Trump sabotages health care markets and raises premiums AGAIN! #ACA #ProtectOurCare…
GOP candidate says something racist? Say NO to racism by voting for @PaulDavisKS!

"While CNN has rated the race to replace Jenkins as leaning Republican, Democrats have lined up behind former Kansas House Minority Leader Paul Davis to flip the district."…
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Proposed #ncga House Committee Substitute for SB325 (unrelated to the earlier version)… makes major #ncpol early voting changes. Bill is calendared for House Rules for 10 am. Drops early voting to 10 days from 17. More ..... /1
This amends the statute that was voided by federal court making it harder to compare with what it would have been this year and 2020 without this bill. More ..... /2 #ncpol
Early voting will be 10 days rather than 17 but final Saturday eliminated and starts on a Wednesday. Thus maximum of one Saturday and one Sunday versus three Saturdays and two Sundays under current law. /3 #ncpol
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All right, the NC Senate is in session. HB 933--which would endanger people with pre-existing conditions--is on the agenda but not yet being discussed. We'll keep you posted. You can also listen in online at #ncpol #ncga #ProtectOurCare
Don't mind our silence... the NC Senate is discussing other bills at the moment, but the anti-preexisting conditions House Bill 933 is on the agenda and will be voted on fairly soon. #ncga #ncpol #ProtectOurCare
The harmful H.B. 933 to let new health insurers discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, against older adults, and against women is now on the floor. #ncga #ncpol
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A tweet storm on the notion that a photo ID is either necessary or mandated by law for all sorts of things. #ncpol /1 .....
You need a photo ID to fly (Pat McCrory bill signing video when he signed 2013 voter ID bill. NOT TRUE. TSA has lots of workarounds for those without government photo ID, see FOX NEWS story:… /2 #ncpol
“You have to have by law a photo ID to buy alcohol or cigarettes.” NOT TRUE. If merchant requires a photo ID they have a safe harbor if it’s phony. But no law requiring it /3 .....
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Last year, I read the entire budget - doing the same this year. You deserve a Rep who’ll pay close attention to how your money’s spent and propose necessary changes.

There’s one huge difference this time - my input isn’t allowed.

That’s a problem. Here’s why. #ncga #ncpol 1/
For the 1st time in memory, the #NCGA is moving a budget that blocks amendments, through a committee that includes zero Democrats.

This silences the voice of duly-elected members like me. I wasn’t on the committee. I don’t get a chance to even suggest changes. #ncpol 2/
So what is this process people keep talking about that boxes out tons of #ncga members? Glad you asked.

Let’s consult the highest authority on legislative process (the Constitution) and the second highest (Schoolhouse Rock). #jk #ncpol #ncga 3/
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Getting a lot of questions on how it's possible to pull this move with the budget. Let me show you how the sausage is getting made.

I've attached a screenshot of the legislative history of SB 99. The bill itself is just a short, two-pager dealing with auto insurance. #ncpol
What you can tell from this image is that SB 99 passed the senate last year, then passed the house in a slightly different form.

When that happens, a conference committee is appointed to work out the differences between the two bills and then issue a conference report.
That's what started to happen last year. You can see that the house and senate appointed members to a conference committee to work out the differences.

But then nothing happened. The conference committee took no action.
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UPDATE: Legislative leadership just invoked the nuclear option with respect to the budget. 1/8
For the first time in modern history, it appears our budget will be passed as a conference report instead of a regular bill. Why does this matter? Because a conference report gets to skip the committee process and isn't subject to any amendments. 2/8
That means that whenever we see the budget - and it's still being written behind closed doors - it's essentially final. And we're hearing the budget vote will be as soon as next week, so without having seen a single line of it, it's basically done. 3/8
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BREAKING: SCOTUS partially stays new North Carolina legislative maps. Thomas & Alito would have stayed in entirety. Ginsburg & Sotomayor would denied stay in entirety. #ncpol #fairmaps 1/
Stay by SCOTUS is as to special master's revision of state house districts in Wake & Mecklenburg counties. #ncpol #fairmaps 2/
The issue in Wake & Mecklenburg counties was that the NC legislature altered districts that were not found to be racial gerrymanders or that abutted districts that were racial gerrymanders. #ncpol #fairmaps 3/
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This is big: The NC Supreme Court just ruled that the GOP's effort to remove Dem majorities from the state board of elections is unconstitutional (h/t @john_rimes) #NCpol…
NC Republicans had passed this power grab shortly after GOP Gov. Pat McCrory lost reelection in 2016, costing the GOP its majority. A new Democratic majority could reverse McCrory's voter suppression like cuts to early voting & polling place closures in black neighborhoods #NCpol
Today's ruling marks the *second* time that North Carolina state courts have deemed the GOP legislature's effort to usurp control over the state Board of Elections to be unconstitutional. The GOP's initial law got thrown out earlier in 2017 #NCpol
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Tonight on #ElectionTwitter, since NC may re-re-redistrict it's Cong. districts, we're gonna be looking back at the Congressional map that was in place from 2002 to 2010. #ncpol #ncga
Why this map? 1) It was drawn by Dems, and represents something of a best-case for them and 2) I've always liked this map, and usually end up breaking statewide races down under its lines, anyway. #ncpol #ncga
The 2001 Congressional map held up pretty well for Democrats. For example, they went into the red wave of 2010 holding 8 of 13 seats. They lost the House popular vote by 9% in NC, but of their seats, only #NC02 flipped R, and only barely. #ncpol
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