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Yes, I was used as an underage honey pot/spy as part of a C(I)A operation that U.S. taxpayers funded.
It is part of the bigger picture of the DOD/C(I)A/M16 #MKultra #mindcontrol operations that U.S. taxpayers also paid for.

I was just saying to @IsaacKappy that one of the reasons I came forward publicly Oct 13, 2017 regarding #pedopredator Serial Child Rapist Roman Polanski is because Polanski is BFFs w Harvey Weinstein who runs w the #ClintonCrimeFamily which includes Soros & Rothschilds...
Here is the interview I gave to @emmamarieparry at Sun UK
regarding #pedopredator Serial Child Rapist Roman Polanski sexually assaulting me as a child:…
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One of the many reasons I hate the C(I)A so much is because S@tan worshipping freak #pedopredator Hugh Hefner, one of my Handlers when I was a child, was their man.
My timing on speaking out about Polanski Oct 13, 2017 wasn’t a coincidence, it coincided with Hef’s timely death.
It’s comforting to know that Hef suffered from debilitating back pain, which left him confined to a wheel chair inside his Los Angeles house, during his last year. At least that’s something.

I will not forgive nor will I forget.
@FionaBa47662575 here is an article that covers some of what I was telling you about Hugh Hefner/Playboy’ #childporn magazine and Sugar & Spice.
As you can see, all little girls had their Beta programming triggered for photo shoots:…

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I’ve made a fine art out of flying under the radar where it’s safe. Oct 13, 2017 I was compelled to respond to my childhood friend Griffin O’Neal’s tweet:…
#SRA #ChildSexTrafficking #Luciferians #PedoWood #Malibu #CrimesAgainstChildren #DefundCIA #WWG1WGA
Regrettably, my silence about many things has allowed others to be harmed while it kept me and my brothers alive...…
#SRA #mindcontrol #CSA #ChildSexTrafficking #Luciferians #PedoWood #Malibu #CrimesAgainstChildren #WWG1WGA #DefundCIA
I wasn’t aware of the Chaplin connection until my dear childhood friend Peter, who’s a film expert, pointed it out to me just after I spoke out publicly about #pedopredator Serial Child Rapist Roman Polanski sexually assaulting me at 10 years old.
#SRA #PedoWood #Luciferians
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Steven Spielberg is a Luciferian pedopredator and
pos who fought against fellow #pedopredator Serial Child Rapist Roman Polanski being removed from @TheAcademy.…
Anyone who supports the above is a pedo apologist.
#CrimesAgainstChildren #CSA #SRA #WWG1WGA
@FionaBa47662575 what’s your opinion on Kanye?
He’s back in the sunken place imo or he never got out.
Kanye West is not free or he wouldn’t call Spielberg a genius nor promote his movie.
If he was free he’d call Spielberg and many others out, straight out.
Kanye is kowtowing and now mindless morons will now go watch the movie.
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Jenny Moore gave me hope, for the first time in my life,
that I and my fellow survivors might see justice in regards to the crimes committed against us when we were children.
Jenny Moore was taking on an ancient serpent created by Allen Dulles, and others, which had grown into a giant poisonous octopus which has contaminated every facet of our society.
Jenny Moore was going fearlessly straight for the heart of the beast.
What JEM was working on was much bigger than the awful crimes of “elite” #pedopredator parties, #ChildSexTrafficking or even #SatanicRitualAbuse and the practice of human sacrifice and cannibalism.
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When I spoke out publicly Oct 2017
about #pedopredator
Serial Child Rapist Roman Polanski
sexually assaulting me as a child, his attorney, Harland Braun, hired PIs to “investigate” me and my family.
What it amounted to was more than harassment...
We were stalked like prey.
Our tech devices were hacked.
It is hard to explain, unless you’ve been through it, what it feels like to have strangers invade your life.
My PTSD symptoms became much worse, my health suffered.
My younger brother, Doug, who is ex @USMC veteran...
of Gulf war, and was mortar man in Operation Desert, was traumatized. He went to VA for psychiatric care.
He soon after ceased all contact with me, not because he doesn’t support or love me, but because he was terrified...
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The Color Purple
#pedopredator Steven Speilberg & The Lucfierian NWO…
#CSA #SRA #MindControl #TheCabal
MK ULTRA subproject 74 headed by Carl Rogers out of the *University of Wisconsin*
There are no coincidences Diana.
Here’s an example of Diana’s psycho-babble research for the NWO Cult of Crazy Luciferian lunatics and their #mindcontrol project:…
What an obedient MKer straight out of Wisconsin she is!

Good girls get to wear ruby slippers 🏡 🌈

#CSA #SRA #TheCabal
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My one surviving brother, Doug, @USMC Operation Desert Storm Veteran, won’t talk to me since the PI (Black Cube) that #pedopredator Serial Child Roman Polanski hired to harass me and my family harassed him.
Last time we spoke, he was crying, afraid for my life and angry at me...
so sometimes I speak to my younger brother directly on here as I know him well enough to know he looks at my tweets.
I get that he’s afraid and respect his choice.
But I’m not afraid because I know who I am in the LORD.
I am without fear...
Please understand that I don’t share like @SaRaAshcraft does because of the fact that my younger brother reads my tweets. I try to be careful not to share information that will trigger him or harm him further.
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@TheAcademy has invited Serial Child Rapist Roman Polanski’s wife to join! They’re Sat_nists!?
Polanski and his wife Emmanuelle Seigner
are friends w a plethora of criminals like Harvey Weinstein.… #CrimesAgainstHumanity #ChildSexTraficking
Here’s the link for @theAcademy
Board of Governors. They are the ones who make determinations regarding members.…
@TheAcademy is up to their old school tricks!
They just revoked #pedopredator Serial Child Rapist Roman Polanski’s membership on May 1st! Which should’ve been done in 1977.
Now AMPAS has diabolically invited his just as horrific wife, Emmanuelle Seigner, to join the Academy!
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Alan Dershowitz, long time friend of #pedopredator
Jeffery Epstein and also his previous attorney, stands in the way of myself, and other US victims of pedo-predator Serial Child Rapist Roman Polanski, seeing him extradited to stand trial.
I have no words for what Dersh is...
What kind of person requests to represent a #pedopredator like Serial Child Rapist Roman Polanski!?
Is Alan Dershowitz the go to guy for CIA/Mossad scum pedos!?…
#ChildSexTrafficking #PedoIsland #SatanicRitualAbuse
Jeffery Epstein’s sex slave Virginia Roberts is on record saying that Epstein made her have sex with Alan Dershowitz numerous times. How many other underage girls did Dershowitz have sex with? Virginia Roberts says Dershowitz also witnessed Epstein’s pedophilic activities.
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