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Some #prodmgmt Qs for interviewer... (1/4)
- technical debt
- recent prod issues / reactive work
- direct access to customers
- attrition rate for PMs
- typical calendar / mix of activities
- last 5-10 prod decisions and outcomes
- details of decision making process
- metric you must drive to be successful
- psych safety on teams
- dedicated #ux ?
- how team missions are crafted
- autonomy over roadmap ?
- deployment pipeline, ease of collaboration
- access to product usage data (tools?)
- current “big bet” and key unknowns

#prodmgmt 3/4
- career development (conferences, training)
- incentive structure for team members
- amount of pre-committed work
- examples of PMs being reward for specific behavior
- details of approvals, sign-offs, roadmap reviews
- overall product “culture” (role of product)

#prodmgmt 3/4
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[thread]...Some two column tables. Apparently I enjoy this :)

(1/7) Our intuition says ... instead try
#prodmgmt #kanban #agile #lean
(2/7) What you say ... what they hear/think
#prodmgmt #kanban #agile #lean
(3/7) Evolving product manager role .... moving towards
#prodmgmt #kanban #agile #lean
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There are many ways to inspire a “sense of urgency” that have nothing to do with estimates/deadlines.

#agile #lean #softwaredevelopment
1. First ... giving enough context so people give a fuck. That’s a start. Otherwise, you can’t expect people to “go the extra mile”...

#agile #softwaredevelopment #ux #devops
2. Let them STOP doing things that are less valuable. Nothing says “you’re free to focus and care” more than freeing people from context switching and multi-tasking.

“What would you like to stop doing, to leave time for this?”

#agile #softwaredevelopment #ux #DevOps
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Realized I had some posts that actually make sense as a series... a little blook

1/10 Moving beyond the platitudes of outcomes vs. is all a spectrum…

#prodmgmt #ux #design #agile #modernagile
2/10 Distinguising value and sequencing. Start with opportunities before getting bogged down in “LOE”…

#prodmgmt #ux #design #agile #modernagile
3/10 Prioritizing non-feature work and continuous improvement ... there’s value here too.…

#prodmgmt #ux #design #agile #modernagile
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So here’s an observation and question for the #scrum community.

One of the biggest issues I’ve seen with teams new to scrum is backlog refinement. Most people do it wrong and it has huge implications on #prodmgmt. /1
I have seen hundreds of teams treat backlog refinement as a two hour meeting where they rewrite user stories and estimate them.

While both of those are good things to do, they usually only do these two activities, instead of creating shared understanding about the work. /2
Teams don’t spend this time story mapping, discussing in detail, or contextualizing the end state of the product together.

Actually teams new to scrum usually don’t do any of those things. /3
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Almost every discussion I have that starts with “we need to go faster” ends with me asking the team to “define value”, and then do less once and work in smaller batches.

It is at this point that the reality sets in ...1/3
#agile #kanban #prodmgmt
... the reality is that the current system is optimized for:
-saying “yes we’re on it”
-keeping people busy
-brokering resource capacity
-keeping track of all the work in progress
-providing plausible reasons why nothing is shipping

#agile #kanban #prodmgmt
This should be easy to unwind, right? It’s math. Do less smaller stuff = go faster. Limit WIP ... discover/remove bottlenecks.

Well no. Because those optimizations run so, so deep. Reputations. Ego. Agendas. Promises to investors ... 3/4

#agile #kanban #prodmgmt
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We were looking for a way to do something different than our competitors who were focused on SEO. We decided to tackle sending people rental listings in slack. @davemastersnyc #agileux
We discovered it was too hard to install apps on slack, so we decided to keep the thread of the idea but pivot to FB messenger. @davemastersnyc #AgileUX
We learned that apps ramp up slow but they contributed to a top line organic audience AND repeating visitors to hit our goals! @davemastersnyc #AgileUX
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My product-nerd-friend @atheus...hey you should post a thread of some drawings. Here goes:

1. The classic “here’s why you do incremental delivery” drawing ... aka “how not to dig a deep hole”. Yet legacy budgeting practices encourage one/not other

#prodmgmt #ux #design @atheus
2. Here’s is the “perpetual cone of uncertainty” ... namely, unless you are a project shop, you’re likely to ALWAYS have uncertainty, even if you are also reducing it constantly

#prodmgmt #ux #design @atheus @ProductPlan
3. I’m seeing this crazy symmetry in terms of systems / technology & org design. They are all feeding into each other. Exhibit 1: the shift from batch processing to stream processing (cc @gwenshap ) and networked orgs @NielsPflaeging

#prodmgmt #ux #design @atheus @productplan
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Words matter... (1/5)

Notice how words like discovery, design, delivery, build, and run often get coopted to silo / segment / divide teams/ppl

To draw imaginary lines around skills. To protect kingdoms even. To make pretty left to right diagrams.

#ux #design #agile #devops
It is very different for a team to ask a couple of its members to get upstream a bit & do some research/discovery...because it adds value

...than it is to structure your Jira workflow, PMO “process”, or SDLC around handoffs and silos. (2/5)

#ux #design #agile #devops
#design / #prodmgmt are vulnerable to believing their own hype. That by owning “the problem”, they’re staying relevant, and by feeding the delivery machine they’re doing everyone a favor. But this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. (3/5)

#ux #design #agile #devops
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Let’s talk Definition of Done

First, with sw-prod-dev our work is never “Done”. What we’re really talking about is a temporary stopping function ...DoDFRN ... definition of done for right now (thread 1/6) #agile #prodmgmt
You should have various pivot/proceed points throughout the effort ... multiple potential stopping functions ... to defeat sunk cost bias, and to hopefully incorporate new feedback/learning. What is your DoSRN ... Definition of Stop Right Now? (2/6) #agile #prodmgmt
We don’t do things just to be done ... we do them to have a celebrate-able outcome. What is your DoSWBPO ... Definition of Something We’d Be Proud Of? (3/6) #agile #prodmgmt
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Some tips for PdM working with software developers ...
#agile #prodmgmt #ux #design

1/ They’re masters of coherence in arguments, information, and statements. Expect to be called out (bluntly) on something ... and for them to be right.
2/ Don’t assume silence means a lack of interest. Sadly, introverts get chased out of the “business world”. In the swdev team world, extroverts AND introverts thrive (cool huh?). Many or my dev friends choose to chew on a thought for a long time before interjecting.
3/ Imagine a world where your every keystroke is (basically) measured, scrutinized, Jira-ed, and reviewed. And ****ing up means the whole app can go down (or worse). Compare that to your world, where you can often dismiss something with a hand wavy “that’s a learning!”
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So I haven’t been tweeting a lot lately because I overcommitted myself, but one topic keeps picking at me and I feel like we should talk about it.

Over and over I keep seeing people struggle with decisive decision making in #prodmgmt... at every level. /1
To me this is one of the most important skills a Product Manager can master - how to make decisions about their product and communicate it upwards. /2
When I talk to company or product leaders, they frequently complain that their people don’t “step up and make decisions and own the product”.

I find that interesting because almost every prod mgr I meet tells me they can’t because their stakeholders/ manager won’t let them. /3
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I want to talk about something I keep hearing from many places when I ask teams about their processes:

"We are different"

#agile #prodmgmt /1
Whenever I coach someone or start consulting with a company, I start off with an assessment where I try to learn about the individual products and how they are run. /2
During these sessions I usually ask about how people think of strategy, do prioritization, structure their teams, and communicate. Lots of other stuff too. /3
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Last week @JoshuaKerievsky, @mattbarcomb, and I had some fun poking at the Product Owner role in #Agile: . 1/n
As someone who spends every day training POs in #prodmgmt, this is close to my heart. There are so many POs who do not do real PM. 2/n
In fact, I get asked questions about the difference daily. So I wrote a blog post on it:… 3/n
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