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This should be the most shared and talked about event on Twitter by ALL Conservatives!
It is time to FOCUS on this Election!
Share info on our Candidates with everyone!
Support & RT your Candidates!
Please see the INFO below from .@Shar_n_Shar in regards to Registration deadlines to vote in each STATE!
These are our Republican Candidates in ALL 50 States!
There are 2 corrections made at the end of the thread to Utah & Oklahoma.
Please, look at those before commenting on the 2 mistakes I made. Remember, Twitter has no edit button.

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1. #KavanaughBump President's approval jumps to 50%! Voters are seeing just what kind of people the Dems are and why they're the #PartyOfCrime
Doxxing of Repubs
Smearing of Nominees
Calling for Harassment
Hiding evidence
Paying Protesters
Not denouncing Assassination attempts
2. Majority of voters agree with Judge Kavanaugh's statement during the Senate Judiciary hearing. 56% overall, 77% of Republicans and 51% of Independents. @realDonaldTrump #ConfirmKavanaugh #RedWave
3. Americans aren't just showing their support for Judge Kavanaugh' backers with our voices. #RedTsunami2018 #ConfirmKavanaugh
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1 of 7…
Washington DC - October 26-28
We are walking away from the lies, the hate, the violence, and vandalism. We are walking away from the vitriol, the name-calling, the censorship, the Fake News.
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We are walking away from the phony & crooked investigations, the divisiveness, the race-baiting. We are walking away from the attacks on our America. It is time to fight back w/the greatest weapon at our disposal—the truth.
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We walked away alone, but now we march together.—Brandon Straka “#WalkAway March on Washington—October 26-28”

The moderate to conservative Democrats, the so-called “Blue Dog” Democrats (“Trumpocrats”), are leaving the Democrat Party in droves.
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We are 37 days until Midterm Election Day on November 6.

Cannot recall the electorate ever being as quantifiably furious as they are right now. And now, with the FBI investigation the Left demanded, there is a "bonus" week to throw gas and kindling on the blazing fire.
Anger at mainstream media right now is demonstrably high as well. Was curious about how the emotion of multi-pronged anger might affect elections. Have a look at this study:
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1/6. #Deplorables:
What does #UnanimousConsent mean - you need thank @SenMajLdr McConnell!

McConnell uses #UnanimousConsent today to debate on #KavanaughNomination
If #Demonicrats make additional requests, @SenMajLdr can proceed to pass by #UnanimousConsent the #ClotureVote
2/6. leaving ONLY ONE FINAL VOTE to #ConfirmKavanaugh!
3/6. #UnanimousConsent "A senator may request unanimous consent on the floor to set aside a specified rule of procedure so as to expedite proceedings. If no Senator objects, the Senate permits the action, but if any one senator objects, the request is rejected. Unanimous consent
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1. Very telling poll by the Hill and Harrison. President Trump's overall approval rate is 48% Polling just over 1000 respondents, July 21 - 22. That's with a majority of respondents being Democrats, 376 to 341 Republicans. @realDonaldTrump @seanhannity…
2. What's really telling is his approval among Blacks is at 16%, for Hispanics it's at 30% & among Asians it's 40%. I remember reading after Kanye made his supportive tweets, that if black support for him got above 10%, it would mean the end for the Dems.…
3. Even 17% of Dems approve of Trump's job so far, along with 44% of Independents. What's really telling is 14% of Dems and 19% of Indies, only somewhat disapprove of his actions. The #RedTsunami2018 is swelling.
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Let's look at the New Harvard/Harris Poll. First some things to note. More Dems than Repubs, more Females than Males & more Clinton voters than Trump voters, were polled. Even with all that bias, the results are interesting to say the least.…
That amounts to an 8% swing toward females, a 7% swing toward the Democrats, and a 2% advantage for the Clinton voters. Then there are the states the respondents were picked from.…
Respondents from Calif., New York, New Jersey, Penn., Illinois, Florida, Texas, and Ohio, made up 53% of those polled. Now I understand that these are the states with the highest populations but still people need to understand why these polls look the way they do.
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