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#SundayMotivation #BrettKavanaugh #PlannedParenthood A brief note of Deepest Appreciation to all who have my my thread/today’s work along with help from from @1776HotLips @RealBasedBlonde so may others (Bro @WhoWolfe 🤓) My work is to piece to together a puzzle. #TeamWork #MAGA
@1776HotLips Take the Deepest Appreciation from my Heart ❤️ unconditional support and constant love is greatly appreciated!! Shout out to Mary 💥🙋🏼‍♀️🤓😊💘 #BFF and #FriendsFest
Thank you @RealBasedBlonde .. threads are never done in isolation. Everything I do requires a teamwork approach. In fact, you know I don’t do threads 😂😂 but the #MidTerms are critical and we need each other more than ever. TY for picking up the slack.. #TeamTrump #LoveYa 🤓
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Important process differences within #thematicanalysis family: small q (deductive, coding reliability concerns, qual data in quant thinking) vs big Q (data driven, open flexible organic coding), middle q (training with @ginnybraun @QRNHub)
But what’s a theme @ginnybraun? Domain summaries - cluster responses to a q or issue but lots of meaning variation within eg a single theme that covers ‘risks and benefits of x’ #thisisbad
Vs meaning based themes - an underlying idea or concept that holds the data together (data may look superficially different but is united by the idea) #thisisgood @ginnybraun @QRNHub
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(1/6) This was a fun piece I illustrated with @NatGeo on the neuroanatomy of the common octopus 🐙 Seems relatively simple but (as many of you can attest) a lot of good storytelling is stripping AWAY info as opposed to adding.. (here's a peak at the process work below)
(2/6) First sketch that was proposed to me for the story. I was immediately hooked since I am fascinated with octopi 😍🐙
(3/6) Most of the work in science illustration actually goes into background research, coordinating w/ world experts (sometimes means emailing across 5 different timezones - Greenland, Australia, Canada, US, Europe...). Most times we have to go with the best 'theory' out there 🤔
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With all the nonsense and chaos we face each day, it is easy to get overwhelmed, angry and even depressed.

But we do not have that luxury if we are going to #FLIPCONGRESS! @repjohnlewis provides some sage advice reminding us that we must remain hopeful and optimistic: 1/
@inspiredjen reminds us that "We The People" are the democracy and if we are going to protect it and make it work, we must be "guided by respect and collaboration!"

If you are feeling overwhelmed that can lead to fatigue... (read on)
Most of us have filled our "free time" with resisting. But even more so than before, we still need to create time to "unload" the stress.

So it becomes even more important to take a few moments to figure out what does and does not work for you?

(read on) 3/
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Aujourd'hui on vous emmène au SCALab.... si notre train pour Lille veut bien partir !
👉en attendant vous pouvez lire le dossier de presse ☺️…
🚉 Notre train a bien voulu partir !
Donc on devrait arriver a faire le live 😅
Pour celui-ci nous avons fait un repérage il ya 3 semaines pour tester le réseau internet, les déplacements, l'éclairage, les manip...
✅C'est l'étape incontournable !
⏱On prévoit un live de 30 à 45 min, découpé en 3 temps.
👩‍🔬En amont, on discute avec les chercheurs par mail et téléphone sur le contenu, les expériences à montrer.
🤝 Et on établit un partenariat media (ex: le parisien, ou scienceavenir aujourd'hui)
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UP FIRST TONIGHT: everyone's favorite river horse, the 1-seeded PYGMY HIPPO Hexaprotodon (formally Choeropsis) liberiensis, vs. the scrappy 4-seeded brush wolf, COYOTE Canis latrans! #2018MMM
Many minds came together to bring you tonight's first battle, so a quick hat-tip to @AnneWHilborn, @PKurnath, @TCastanea, & @tinkeringprim8. Seriously, the #teamwork has been amazing #Monstars #2018MMM
To reach the #FinalRoar, Hippo crushed star-nosed mole, intimidated both maned rat & Tasmanian devil, & STOMPED the cheetah out of competition #hangryhippo #2018MMM
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'TIS THE FINALE!! #1 seeded Doedicurus clavicaudatus vs. #4 seeded Andrewsarchus mongoliensis!

(DC:…; AM: Bogdanov 2006) #2018MMM
Tonight's battle has been brought to you by the mighty collaboration of @PKurnath & I. #teamwork #TeamKylo #2018MMM
Doedicurus, a.k.a. #TankMammal, made it to the #Sweet16 by being large like a boulder and tough like a battering ram. #2018MMM
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tips & tricks on how i make it as a freelancer
tip 1: i created a google doc called 'pitches & ideas' where i brain dump all of my ideas, people i want to interview, upcoming themes/ holidays etc, just so i can stay on top of myself & dont lose them (i am super forgetful memory)
tip 2: on the doc, i flesh out the pitch in a paragraph or 2 to give myself or anyone i want to pitch what the story idea is about. this helps me stay prepared, so i dont have to be scrabbling for ideas/pitches last minute. any old 1's pitches, I update 2 see fit
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