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The Partition of India or to be more accurate, the partition of Punjab & Bengal proved to be a blessing in disguise for Hindi & Urdu. Why?

Majority (above 70%) Indian Freedom Fighters were from Punjab & Bengal. Andaman Jail was filled with Bengali revolutionaries.

Had we (British India) stayed united, there would have been twice the number of Punjabi speakers and thrice the number of Bangla speakers.

India would have had Four major Languages : Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Bengali.
Though Hindi/Urdu speakers would have still been slightly more than everyone else, the much greater number of Punjabi & Bangla speakers would have ensured that the Central Government wouldn't have adopted Hindi/Urdu as one of its official languages.
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On parle pas mal de #FakeMed en ce moment. Alors du coup petite histoire : "le jour où j'ai arrêté de croire en l'homéopathie". Déroule.
Ça remonte à quelque chose comme 1994. À l'époque j'étais en 3e. Ouais je sais je suis vieux wsh
...Et déjà à l'époque en 3e il y avait cette formidable tradition du stage en entreprise. Une semaine dans l'entreprise de ton choix, suivant tes affinités.
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Another lie by so called RW historian True Indology.

The book ‘Ezhavar Annum Innum - ഈഴവര്‍ അന്നും ഇന്നും’ (Ezhavas : Then & Now) by NR Krishnan tells the story of Nangeli in detail. The book was released in Kerala in May 1960

RN Yesudas also reports this story in 1980

True Indology then says that "Before advent of British Morals, most Pre Modern Kerala women of all castes freely went around topless."

Another Lie.

Only Ezhava, Nadar and Dalit women were forced to be topless. They were knows as Avarnas (Lower castes placed out of Varna system)
Upper caste women (Brahmins and Nairs) had the privilege to wear an upper clothing upon their choice.

They could wear Mulakkacha, Chela or Kacha when they wish for, a right which was fully denied to lower caste women.
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#Thread su dati popolazione straniera in Italia.

Calcolo Incidenza Popolazione Straniera (2017)
[v1.0, fonte: ISTAT, LENIUS, dati Gennaio 2017]

link fonti:………
Qui classifica dei paesi europei, per incidenza su popolazione, che non tiene conto dei richiedenti asilo, quelli appena arrivati che non rientrano ancora nelle statistiche e i migranti irregolari (clandestini).

Rifate la classifica considerando il 10,1%. Siamo in linea con GER.
Infografica relativa agli Stranieri Regolari Residenti in Italia, e distribuzione regionale. Lombardia e Lazio sono le regioni con maggior incidenza.
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History of Sikhism in Kerala. #Thread

Ezhava Leader KC Kuttan was the first Malayalee to embrace Sikhism on April 1936 in Amritsar.

Why did they convert? The OBC Ezhavas and Dalits were not allowed to enter the Temples in Kerala. Temple entry agitation began in 1890's.
In 1901, the Avarnas (Ezhavas & Dalits) formed 51% of Kerala's population & 54% of Travancore population in 1901, yet they were denied entry into Temples, Schools & Travancore Assembly.
Vaikom Satyagraha of 1924 was aimed at securing freedom of movement for all sections of society through the public roads leading to the Temple.

Ezhavas began flocking towards Christianity after 1924. Even the nephew of Sree Narayana Guru converted to Christianity (Jacobite).
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Historically Incorrect. 1963 Republic Day parade is a Hoax Story. There are three steps in rewriting history in the 21st century.

A) Upload fabricated news in obscure books, blogs and Wiki.
B) Discuss the fabricated news in SM and repeat it.
C) Get it mainstream.

RSS and the Sangh has been using this image since 2009 to cultivate a story that they have participated in the 1964 Republic day parade
But an brilliant answer in Quora from 2015 destroyed their claim.

I did a search on the Newspapers from 1963. As the Answer in Quora mentions, "No newspapers of 1963 have such news. Even pro RSS dailies have no such news."

Link :…
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Ganesh Ghosh: Spent 14 years in Andaman's Cellular Jail (1932-1946)
Ambika Chakrabarty: 16 years in Cellular Jail (1930-1946)
Subodh Roy: 10 years in Cellular Jail (1930-1940)
Kalpana Datta: 6 years in Cellular Jail (1933-1939)

Mercy petitions by these four revolutionaries : 0
Meanwhile, Savarkar wrote Six Mercy Petitions during his 10 years in Andaman's Cellular Jail. (1911-1921)
Correction : After the trial, Subodh Roy was deported to the Cellular Jail in Port Blair in 1934. Both Subodh Roy and Kalpana Datta spent 6 years in Andaman.

Lokenath Bal was jailed for 14 years (1932-1946) in Andaman for his role in Chittagong raid. Bal later joined INC.
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