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1) Look at these images:

They were not photoshopped.
2) I've been a transcript team coordinator / editor for over 10 years, editing transcripts of whistle-blowers from inside the MIC (Military-Industrial Complex), each of whom had been authorized to release once-classified info.

So, I've been privy to a lot of good intel.
3) Part of the intel was that part of what took down the WTC towers was some sort of space-based energy weapon that turns solid objects into dust -- and THAT'S what you are seeing in those pics in the OP.

Those pics are from this site:
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So Mr. Trump is visiting the beautiful Dakotas and the ego fluffing rallying continues without pause. Just like yesterday, Trump will continue his rants and attacks on the media and spread lies about Democrats./1 #TrumpEgoRallies #CultureOfCorruption #Cult45
But here's what know he won't do or say: address the real issues facing hard-working North and South Dakota families. He will also fail to talk about the continued #Republican war on health care coverage for 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions./2 #GOPCorruption
30,100: North Dakotans that would have lost health coverage by 2026 under the #GOP House-passed #Trumpcare bill./3 #ProtectOurCare #CultureOfCorruption #GOPGreed
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If you think
路Women鈥檚 Rights
路Civil Rights
路LGBTQ Rights
路Voting Rights
路Higher Wages
路Equal Pay
路Environmental Protections
路Consumer Protections
路Affordable Healthcare
路Saving Social Security

Are important, then in #69Days 馃憠 #VoteBLUE

There are #69Days left to help democratic candidates get elected.

What can you do to help them win?
馃敼 Make Calls
馃敼 Give someone a ride
馃敼 Help someone register to vote

Here 馃憠鈥

Are you ready to vote in #69Days?

Do you know your state鈥檚 voter ID laws?
Do you have a ride to your polling place?
Do you know where your polling place is?

You can find out here:

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馃帠锔廠upporting #veterans is high on Kyrsten Sinema鈥檚 list of priorities. Sinema is also from a military family: one brother is a Marine and the other is an active duty Sailor.

馃帠锔廠inema believes that taking care of active duty military and veterans is one of the 鈥渕ost important obligations we have as Americans. Every American who wears the uniform deserves our respect and full support, both on the battlefield and when he or she returns home.鈥
馃彌锔廤hile serving Arizona鈥檚 9th District in Congress, Sinema took on the local VA facility in Phoenix, AZ. She learned that approximately 40 Arizona veterans died while waiting for care on 鈥渟ecret鈥 VA lists.鈥
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@AndrewScheer @CPC_HQ @AndrewScheer how conveniently you forgot your party's out-of-control spending. Canadians who were starving + struggling to survive during the 2008 economic crisis haven't forgot. If any Canadian has forgotten it is our duty + pleasure, as Canadians, to remind them. #cdnpoli
@AndrewScheer @CPC_HQ In 2012 while Canadians were maxing out food banks, struggling + barely able to afford food, Conservatives gave $826,000 to Cardinal Meat Specialists Ltd., to help produce 鈥渁 higher quality sausage that is more resistant to splitting or bursting while cooking.鈥 #cdnpoli
@AndrewScheer @CPC_HQ In 2015 while closing several #Veterans' Affairs offices nationwide, Conservatives chose to make an expensive fashion statement by returning to WWII-era ranks + insignia, forcing struggling taxpayers to buy $4.5MILLION worth of new dress uniforms for soldiers + navy
3/10 #cdnpoli
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When I was called back to service in 2004 for the Iraq War, I was attached to a California reserve unit.
They were 99% Hispanic, and some weren鈥檛 citizens.
I was one of three white guys in that unit. But I never felt like that, since they treated me like family.
As much as our nation has scorned and shunned Hispanic immigrants, I would鈥檝e understood if they treated me as an outsider.
I would鈥檝e been disappointed, but understanding.
But that鈥檚 not what happened.
And they were some of the finest Marines I鈥檝e served with.
The Hispanic Marines I served with welcomed me into their unit.
Since then I鈥檝e learned a few things. Hispanics have no problem assimilating into our society, or welcoming us into their homes.
We do.
We push them to edge and find ways to keep them there.
#ImmigrantVeterans #Vets
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馃毃@AGBecerra @ericgarcetti @tedlieu @KamalaHarris @SenFeinstein you need to focus. Why the hell does @UCLA lease a baseball field on property donated to @DeptVetAffairs your big solution is to let them sleep in their cars there? Hell no.
You have 388 acres DONATED and the $16.5 million dollar deal with #UCLA is supposed to include facilities for #Veterans but it鈥檚 stuck in limbo over an environmental study?GTFO @AGBecerra needs to file a lawsuit against someone other than @realDonaldTrump and fix this
Why did the VA pay $11 million for parking fees with #WestsideServices you are all ABSENT and @tedlieu you can talk about your service all damn day but you never mention this travesty. #VoteDemsOUT
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You didn't know #AnthonyBourdain. You know nothing about his life, torments, demons, nothing. You didn't know #KateSpade either. Watch the torrents of albeit genuine but odd shows of public grief to two complete strangers but nothing for the 20 vets who commit suicide daily.
You want to mourn #suicide? Mourn this. In 2013, the US Department of Veterans Affairs released a study that covered suicides from 1999 to 2010: roughly 22 veterans were dying by suicide per day, or one every 65 minutes. Some suggest that this rate may be undercounting suicides.
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THREAD: So I鈥檓 just leaving the @DeptVetAffairs office in #Austin #Texas. A beautiful new facility with new tv鈥檚, furniture, staff, art, and other fancy schmancy stuff...

cc: @POTUS @GregAbbott_TX
My doctor, which whom I鈥檝e been seeing steadily over the last five years, let鈥檚 me in on a little secret. He said the @DeptVetAffairs lacks money to hire more staff, Docs/nurses/clinicians/etc... to support the YUGE amount of #Veterans waiting for care.
Not really a secret, right? We all kinda knew that... Here鈥檚 the kicker. Ready for this? Are you sitting down? He said 鈥淏UT, there鈥檚 a large bucket of money 馃挵 allotted to BEAUTIFY the #VA clinics throughout #Texas鈥. (Roughly $10M)
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Yesterday I created a thread in which my objective was to point out my horrible experience at the @DeptVetAffairs office when I returned back, for mid-tour leave, from combat operation in #Iraq. Mind you, this was Feb 2005.
I couldn't believe how I was treated! I was sobbing uncontrollably, shaking, & suicidal. I wanted to end it! No more pain! And then to top it off, we were escorted off of VA property because my brother was shouting at the VA staff as to why they weren't going to help me.
Although the point was well received by 99% of you, after reviewing the thread, I realized how selfish it was. I used "I" when I should've been using "WE". I was NEVER alone throughout my combat tours. Deployed troops bond, show esprit de corps, and latch onto one another.
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TUCSON, AZ. TPD doing nothing. Dhs is on scene and have arrested 2 VOP volunteers that found the camp. Get this story out people. Don't let them sweep away like they always do.
@Breaking911 @realDonaldTrump @KamVTV.
I will continue updates through this recent feed. Word around town is look into cemex. They are owned by... You guessed it... Rothschild and brofman. They were on scene in Tucson trying to get the citizens to leave. I do not have a big audience. Please help us get the word out!
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If .@MissouriGOP .@GOP wants TP prevent electoral disaster in our state .@Monetti4Senate is their only choice. Josh Hawley has violated the trust of Governor .@EricGreitens and President .@realDonaldTrump voters.
Josh Hawley has fallen short in his duties as Missouri AG and is a mediocre, uninspiring US Senate Candidate. I鈥檓 a lifelong Republican. As a kid in Junior High I made speeches in school for assignments in favor of President Reagan.
Hawley has failed in his legal efforts to find something to turn Governor .@EricGreitens out of office. Hawley has made public statements that #moleg ought to impeach the Governor. That demonstrates extremely poor judgment.
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For the cost of Trump's #MilitaryParade we could buy a nice tiny home for 14,500 of the 150,000 homeless #veterans in the United States -- or a smaller tiny home for 39,189 homeless vets.
For the cost of Trump's #MilitaryParade he could feed every single homeless #veteran in the United States 3 meals a day for a year.
For the cost of Donald Trump's #MilitaryParade you could buy a @menswearhouse suit for every single homeless #veteran in the United States so they could look nice for job interviews.
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It is time for #military community to think about mental health in the same way we think about physical health. #WorldMentalHealthDay THREAD
We make time in the day for PT, and we must start doing the same for mental health and wellness.
If a service member needs to go to treatment they need to have the time and support to integrate that into their day.
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