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1)I don't have too many followers but I would appreciate if you could RT.

My Great Uncle Eion passed away a fortnight ago, when sorting his things we found his #WW2 diary. From 17yo he fought across Europe and Africa. A true #British hero who gave my generation lasting #peace.
2) Jan 27th was the first time he was wounded. Less than a year after joining the Para's.

By the end of April he was on the front lines at the infamous battle for Monte Cassino.…
3) I've been told by those who have served in different branches of the military that one of the toughest things they have to deal with is when the promise of being relieved from the front line is cancelled. It happened to my Uncle. A lot.
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Hitler had planned for his invasion of #Poland to start #OTD on this day in 1939 - however he was momentarily spooked by the Anglo-Polish alliance and the prospect of Mussolini's arbitration and so decided to rescind the invasion order... #WW2
One detachment of #German soldiers, however, had already left their starting positions when the halt order came through, and could not be reached by radio. The group under Lt. Hans-Albrecht Herzner was invading Poland on their own.
Herzner's task was to capture and hold the strategically important rail tunnel beneath Jablunka Pass on the Polish frontier, and wait for the arrival of the German 10th Army, which he assumed would be following hard on his heels. #WW2
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On this Day - 1939, the #Nazi-#Soviet Pact was announced in Moscow. As well as a 10-year Non-Aggression Pact, Stalin and Hitler agreed to divide central Europe between them. Here, Stalin toasts the pact with Hitler's photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann.
The Nazi-Soviet Pact gave #Hitler the green light for his plans to invade Poland: a week after its signature, German forces invaded their eastern neighbour. Poland's allies - Britain and France - responded by declaring war on Germany on 3 September. #WW2 in Europe had begun.
Two weeks later, on 17 September, #Stalin's Red Army also invaded #Poland, to claim the spoils promised by the Pact with Hitler. The two invading forces met at Brest-Litovsk, where a joint Red Army/Wehrmacht parade was held, with German and Soviet troops happily fraternising.
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After I finish up this year tweeting out the #HundredDays, I hope everyone is ready for a steady stream of #WW2 photography - too amazing not to share & (more importantly) explore together.
Photograph turns 74 tomorrow! "War correspondent James Cassidy standing at the entrance to Falaise, France", 18 August 1944. By Ken Bell, LAC MIKAN 3224833 #warphotos
(Sidenote: if you've hung out in France, and drank Calvados with friends, images like this will be special to you, like they are to me. And if you haven't yet, you will, and it'll be wonderful).
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There is no perfect concept in this WORLD. How many human beings have been killed in the name of #DEMOCRACY which is considered to be the most valuable in the modern age? DEMOCRATS used the napalm bombs to mass murder innocent civilians.
#民主主義#RealHolocaust #WW2
And this is also the most beautiful act of those who love beautiful humanity. What a wonderful HUMANITARIANISM you believe!!
#WW2 #RealHolocaust #DEMOCRATS #WW2
Precise figures are not available, but the firebombing campaign against Japan, directed by C. LeMay between March 1945 and the Japanese surrender in August 1945, may have killed more than 500000 Japanese civilians and left five million homeless. #WW2 #CurpetBombing of #japan
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#Hiroshima #groundZero #BombingCivilians
#BombingCivilians #Hiroshima #WW2 #広島 #鎮魂
原爆リトルボーイは島病院の直上600mで炸裂。島病院中庭には猿たちもいた。(CG復元)CGI reconstruction of pre-war Hiroshima 
#広島 #BombingCivilans #鎮魂
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1/48 A #HistoryKeThread pictorial journey through #VintageNairobi.
2/48 1899: An early photo of Nairobi as a tent city.
3/48 1909: A market scene in the fast growing town.
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A short thread about 'doing' #History, and a glimpse of what I am working on.

#Burma #Myanmar #SOE #Force136 #WW2 #SWW
Step 1: Read translated interview
'After the battle, our company and the Chinese company were ordered to defend the Mawchi road and the Officer-in-Charge was Capt. Thompson of the Bengal Rifles. Jemedar Pan Mya and 16 soldiers were captured fighting the Japanese at Paletwa.'
Step 2: Check out Capt. Thompson
Thompson was not Bengal Rifles, he was 1st Battalion Burma Rifles. Translator or interviewee error? Not to worry. Error found.
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1/41 #HistoryKeThread: #WW2 Action In Kenya’s North
2/41 With rumours of war mounting in Europe in the late 1930s, the Kenya Regiment was founded. It was meant to provide, in case war broke out, a supply of white military officers to lead the growing number of African soldiers in the King’s African Rifles (KAR).
3/41 So when WW2 broke out in Europe in 1939, all British men in Kenya aged between 18 and 35 were called up to join the Regiment. At the time, Kenya had a German population of about 700.
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1)For those interested in matters naval & air tomorrow I'll be in #Liverpool for the reopening of one of Britain's most important #WW2 sites
2) buried deep beneath the streets of the city is the joint @RoyalNavy & @RoyalAirForce Western Approaches command bunker. #Liverpool #WW2
From here the bulk of the Battle of the Atlantic was directed-the desperate fight to keep supplies of food & war materiel flowing to Britain
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