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(Thread) Earlier, I shared an old letter my grandpa wrote about the occupation of #Japan. The response was so overwhelming I searched for (& found) an interview with my grandma on the same subject.

Today, on the anniversary of the formal end of #WWII, I’ll share some excerpts:
(2/9) Some background on my grandmother first:
・Born/raised in Yokohama
・Before the war, family was well-to-do merchants, but the imperial gov’t took all their wealth for the war effort
・English speaker from young age
・Got a job as a switchboard operator for Occupation forces
(3/9) More background:
・”Met” my grandfather when he made a call through her switchboard
・Started their life together overcoming the legal & social taboos of their love
・She preferred to tell stories rather than write them down, so I transcribed our conversation 13 years ago
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Bukti bahawa Jepun ni negara yang lain daripada yang lain.

Part 1

#MatTravel #Japan
Bukti bahawa Jepun ni negara yang lain daripada yang lain.

Part 2

#MatTravel #Japan
Bukti bahawa Jepun ni negara yang lain daripada yang lain.

Part 3

#MatTravel #Japan
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"They sought the #war, they provoked and maneuvered to get it. They pressed the young peoples of #Germany,# Italy and #Japan wherever they could. They wanted war, a real world #war — and now they have it.
"Not only two worlds of ideas are at #war here, but the whole world.
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#ROK Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha plans to visit #Japan on Sunday for back-to-back meetings on the #DPRK with @SecPompeo and @konotarogomame.
Some reaction to the outcome in Pyongyang:
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Aum cult founder Shoko Asahara executed, reports @nhk.… #Japan
The cult leader is the first of 13 people to be hanged for the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system. In the 1995 attack 12 people died and more than 1,000 fell ill.
Personal note: I lived in Tokyo at the time and had slept in after staying awake past 3 am (very unusual for me) and thus wasn't on the trains during the morning rush hour when the attack took place. I finally awoke due to the sound of many sirens of ambulances responding.
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There is no perfect concept in this WORLD. How many human beings have been killed in the name of #DEMOCRACY which is considered to be the most valuable in the modern age? DEMOCRATS used the napalm bombs to mass murder innocent civilians.
#民主主義#RealHolocaust #WW2
And this is also the most beautiful act of those who love beautiful humanity. What a wonderful HUMANITARIANISM you believe!!
#WW2 #RealHolocaust #DEMOCRATS #WW2
Precise figures are not available, but the firebombing campaign against Japan, directed by C. LeMay between March 1945 and the Japanese surrender in August 1945, may have killed more than 500000 Japanese civilians and left five million homeless. #WW2 #CurpetBombing of #japan
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1/ So after a bit of searching I managed to find the joint #TrumpKim declaration. Here's my take:

Nothing terrible happened so that's good. Though as I've argued here, the damage was probably already done when we agreed to a "summit".…
2/ There were four points I will discuss out of order:

First: Commitment to repatriate POW/MIA remains --> Great!
3/ Secondly, the #TrumpKim Joint Declaration also agreed to build a "stable peace regime" on the Korean Peninsula.

No idea what that means but ok that sounds good. At least now it's back in the hands of professional diplomats and generals.
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"Ada Apa Pada Lawatan Tun M Ke Jepun?"

Ditulis oleh: Ayman Rashdan Wong

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#Malaysia #ShinzoAbe #Japan #Mahathir #Jepun #HubunganAntarabangsa #Sejarah
Esok, Tun M akan memulakan lawatan kerja (working visit) ke Jepun dengan memberi ucaptama di 24th International Conference on the Future of Asia anjuran Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei), akhbar ekonomi Jepun tersohor.
Sejak conference itu diadakan bermula tahun 1998, Tun tak pernah miss kecuali 4 kali (2005, 2007, 2008 dan 2011).

Selepas conference Tun akan berjumpa dengan Shinzo Abe. Kebetulan pula ayah Shinzo Abe (Shintaro Abe) merupakan Menteri Luar Jepun di zaman Tun dulu dari 1982-1986.
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HSR: Keynesian vs. Fiscal Conservatives

Ditulis oleh Ayman Rashdan Wong
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#Keynesian #Japan #Malaysia #Shinkansen #Ekonomi #Sejarah #Jepun #bullettrain
Den perhati je orang debat pasal HSR di alam maya. Den tak ambil port sangat, sebab den tahu perdebatan ini tidak akan selesai dalam masa 2-3 hari.
Perdebatan ini sebenarnya melambangkan pertembungan dua fikrah ekonomi yang berbeza: satu mementingkan penggunaan perbelanjaan defisit (deficit spending) untuk merangsang ekonomi, satu lagi menekankan perbelanjaan berhemah (austerity) untuk tujuan kemapanan ekonomi.
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Isamu Noguchi (Japanese sculptor) with “Undine” (1925)

Undine = (Nadja)

This 1926 work, the only full-figure sculpture by the artist known to still exist, reveals the young Noguchi’s mastery of traditional form.

#Japan #Nippon #MidCentury
“We are a landscape of all we have seen.”

Isamu Noguchi
New York. The Studio of Onorio Ruotolo, Known as the “Rodin of Little Italy”, 1920.

Ruotolo opened the Leonardo da Vinci School of Art, on East 10th Street and Avenue A in 1923.

Mid Century Modernist Japanese American Isamu Noguchi was a student.
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Waiting at Melbourne Airport Holiday Inn before an early morning flight. I realise how much I love hotel rooms. The crisp white sheets. The impersonality. I have been so tired. I need to step aside from my life and its trappings for a while. #cnftweet
Flying to #HongKong. 9 hours in a metal tube kilometres above the earth, which feels counter-intuitive to a nrevous flyer like me. Fortunately I can soothe myself with the monsters and martial arts offered by the in-flight movies. #cnftweet
Arrived in #HongKong. First time here and I don't have a fix on the place. My tired brain serves up cliches. Weather: turkish bath. Hotel room: swinging cats. The goal for tomorrow: get out there, get lost in it, find an original thought. #cnftweet
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This one has several gems:
1/ Asian investors directed nearly as much money into startups last year as American investors did—40% of the record $154 billion in global venture financing versus 44%
2/ Note #Japan's increase in the global share and their huge bets on #India
3/ CFO for Paytm, one of India’s biggest e-payments firms, says the company approached Alibaba affiliate Ant Financial instead of U.S. backers for funding in 2015 because Chinese mobile-internet innovations are “way far ahead of anything that’s happened in the U.S.”
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🗝(1) “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”
For over a year we’ve been bombarded with rhetoric about #Russia #NorthKorea and #Iran yet no one seems to remember Clinton/Gore but we should, it’s important.
(2) #ClintonGore ran in 92’ consciously ignoring foreign policy and there’s no doubt America had war fatigue. Gore’s slogan was “it’s the economy stupid” and when they won despite the #ColdWar having just ended both of them barely even mentioned #Russia
(3) #ClintonGore inherited a political dream of sorts. For the first time #Russia was eager and willing to work with America they were cooperating across the spectrum and agreements with Bush Sr. were in place to reduce nuclear arsenals by 66% Democracy was at its most popular.
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Financial support from the international community to #RebuildIraq. #Iraq2018 [thread]
#Turkey: $5 billions in form of facilitations and loans.
#Kuwait: $2 billions; $1 billion as loans, the rest as investments.
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Korang tau x dekat Jepun sbnrnya banyak ingredients yg dari "pork" and sadly dekat jepun x menngunakan e-numbers untuk label makanan so yg x berbahasa jepun susah nak detect ada pork dalam mknn. This is a thread to help you out :)
To start off, pork in Japanese is called BUTA / POOKU (豚・ポーク). Kalau nampak kanji ni dalam list of ingredients mmg dah boleh tarik nafas dalam2 and letak balik kat rak sebab semua yg ada kanji ni confirm ada menggunakan pork
Next yg paling common is Bacon (ベーコン; Sebutan: Bee-kon)
Kalau kat msia ada Bacon Halal sbb dari daging/ayam tapi dekat Jepun ni mmg byk usulnya dari pork. Kalau dlm makanan nampak mcm pink lain mcm tu mmg selalu ianya dari bacon (On pizza, spaghetti, roti etc)
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We will be at war with NKorea before #Christmas!
#Trump is putting the final pieces in place before he goes for all out War 1/
2/ I have said previously that whatever #China & #Russia's response to a #USA attack on #NKorea, it would be unified. That why he's in #Asia
3/ He's making the rounds, laying the ground work. First stop #Japan & promises of protection from #Nkorea's nukes.
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