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Jul 14, 2018, 39 tweets

(1) #TeamTrump #PhotoThread: Visit to Europe July 2018 - Part V.

Scotland: Glasgow, the Trump Turnberrry Club, then on to the #HelsinkiSummit with Russia.

(2) As usual, the photos of the couple looking relaxed and happy are tucked away and harder to find, while the negative ones are front and center. They've been travelling and carrying out events nonstop all week, but they still look energized. Positive attitude.

(3) POTUS and team pointing and laughing at something, possibly the asinine Greenpeace stunt, because "below par" is a good thing in golf. LOL

Very very stupid idea to risk getting shot... a POTUS is one of the most well protected persons in the world.

(4) Trump Turnberry appears to be a beautiful place, even when surrounded by hundreds of Police officers, snipers, and security guards.

(5) Godspeed, officers. I wish you every success in keeping all these people safe, and thank you for your work.

(6) The Trumps are now in Helsinki, the night before the USA-Russia meeting of 7/16/18. I'm not calling it a summit anymore, because its not one. Just a meeting, business as usual for governments.

Here are some more pics of #TrumpInScotland.

(7) On Friday night, Piers Morgan interviewed POTUS on board AF1 to Glasgow.

Morgan is a good example of the President's approach to interviews. 30% of the time, he argues against Trump on policy. Trump still gives him interviews, because he is REASONABLE and not rude to him.

(8) I LOVED seeing so many photos of the President on the golf course. Since becoming President, he never plays golf near a beach, because it's so hard to provide security. Yes it cost the UK a lot of money... BUT the increased tourism revenue for the UK far outweighs that.

(9) Waving and smiling at the handful of protesters on the beach was EPIC. Trump and everyone else on the golf course with him laughed at the protesters. He is the greatest benevolent troll of all time, online and offline.

(10) Good times.

(11) So great to see him enjoying his hobby, and taking some time off from one of the toughest jobs in the world. It's been a hectic trip, but hey, isn't every day like that back home anyway? The man's energy & optimism are amazing. Success breeds success.

(12) Trump putting the ball then willing it toward the hole, lol. Glad to see him having fun out there.

(13) A happy President playing golf at Trump Turnberry in Scotland.

(14) Far more supporters and curious locals came out to watch the Presidential motorcade on its way to the airport near Glasgow than those who tried to protest on this leg of the visit.

The Brexit vote was strongest in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland & rural England. #Freedom

(15) Hello, Helsinki!

(16) Plenty of support for Trump in Finland. Like US & UK, Europe's anti-Trump protests tend to be in the major cities only. Maximum attention for minimal genuine support. Every country seems to have a silent majority who use the ballot box to express their view, with dignity.

(17) Sec Pompeo leaving his hotel in Helsinki for the breakfast meeting with the President of Finland today. Between the #NATOSummit and the #HelsinkiMeeting, he led a delegation to Mexico as well!

(18) Beautiful sunny morning for breakfast with the President of Finland, and meeting with the Finnish First Lady.

(19) The USA and Finland: Allies.

(20) At the residence of the President of Finland, Helsinki.

(21) Very interesting architectural design for the residence of the President of Finland.

(22) The two Presidents chatting outside the residence.

(23) Bilateral working breakfast between the US and Finland delegations.

(24) POTUS always gets people laughing.

(25) Putin's plane has just touched down and he will virtually go straight from the airport to the meeting.

(26) POTUS and FLOTUS are escorted into the Presidential Palace for the meeting with Putin.

(27) It begins.

(28) Godspeed, Mr President.🇺🇸🦅

(29) TFW the Dep WH Press Sec tweets exactly the same words as you, at the same time.

(31) Pre-meeting photo op.

(32) Never underestimate Donald J. Trump.

Also, Lavrov and Pompeo are meeting at the same time.

(33) Great photos from the few minutes between arriving and starting the meeting.

(34) Melania Trump is the Soccer Mom of the USA, aka #SMOTUS.

(35) Watching liberal and never Trump heads exploding is a hobby that never grows old.

(36) Breaking: Trump arrives back in the US and is not instantly shackled and tried for "treason."

Also breaking: Brennan angrily demands more Xanax to get him through the night.

(37) At long last, the real strategist behind the Trump campaign of 2016, #TheExpert Barron Trump, will receive his quid pro quo from Russia.

(38) Here is the next thread in this series:


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