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Jul 16, 2018, 10 tweets

So the key @WhiteHouse access reporter from the @nytimes doesn't see today's events as #BREAKING.

That is hard to fathom.


.@maggieNYT stood with @PressSec against @Acosta during the #TrumpUKVisit.

Haberman also supported SHS after the #WHCD and the #RedHen incident. In 2017, Haberman said the cast of #Hamilton was rude to @VP Pence and that it was unseemly, as he was VP.

.@maggieNYT was primary reporter on the Hillary Clinton email beat. MH was personally bylined on 53 stories related to Clinton's emails.

No newspaper or reporter had more detailed coverage--incl the front page after the #ComeyLetter which NYT's own Upshot said cost the election.

But according to Haberman, the failure to vet Trump (or even Sanders) was not the issue.

Yet post-election the flurry of articles on #TrumpRussia--a story the @nytimes famously rejected as a nothing burger in July 2016--became a primary focus for the NYT.

One thing that @maggieNYT reported back in October 2016 was Trump's campaign--this would have been #PaulManafort--re-allocating funds.
Hillary Clinton and Trump had been spending massively in #Florida. But Trump pulled out and went to...#Wisconsin after Wikileaks dumped emails.

This was actually a news story, not a tweet, elsewhere.

With the #MuellerIndictments, the new q is whether those Russians passed intel to #Manafort about Wisconsin.

#HillaryClinton was focused on PA, VA and FL--states she assumed she had to win. She was in PA & VA Election Eve.

I was reporting from #Philadelphia on #ElectionEve. 40k people at Independence Hall came to see #HillaryClinton and Obama, most waiting in a 10-block line since morning.

From there HRC & PBO & MO went to VA to another excited crowd.

At that point VA was the wild card, not PA.

#Philadelphia was a lock for #HillaryClinton & voted 85% for her.

PA hadn't voted GOP since the whole country voted GOP in 1988. PA hadn't voted against Philadelphia since 1968.

Yet Clinton lost by less than half a percent. Only 1/100th more would have triggered a recount.

#HillaryClinton won VA--a state that had only gone blue twice before--handily, by 5%. As in PA, voting was way up--at over 70%--almost 20% more than the national percentage.

No veteran news reporter believed the PA results.

These questions are raised anew after today's events.

In April @maggieNYT won a #PulitzerPrize for her detailed Trump-access reporting in 2017.

Today, as #Putin tells two other reporters, @jeffmason1 and @JonLemire, that yes, he did work to elect Trump, Haberman leaves Twitter.

But it was not her emails...

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