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Aug 29, 2018, 6 tweets

1. Labour Schism: the threat's real if there's not a major shift in #Brexit policy at Conference.
A #BrexitShambles harms UK
A #PeoplesVote is Democratic
A #FinalSay Confirms the Will
#Remain + Current Deal is Best Deal
Prob is the Leadership Stance

1a Big diffs between 1980s & today's #Brexit emergency which play to a new Centrist Grouping not being SDP2..
1. Politicised Remainers
2. Party loyalty less strong
2. Far Right infiltration of Tories
3. Macron
4. LibDems a Catalist with a base
5. Big Funders
A new party is Viable

1b IMHO #Brexit must be stopped before a Gen Elect...time's too short for that & a Ref & this #BrexitShambles can't be sorted in a multi issue GE unless Labour stands full square behind
#Reject #Revoke #Remain #Reform

1c There'll always be an issue re FPTP & quite a high hurdle to overcome but with the Right Leader, Vision & Policies set to address the long standing failings of Govt & Politics..& the Social ills besetting the UK I honestly believe there's a silent maj desperate for a New Start

1d Labour's the key to offering a chance to Reject this #BrexitShambles w/o an immediate threat of a GE & in doing so might avert a Party split. I personally want something new but not at the cost of #Brexit.
The latter in any form Removes Rights & Impoverishes us all for decades

1e The maj of the membership, the maj of Labour voters & the maj of the Ppl now want a #PeoplesVote for a #FinalSay with a #Remain option; if Labour backs it there might be enough Tory rebels less afraid of a Ref than a GE who'll back it
So what's it to be JC words or action?

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