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Apr 21, 2015, 60 tweets

Protip: Don't tell other people how to feel. Even more so if you have more power & privilege than they 8dax #really??

I generally presume most of us have good intentions-& are oft misunderstood. Here-obviously-my compassion was a misguided mistake:( #sorry

Isn't it hilarious to mock other people's feelings about behavior that many have told you makes them uncomfortable?

What is more genuine than expressing public concern for the mental health of women who disagree with you?

Does stepping away mean publicly undermining progress & encouraging the harassment of women who disagree with yryjt

Maybe he's flattered by the attention of a famous author, but unless he's willfully ignorant, he knows his tweets encourage harassment

How better to support women in tech than a humblebrag to encourage harassment of a woman critic & a Breitbart liCF80

Confused: what does he think left behind means? Publicly opposing feminism? Is that what this interview signals?

Really saddens me: people who view diversity as a debate & who promise to, but don't, step awayb6qm

Also really saddens me: people who use their platform to encourage the harassment of women who dare to disagree

Soo NPR & the NYT "gave these people creditability"-its not that we earned it ourselves or that he

we're a "mob" who don't understand "the issues" & lack community-should I be reassured "e(d)"?

Nothing says meaningful reflection on feedback like describing your critics as: "these people", mob, hatred, harass, fringe, gang & mindless

"Exiting the debate" means calling his critics "sick" "disgusting" "sad" peopng an important cause"

If the "cause" is "important" to him, does he think it helps to publicly insult folks who dare disagree & criticize what he says & does?

Women are a "worthy cause" until we dare disagree with him. Then we are sick-so he encourages haHgX0XBrtKF

Continuing his oblivious foray into irony-he cites Breitbart for facts & ethics-& calls for a code of conduc3o9xRPwy

Huge shock-there IS something he doesn't think he's an expert in & has no answer for-but co's run by men can enforobIF

Casting himself as a "casualty," ignoring consistent criticism from the "seemingly reasonable" hetp://

When @dickc dubbed him the Carrot-top of academia, I felt a bit bad-but now I know it was kind, as he's more like diversity's Donald T-rump.

Gator creator's advice to Wadhwa "Speak for yourownself & stop should-ing on others"(yes/&/or just &uot;)

does he think this whenever folks disagree w/ him? Or, just w/ his opinions on & approach to gender diversiK3Xs

(Please) Don't call it a comeback? When he said stepping back did he mean leaning in?

He says he is "not an ally" but is an "objective researcher"; the @FT…toap6rk

So, if he's not "reengaging" in the "debate," why allow the @FT to honor "his" amp; "feminism"? #ugh

Dear @FT, I support honoring men who help women--but what this man says & does harms diversity-as does honoring h6ksn

More behavior to emulate from one of @FT's top feminists?!(Implying Doerr's diversity critics are an internet mob?)

Words (like repeated public promises to "step out of the 'debate'") mean nothing to this disingen9Z8qsEEs6K

Says a man who is still unable to acknowledge-let alone learn from or apologize for his-& continues to repeat th6kRh

in his Bbart world, intentions matter but people who dare disagree are a mob to whom rich men need not apologize

Beyond insulting, dismissing disagreement as hate/jealousy is lazy & inefficient-isn't learning & changing our mind the point of thinking?

People who disagree with rich men are extremists; a white man with a PhD should know better!

Shouldn't a man w/ a PhD "know better"? only extremists dare question what the rich do

Hate when I paste the wrong links:( Amazed that he really believes disagreement is disparagement-& that wealth should just be respected!

Ignore critics! disagreeing is an attack w/ an agenda-if you listen you'll help feminist mobs brainwash each other!

Mansplaining inequality & capitalism: only money motivates people. the rich totally deserve more also. #AfoB

New allies, defending billionaires: because disagreement is harassment & also leads to communism. #loligart2DF

So does he think Voldemort can sue twitter for unverifying him because freedom of speech? Does he think he can too?

He really thinks Twitter is discriminating against Voldemort due to sexual orientation? And him for his "feminiFdBm0lVTru

Beyond that Twitter is not the govt (& thus not subject to FOS) I guess its "free speech for me, not

The crux of it: I (& others) disagree w/ him-but he's not harassed or threatened. & he can't tell the dif08RmeOYB

I can see "attacked" even if I don't agree. Not sure what "blaming myself to be silenced" means-but, yes, I'd prefer he did as he promised!

Hilarious. angry woman isn't a human obvi....& humans can't be expected to handle angry bitches amiriQYQw

And, he's back, again.Despite his public agreement to STOP speaking about diversity. Instead of recommending a woman

From his RTs of women quoting his talk, I guess he probably didn't mention what he calls folks who disagree with him

The kind of diversity/inclusion where noone disagrees with you or you encourage their harassment?

Sycophant bravely defends the noble & relevant intentions of Marc, Ben, Mark, Sheryl, Paul & the FBI #lolp4kjxvtV

Alas "smart & civil conversation" doesn't include "angry socialists" who disagree &…tent

Why should those impacted by inequality be angry? Or included? And who has better incentives to decrease inequality than its beneficiaries?

Obviously us "angry socialists" aren't part of the Kingdom of the S V, where sycophancy is "civility"

"Open & inclusive good people" apparently means "blocks anyone who disagrees with him or raises

Is amnesia a side effect of intimacy & sycophancy? Or has he since discovered his "good intentions".co/YVxOnyldwk

"Angry socialists" indeed.Because we can't assume good intentions in general-& civility is how change

As dismissive slurs go-even if its still a dog-whistle & intends the same meaning, I definitely prefer "angry socialist" to "token floozy"

Long story short: if you disagree, you are angry & not part of SV & aren't worthy of inclusion in a discussion of inequality. #loligarchy

1 year after @ekp's trial @CNBC underscores lack of progress by interviewing man who agreed not to discuss diversity…

Related: really @CNBCJosh & @CNBC? This guy & an ANONYMOUS VC who blames the &…:/://

Hey @CNBCJosh, His unsubstantiated views aside, curious if Anon VC (& his firm) have the technical degrees they require from women & POC?

So @wadhwa was literally pitching story ideas to Voldemort--& instigating harassment & threats against women…mDe0hUUUV

Remember when @wadhwa said he'd stop speaking about gender & diversity & inclusion? But didn't? Hope he wihInZueWl

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