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Feb 25, 2018, 19 tweets

The current dialogue about #DACA affects everyone in the US. How?

#Racism & #scapegoating & affect all minorities.

Deporting #DREAMers & undocumented #immigrants will have very negative impacts to the #economy. That affects everyone else. THREAD 1 #DreamActNow #immigration

The sociological concept of the “other” is important to this discussion. If you haven’t heard of it before, here is a brief overview from othersociologist.com/otherness-reso…. 2 #identity #race #sociology #Science

People in power define social identities as they have the means to control the narrative – news coverage, platforms to broadcast their platforms, & the power to influence law enforcement and legislation. Social identity affects how people perceive themselves and others. 3

People want to differentiate themselves from out-groups, as they have negative images. The in-group is united in differentiating itself from the out-group. It’s “us v. them”. 4 psychologenie.com/social-identit… #sociology

How this relates to #DACA and #immigration: Trump’s admin is using a racist & biased narrative to establish immigrants as “others”, or an out-group. He uses claims that have been de-bunked to make immigrants look like bad people. 5 #falsenarrative #lie #LiarinChief #Blotus

Trump repeats the idea that unauthorized immigrants commit a lot of crime, so getting rid of immigrants will bring down crime & keep Americans safe. But the facts don’t back that up. 6 #prejudice #racism washingtonpost.com/news/fact-chec…

By repeating these lies, Trump has effectively established #immigrants as an “other”, or “out-group” of bad and dangerous people. Blaming #minority groups for societal problems is called #scapegoating, and it’s not new. 7 npr.org/2016/06/05/480…

Scapegoating minorities is an effective way to put them in the role of “out-groups”. Trump blames Muslims for terrorism and unauthorized immigrants (specifically Latinos) for crime to build support for his Muslim ban, border wall and anti-immigrant policies. 8

Trump has also repeatedly stated that unauthorized immigrants cost the US a lot of money. That is not true. 9 #lie #fakenews #racist #bigot  

Ending #DACA would cause a loss of $460.3 billion from the #GDP in the next decade. That does not include the COST OF DEPORTING PEOPLE when they lose DACA protection. Deportation costs #money. 10

Trump’s claims about unauthorized immigrants have been proven false. He keeps repeating them to emphasize the idea that unauthorized immigrants are bad for the U.S. and it’s best to deport them. 11 #TrumpLies #LiarinChief #LiaroftheYear

Why is Trump so anti-immigrant if the facts don’t back up his statements? His family has a long history of racism, dating back to the 1970’s. 12 vox.com/2016/7/25/1227…

Scapegoating gives people who are angry and frustrated an outlet for their aggression on a target that can’t strike back. It’s a “safe” release valve for unhappy constituents to focus on and unite against. 13


Eight years of Obama caused a backlash from people who previously kept their racism hidden. We’ve seen this in the way that so many people dismissed and excused Trump’s racist statements. Some said Trump didn’t mean what he said. 13 #denial #rationalize nytimes.com/2016/02/27/opi…

People said that about Hitler too. Specifically, the New York Times in 1922. 14


That proved untrue in both cases. Trump’s #MuslimBan, #BorderWall, his attempt to ban #trans troops, his support of “religious freedom” laws & his “shithole” remarks show his racism. 15 gq.com/story/donald-t… #Trumpisawhitesupremacist

What’s the takeaway here? Be aware of these tactics. Look for them, and evaluate critically. Researching claims is easy with Google. #criticalthinking is an absolute MUST for everyone. #factsmatter more than ever now. 16 #thinkforyourself

Why is critical thinking so important? Because Trump meets almost all of the warning signs of fascism. We HAVE to be aware of that to fight it. That means keeping our eyes open, evaluating the facts, and thinking critically. #Democracy depends on it.

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