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May 4, 2018, 12 tweets

Plague that is #Koch has sprd beynd realm of #GOPTaxScams, crushing unions, poisoning envirnmt & educ'n sys
Their ult goal is 2 Rewrite USConstitution at #ConventionOfStates & they're close 2 obtaining state votes req'd 2 do so
Thread 🔽outlines strategy 2 Stop them

As seen in meme above, there R presently 10 states w active Article V #ConventionOfStates legsln in their legislatures
In this thread I'll B including info-filled posts created by my team that ID Res'n #s, pretext given 4 calling #ConCon & contact info needed 2 block

💥A special note 2 keep in mind 💥
Pls let go of any preconception that a state is "safe" because state legslr is primarily Democrat
Likewise pls do NOT fall into trap of believing resln's cannot B blocked if legislature is primarily Republican
Let's Begin...

SJR8 is in Senate 4 Final vote
Though state is "In Recess" they've stayed 2 complete unfinished bus
We've just been advised they'll go home May 5
📢In meantime Iowans pls melt your senator's phones!

Recess scheduled for May 10
In meantime there are 9 resolutions in House & State Judiciary
Immediate action req'd to block B4 these go to floor vote 🔽
#NoConCon #NoConCon4AnyReason

💥New Jersey💥
has 2 active resolutions calling for Dangerous #ConventionOfStates
Total of State calls f 4 #CoS is now at 28
34 are needed 2 call a #ConCon
Please DO NOT BE the 29th State
NJ does not recess. Please block these resolutions now!

has already passed so many #ConCon resolutions they could write a book!
However, it is still important to take a stand & block remaining resolutions if possible
@AliAdair22 is handling MO situation
Here she is 🔽
#NoConCon #NoConConForAnything

Disturbing case 🤔
An eg where it could B assumed resolutions safe due 2 Dem maj
Here's kicker - 1 res'n has enormous # of Dem sponsors
Another has 2 Dem sponsors & 5 Repubs.
More shocking info here 🔽

HI legislature has just gone into recess so INSIDIOUS #ConCon bills in HI legislature should B Safe until next year!!!
#NoConCon #ProtectTheConstitution (

has 3 #Koch backed/Tea Party originated bills being pushed through
Immediate response could kill these bills in committee
All necessary info here 🔽
#NoConCon #UnKochAmerica

Updating info on Vermont, Michigan and Pennsylvania...
Coming soon...
#NoConCon #NoConventionOfStates

Note* Correction on date of Vermont recess. It's May 4. 😋🌷

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