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May 18, 2018, 25 tweets

Here’s a test for the antichoice campaigners that come knocking on your door. Ask em if they believe abortion is murder. They’ll mainly say yes. #together4yes #8thref #repealthe8th ➡️

Now ask if they believe a 14 years sentence is enough for a girl taking an abortion pill, or if the full mandatory life sentence for murder should be the maximum term. Now watch them scramble. ➡️

So far I’ve found it goes one of these ways: a) the old reliable side step that they also use for the rape question. ➡️

B) the “doctors are evil” argument. No, we’d punish the abortionists. Don’t let em off that easy. Ask if a woman takes a pill at home, should she be punished as she’s the abortionist? ➡️

If they go with “then we’d punish the pill providers” point out that the abortion pill is actually a legal medicine used for miscarriage management. You wouldn’t blame a knife manufacturer if someone chose to use their knife illegally would you? ➡️

D) they’ll just go with “the no campaign doesn’t ever advocate punishing women.” This is my favourite one. Ask them why? Is it not a life equal to my own? Or do you believe no murderer should be punished in general? ➡️

“The woman has suffered enough she’s a victim of society, she should get help/prayers/support instead of punishment”. Hey, maybe Bill the axe murderer also was a victim of society, should be let him back out in the streets? Isn’t living with his crime punishment enough? ➡️

I managed to skip C so here it is- the rare breed of pro lifer who genuinely actually does believe it’s a life from conception and yes it should be treated as murder. They are the most logical in that their views are completely consistent. ➡️

I mean, I don’t agree with them, but it’s consistent. But the majority of antichoicers I’ve come across throw around terms like “killing babies” or “extermination” but they don’t actually believe it. They don’t want it treated like murder. They shrink from that. ➡️

So the only logical conclusion is they don’t believe it’s murder. It’s either a life same as me or it isn’t, it’s either murder or it isn’t. So if it isn’t, what is it? It’s their logical unspoken knowledge that an 8 week foetus isn’t the same as a pregnant woman. ➡️

If it isn’t a person with the same rights, then it shouldn’t be treated the same in the constitution. It’s that simple. You can’t pick a little from column a and a bit from column b. ➡️

I wasn’t trolling, I was genuinely interested in how the justify this inconsistency. Mainly I got sidestepping and whataboutery. Oh, i forgot one, “these poor ignorant women don’t know what they’re doing” ➡️

Over half of the women that traveled to the UK from Ireland in 2016 were already parents. They don’t have an abortion because they don’t know what they’re doing. They get an abortion because they need one and they know exactly what they’re doing. ➡️

I suppose at this stage I shouldn’t be surprised about the logical inconsistencies in their campaign. Look at how the antichoicers now use the PLDPA as a shiny example of how we already have all we need. ➡️

Never forget how hard they fought against that. Never forget how they called the PLDPA “abortion until birth”. They wouldn’t “rest until this abortion law is overturned”. That was 2013. ➡️

Now I see that some are saying we should allow for the “hard cases”. FFA. Maybe rape (although no one has yet come up with a way of doing what without revictimizing the pregnant person without a free access window). ➡️

Some are even lying on doorsteps saying that our government could legislate for those hard cases without repeal. I cannot stress enough that this is a BLATANT lie. ➡️

They lie about “loving both” then release retain ads with men and babies, or floating foetuses. Where is the woman. Look at the abuse that they have leveled at @TFMRIRE or @NursepollyRgn on the @ireland account. They *dont* care about women. ➡️

They don’t care about children either. There are 4000 homeless children on our streets. In this case “they” are these vulture groups that claim to be pro life but disappear until the mention of abortion then disappear again. ➡️

Remember that neither the state nor the church believe in life from conception in practice. The state won’t give you a death certificate for a miscarriage. The church won’t give you a funeral. Hell they used to tell people unbaptised babies went to purgatory. ➡️

So, when they’re on your doorstep, ask them the hard questions. Demand answers. Because they’re happy to keep putting us in hard situations with no support. This is our chance to change things. It may be our only chance. Please vote #Together4Yes. #repealThe8th #8thref.

When they say they don’t trust women or doctors, ask them do they not trust themselves? Ask them is the only reason they had kids because they couldn’t abort them? Their inconsistencies know no bounds. #prolifelies

There an entire Facebook thread on this by the way with like 600 comments in the last 24 hours, that’s where most of these observations have come from. I won’t link it publicly because unfortunately it’s littered with graphic images and abuse. I have receipts though.

Grrr, I know I know, never ending thread sorry, but not only do they not “love both” they actively seek to undermine them. #lovebothmyarse

So who to trust? A pregnant person that has considered every option available to them and their circumstances? A doctor who spends their life caring for mothers and children? Or an antichoicer that doesn’t even have a consistent position? I know who I trust. #trustwomen #8thref

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